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BIG OUT IN DRÏ GOOIIS nTTRIMJ THE MONTH OF JULY AT o. i. üiiiiin BUY DRY GOODS WHIL8 THKV AB1 CHE AI'. We wlll give you more for jour Dollar Huw niiv other house. 2 cases inore of Uiosc handsomc 5 cent Lawns. 10 dozen good Bustles at 25 cents each. 25 dozen Hoop Shirts at 25 cents each. 15 dozen All-Linen Tmoels 12 1-3 cents each. One case good Prints 3 cents per yard. 2 cases Handsome Breas Prints, 5 cents per yard. 15 dozen more Ladies" Gauze Vests at 25 cents each. 25 dozen Childreris Gauze Vests 15, 20 and 25 cents. 15 dozen Mei i's Gauze Vests 25 cents each. 20 dozen Ladies" Balbriggan Hose, regular made, worth 35 cents, ourprice 20 cents a pair. 30 dozen Childrens1 Solid Color Hose at 10 cents per pair, worth 15 cents. 10 dozen Ladies' Lisie Hose at 50 cents a pair, worth 75 cents. 20 dozen Merís Plain and Fancy Ifose at 25 cents, worth SS cents. 15 dozen b-button length Ladies Berlin Glooes, black and colors, at 10 cents a pair, worth 20. 10 pieces Dotted and Figvrcd Swiss at 25 cents per yard, worth W cents. 15 pieces Lace Stripe anti Plaid riques al 8 cents per para, woríh 15 cents. 18 pieces India Linen ai l .' ; cents, worth &0 venís One Bale Linen Crash at 6 cruis per yard worth 10 cents, ó pieces 0-4 Bleached Sheet i ti al 20 cents per yard, worth -X One case 4-4 Bleached Cotton ai 5 cents, worth 8 cents. One Bale Sheetin; ai 5 cents, worth 7 1-2 cents. ' 500 yards All-Wool Bunihu al ÍB -:J cents per yard; neter sold less tJian 2 V7 cents, 28 pieces black and colored Donble Fold Lace Bunt 'ing at I ' l : cents, worth SO cents. One case Indigo Blue Prints at 6 1-2 cents. 10 dozen good Jerseys at 76 cents eacli. Our Entire Stodc of Summer Silcs, worüi 60 cents ncno 35 cents. We are the recognizcd nud firnilj etablishpd beadquarten fr gemine Barrains in ihis city. lome and sce us, It will par jou.


Ann Arbor Courier
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