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Owinf to the deatli of .loseph Ueal, of Noitbville, ot' which a notiee appcars in another column, this office will ranaln closed to-monow. The gold6D slimmer ttme Amiin is near lts prime. The meadows and the orchards are out of bloom, bloom, bloom. And with the early apple The sinull Doy now dolli gmpple, And crainps will bring hlm very utiir the inmii, loniii, tomb. Sunday excursions are not plcasing toa majority of the people. The Masonic excursión to Detroit July 3Oth will be a popadlar one. The re is k perceptible shortening in the length of the days now-a-davs. A ncw tar walk in front of Miss Kemp's bou.-e cm E. Catharinc st., cor. X. Ingiills. John Straton, of the 4th ward, died of consumption last Tuesday, at the age of 33 years.
The life of the raspbrry erop was proloncl Beverul üayi bythe beiiatlfül rain of Sunday. The pay car went over the T. A. A. A N. M. R. R. last Thoraday, inucli to the gratification of tlie boy?. The new Epifeopal rector will have his mealscooked on a Happy Home range, wind) niakes J. K. Hark i di happy. Win, lïusli of Saline, now has $8 per montb iastend of $4 from tlie sovernmeut, throngb the efforti of O. L. Matthews. Harvey and Henry Cornwell, (tlietirm of Cornwell Bros.) uave deeded thelr inilling propeiiy to "The Cornwell Manufacturing Co." The front of the building corner of Fourth and Ann stB., is recciving a coat of stucco to make it eorrespond witli the balance of the building. Kittie, tlie little danghter of David and klttle Bentcfe ( r Detroit, died In tbfa city last Monday, irblle on a visit to RoberUeattie's, of the 4th ward. The entertainment by the Beethoven gesanir ven-m has hoen posponed on account of the excursión and the absence of some of the members trom the citj'. The animal meeting of the Michigan district of the northern district of the Ohio öynod of the Germán Lntheran clmrch, met inZion's Lntheran church yesterday. To-morrow.evciiiii Vigtlant Hose Co. will ve a dance at Helief Park, to whicb the public are cordially invitcd. Frank Haiiffsterfer wHl be tliere with good things to e:it. Tivo trains of Toledo excursionistf, eighteen coaches in all, went over the Toledo & Ann Arlior road Sunday to South Lyon. A few of them s-topped off at this station .as the train went up in the forenoon. Miss Hattie A. Strickland, principal of the lst vrard school, has tendered her resIgnation to tbc school board to take iramediate effect. It is understood that Miss Í3. has securcd a bctter posltion in the Qrand Rapids scliools. Aid. Martin, cbalrman of the ndewalk committee, baacommeneed thegood work of ordering new sidcwalks. Ele can keep riglit on having City Marthal Fall serve noticea until the year s over, and then the new ones tlmt ought to be put down will not all be reached. Cali a girl a clnck and she smiles; cali a woman a hen and she howls; cali a young woman a wltch and she is pleased; cali on old woman a witch and she is indignant; cali a Klrl a kitten iind she rut lier likes it; cali a woman a cat umi she'll hate you. Queer sex, isn't it? A strike among a portion of the trerch diftgers on the water works contract taken by Hutzcl & Co., whs inauguiated last Friday morning, but did not amonnt to much The men wer being paid 11.12 per day, and thouglit they ought to have $1.50. There werc too many men glad to obtain work at thoie lililíes Last Saturduy morulng, at about 4 o'clock a. m., our city marshal was called up to come down town and cut down a poor unfoi túnate who was hanging to one of the telephoue cross-bars. Charlie caine and cut hini down, and laid him away tenilerly, facbloned to slenderly, youujf anij 80 fair. None but fneudsot the tamily invited to the funeral. The annnal meeting of the Cnautauqaa circle will bc held Friday eventng at the residence of Dr. O. O. Darhng. Thutbeing ttie annivtrsary of the late Dr. J. G. Holland, thesuljject for the meeting will be his lite and Wrltinga. The circle is in a very prosperous couilitiun, and altliOOgta it Is noi euttomar; to hold meetlnga durthe sunimer months, yet the interest is sucli Ulut It Ims been deoided to continue tiiem duiing this season. Taiking abuut the price of coal - (wit h the mercury kickiiiit Uie roof off üf the thermometer! how absurd ! - but theD, cold wcathcr is coming by-and-by- Oh, for a cold shoulder, even- and in times of heat prepare for cold). It was coal we starled out with, yes, wel], E. B. Hall tells us coal will be a trille hlgber tlian last naton. Nut starts off at $5.75; egg and gnú at $5.50 stove at $0.00; No. 4 at $6.25; and cannel at $0 00, and we are coolly (how blessed the word) luformed that these prioes will not eo lówer. The advame in the price of stove, which lieretotoie has been the tome u nut, and No. 4, Is Baid tocóme from an extra demand In the easteru states for these grades. Agaln the seasan's here To youth and raaldens dear, The season usliered In by balmy Jane, June, June, When nlgbts are fair and sweet And loving couplea m"et On the gatea to swing, and there to spoou, spooii, poon. New sidcwalk corner S. University ave. :ind 8. Ingalls at. Ucmember the excursión to Detroit and Star Island July 301U. M. O. Graves is the speaker for next Sunday at the teniperance meeting. Judge Joslyn held court yesterday, sentencing Hawkins, aüd adjourned to September 7th. Taylor has purchased a portion of the Hallock farm at Whitmore Lake fora sumtner home. Mrs. Lucy Savage, of Anti Arbortown, died Jaly 16th, aged 42 years, funeral Frlday at the house. The unusual brilliancy of our Thursday conteinporary last week, provcs conclusively who found our logt scissors. A young Knight Templar appeaied at Will Stimson's house last Friday night. And ow there's nothing too j;ood for Will totreat the boys with. Station Agent Phillips, at the T. & A A. depot will sell you round trip tickets to the camp meeting at Bay View, good to return to Aug., lst, for $8.95. The Washtenaw Post has this item: „StabfcSRecorbcr $onb ift ein fleifjiger unb gciuiffcntjQfter SBeamter, weleer lid) Reiner flic&ten berouwt ift." Sarah, wife of the late James Shaw, of the Gth ward, died on the 18th inst., aged 62 years. Deceased was a native of England, but had lived in Ann Arbor 28 year?. Thos. Clarke, a subject of Williani the Po ui th, trom liincoliiahire, England, was be fir.-t man who took out his citizinsliip papers in titis county, under date )i Nor. 23, 1832. Tiirough a blunder on tbc part of some )'st-ollie ollicial the Stenographic Instiute failed to receive au order to supply hree repoiters at Port Huron last week uu til it was too late. The High School Board have decided to charle for the course in Physics aftel this year. The rate of tuilion will be two (lullais per term, the sanie as for Frencli or Qerman. Geo. A. Gilberts' Spotted Beauty bavlng won t lic race for which it was entend at Charlotte, has been enti-ied in tlie 3:00 trot, race of tliu Mucon Drivinjr Club" Slimmer meeting, cotnnieucing today. If u piisouer ever digs tlirough the botoui of the new cells, he wiil have to ïavc good inipleuients, and be a lifc prlkoner, a3 two feet of stone chips and cement lave been put in for the steel Hoor to iet i). Father Duhig, of Chelsea, wholias had rouble with some portion of his congre_;ation, charges being preferred against in. li. is resigned his pastorale, and the esignatiou has been accepled by the üshop, so we are inforined. Owing to the economieal streak of the ast Congress tlie government appropriaion for improving the Huron river did ot pass, contquently Hangstei fer's It ne f river steamers are not running this 'ear between Ann Arbor and upper pons. Keep your cellar doors locked nights. ieep your window scieens attached to a urglar alarm, and keep ymir revolver itiiin güisp, lor the tmrglar is making lis regular animal pilgrimage to Aun Vrbor, at present, and the only way toaphiImt.iI Ii i ui is to shoot hini. County Clerk Robison is getting up a ook in his office that will be invaluaüle 0 the record searcher. It is an index of he persons who have deelaied their inentions or taken out their citizeuship pajers since the county was organized. It vill take a great deal of good hard wurk o complete it, however. 'Iute" Smith was the victiui of an uuoitunate accident last Saturday. While riving a team belonging to Mr. Morgan ie horses becuine frightened and lan way, and Mr. Suiith was thrown out in ucli away as to break his left leg near he ankle. Dr. Darling set the break, and eports the patiënt as doing well. More and better streel work bas been one this sununer than for geveial seasons )reviotis. New stone culverts have been r are being constructed in the 2d, 3d, Oth nd Glh wards, that UI last generations. uch work is perniauent. Besides the bove, the grading of Fifth street In the st ward, from Iliti street, is a rand iniprovement. Several of our townspeople are taking dvantage ot the T. & A. A. and Wabash 1. R's to reach Detroit now, because of he time of leaving of the trains in the morning. The train leaving Ana Arbor t 7:27 makes iiuiuediate connection at Milan and arrivés in Detroit at 9:33. leturalng you can leave Detroit at 5 'clock and arrive home at 7:02. Thuisday last Sheriff' Walsh arrested 'rank M. Hawkiii!", of Ann Arbor town, n a cl-arge ol torgery. He was accused f signing the name of Win. Braun of Pittstield, to a note for $50, and disposng of the same. Yesterday he was )rought before Judge Joslyn who held ourt for the purpose, was arraigned, plead guilty and sentenced to three years t the state prison at Jackson. Howell is bound to secure the extensión of the Toledo & Ann Arbor H. K. At a ecent meeting its citizens pledjied thcmelves to raise another $20,000, which Gov. Ashley sü'iü would be necessary if the road should be constructed via Howell. The Governer gave as a reason that he was unable to secure a lease of the D., L. & N. R. R. from South Lyon to that place, consequently a new road bed would have tobe built. We hope our Uowell friends will be successful. Howell is just the sort of a town it is an honor to be connected with by rail, telephoue, blood or in any othcr munner. It is a fact worthy of note, that there Is a great absence of that pest of the neat housewife and of the baldheaded man, the house rly. And accordlng to all precedents, this is a sure precursor of the cholera. When the houselly is plenty cholera never rages, it is said, but when that inscct8 fails to make its nppearance, and purify the air by absorbing its impuritif, then the dread destroyer stalks forth forth boldly with the scythe of death, and mows down broad swaths of human beings. The absence of the fly in its usual great nunibcre at this season can be accounted for by the extreme length and severity of last winter, which almost annihilated the insect. If the cholera will hold oft' for a few weeks, the llies will be thick enough to eat it up without any trouble. All that is needed is a little procrastination on the part of the cholera.