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Hereaftcr the weather and temperature signáis will bc raised daily over the centra] telepbone oftice- Dean & Co.'s store. Tlie government very kindly rurnishes tiie dally reports, and the telephone managers transmit the same gratis. The sum of $32 has been raised by themerchantson Main st. between Liberty and Washington sts., foi the purchase of the flags, seven in ntimber, together. with a standard and the putting up of the same. For the benefit of our readers we givea diagram and description of the flags tliat they may fully understand them wlien raised: No. 1. White flag, laige red center. Indicates "Higher temperature," or warmer weather. No. 4. The same with blue center i n d i c a t e e " General Rain," or in the season " Snow." No. 7. The same with black center is the " cold wave" flag, so fmjuently used last winter to help uut the coal dealers. CNo. 2. Wliiteflag with red Crescent In center indicates"Lover Temperature," or ooider weiither. No. 5. The same with blue Crescent i n d i c n t e s " Clear or Fair Weather." w No. 3 White flag m : with red star in the ¦ center indicates "StaJÊ H. l (iiiüi y Temper aW Une." No. 0. The same with blue star in ' the center indi ca t es 'Loca! Ralo," or "tíiiowintheseaThli is an enterprise that will be valuable to the farmers especially, and will be a p precia ted by all. Until tlie nevv staffcan be erected upon the telepho ie station tlie signáis will be run u on the flag staflf over Mack & Öchnild's store. It niay not be generally known, but it is a f act tbat several families from abroad, and ainong them a few from the southern states, areiu Ann Arborto remain during the Slimmer montlis. When all thingsare considered, wliy is not Ann Arbor one of the best of sumtner resorts ? It Is a beautiful city, located 011 immense liüls of gravel thiit furnish a sluice way for flltli, and with sanitary provlsions that causes It to beuiiusu:iUy liealthful. Thescenery from the various eininenccs surronndlng the ci'.y is as fine as can be found in the union. Itisanice drive to the mineral bathuof Ypsilanti; a pleasant jannt to the fainous Whitmore Lake ; and fishing grounds innumerable are witliin easy access. Then looking to other advantages, we tind the tnany attiactlons to one of a studious turn of mind in the unjverslty. Here is one of the largest libraries In the west, open to the world, nvaluable to students in wy tield; then too there is the museum with its immense collections, geologtetl, ornithological, and every other other kind of ogical, to assist tn the pursuit of knowledge and liappiuesa. To wliicii the best art collection in the west wil) soon be added. Consldering all these aiUantagcs, with the far grenter one of beingou the line of two railioads with telegrnph and leleplione connection to all parts t the countij-, why is not Ann Arbor a desirable suminer resort? Mi-s. Jacob Stuims, of öaline, was over to Anu Arbor Saturday, and upon returnng home stopped at her fatUer's, Alex. Kerr, of Lodi. As she re-entered the car¦ iage, the horse becxnie unmanageable, and Mis. Stunn' was thrown to the ground, from which she received quite serioiiB injuries.


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