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WEDNESDAY, JULY 22, 1885. Auu Arltor Tost Office. Ann Arbor Time. Office Hours : General 7:30 a. m to 8:00 p. m Sundnys, M9 to 10:00 a. n Oloslue and Opening of mail. Malla Clote - qoino kast. Lock pouch to Uitruil fi:15a. m (etrolt Uraml Hapids K. P. 0 10:80 a. m Urtroil A t li MSO K. I'. 5:15 1. m De roit, Kivers & Chicago K. 1'. O. .6:1X1 p,m K. P. u 8.U0 p. m GU1NU WKST. Detroit, Jackeon & Nile 9:15 a. m Detroit A Chicau K. P.ü 10:31) a. m IHiroit Qrañd Ka pida 5: i5 p.m Detroit Jt Lhicago K. P, 0 8:00 p. m UO1NU NOKTH. South Lyon & Toledo K. P. U 9: 10 a. m OOlNU 8OUTH. Lock Pouch to Toledo 7:15 a. m South Lyon & Toledo U. P. O _ 2:40 p. m MAILS DISTRinCTKD (Bastara.) Detroit Chicago R. P. O.. 7:4-5 a. m. betruiimall 10:U0 a m. Detroit t Chicago K. 1'. 0 11.30 a. m. Detruit & Urand Itjipids U:4U p. m. (Western.) Detroit Chicago K. P. 0 7:45 a. m. Detroit Jt Urand Kapide 11, Oa.m. Detroit Chicago K. P.ü ti:40 p. m. (Nonhern.] South Lyon & Toledo K. P. 0 3:30 p. m. (Southern.) South Lyon & Toledo K. 1'. Ü 11:00 a. m. Lock jMiich iruui Toledo ti:40 p. m. Ann Arbor & Whltmore Lake mail closes 9:30 . a. ui., aml Is dietnbuted n: in p. m. J.C.K.vuWLTON.P. M. Dated, Jonel, 1--M. Friendx of The Courier, who have buHiiu' at the Probate t'ourt, will liltn-f !¦¦¦! ii est JuilKe Itarriiuan to senl thelr Prlntlns to thii office.


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