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mam tm MACKINAC. Tbc Mot Díllghtful SUMMER TOUR Falao 8tamor. Low RatM. J"our Tripi ir Week Botwoen DETROIT AND MACKINAC And Ivery Weck Day Bctwoen DETROIT AND CLEVELAND Writ for our "Picturesque Mackinac," Illustrated. Contains PuU Fartioular. Mailod Tu Detroit & Cleveland Steam Nav. Co. C. O. WHITCOMB, OCN. Pass. Act.. DETROIT. MICH. GILBERT Bl.iss, Agent. A leading scientist asserts that the mosquito is responsible for man y diseases humanit}' is heir to. Witli bit sharp probé he pnnctures the skin and draws out the blond of his victini. Wlien liis gorge is satisticd tie withdravvs that fine lancet and leaves behind the seeds of malaria and fever that have been, picked up In his swampy home. Fear is expressed that the little insect will dodge all quarantine and whei) once the cholera obtains a footbold in tliis country will dissimenate its geruis widely. "Do I love George," mused Clara, softly, "or is it sirnply n sistei's afiectiou that [ feel for - .'' Just then Bobby bnrst imislj' ioto the room and intcrniptcd Iict sweet meditatioiiB. 'Get out of her, you little brat! " she shouted. and seiziiifr iiim )y the arm slie ihot hlm throuyb tbe door. "Ah, no," she sipfhed, as slie rcsumed her Intoreupted (ruin of tliouubt, 'iny love for Gcoirc II nol n sish i's love. t is suinethini; suectci, liij;licr RI)d hoier." - New York Sun. Official. Jnited Stntcs Goveriinient Report, National Board of Health, Wusliinutoii, D C. Bulletin,- Supi)lcment No. O, page 33 : I have tested leveral kinds of bakin? jowders Inch I lmve bouuht in the open tuarket. The fullowin Utble givea the commercial name ot the bafcing powder and tlie iiuinbcr of cublc centimeter! of fas ;ivci] uff : lo. 1, Dr. Prlce's 3S0 Royal .248 By II. C. K'kdzif, President State Board of ti of Michigan. 'anadian Government report : To the Comtnlulouer of Inland Revenue Depaittnent, Ottawa (seat of fovernment) Canada : Kitht samples ol baking ioder have been iinalyrd. As the t-ili - ciency of these powders depends tltnool entirely upon the amoUDt Of carbon Ie acid fB8 jiiven off dnríftg their use, the follown;; coinpariitive stat( ïin'iit luis been pre)ared. shovng in eaeh Inttance the quajiity of carbonic aci'l gat ëlimlnated lroni ive grammes (equal (o 77 gr.iln.-) of tbe iowier: r. Prlce's (Iwo analyses).. ..3t]U cublc Incuee. Royal „, 3.1 V. SauNdi R8, 'ublic Analyst, Inland Revenua Department, Ottawa, Canada. April 3, 1885. 'The Hoynl contalns the poisODoul drug, Lmmonla. These investigations were 11 Ot made for nioney consideration, but in the inter ;sts of the Governments of the Unitel States aud Canada. Wc know tbat it will clijjlit the inillidiis of housckeepei'S who se Dr. l'ricc's Cream BaUinfr I'owder to ee it indorsed as tbe most perfect made y these hihesl aulhoi itics. T'ie Clergy, Medical Faoully and Peo)le all endorse Burdock Blood Bitters as the best system renovating, blood purlfying tonic in the world.


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