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We ire requested to i;ive notice tliat the 8tli annual meeting of the American Bar Associatioii will bc held at Saratoga Springs, K. Y., Aiifr. 19 to 21, inclusive. Commander-in-Chief, S. S. Bimlette, of the G. A. R., bas issued orders to the posts of the natioi) to have at! headquarters dressed In mourning, and each comrade wear emblcms of the sanie for a period of GO days. L. D. Hanger, captain of the Detroit bicycle club, is now the cliampion bicyclist of the woild, haTlng made a record of 211% miles in 24 hours, beatinr the record of V. Russ Cook, the Californian and lieretofore cliampion, by four miles. He also has a diamond medal tbat he won in a live mile contest at Woodstock Ontario. Riel, the Canadian rebel, bas been tried and eonvicted of treason and sentenced to be hung at Regina, Sopt. ia. The example of the United States in not only pardoning her rebels but callino; them to adrnhiister the government was all lost on our Canadian friends. It may be tbat aft er hanging Riel there will ben revulsión of faellng and his fullowers be pensioned. The man who wrltes the funny articles for the Detroit Journal, has straddled out to Ann Arbor, and in the funniest of his very funny language takes off our citizens for the manner in which they see fit to drape their buildings, public and otherwise, in honor of the ontion's dead ;eneral. In respect to drapery or decorations Detroit better " look to home " for nasal exudation. Breathes there a man who ever heard of Detroit's extravajfance or or even decent liberality in that line ? If 8uch aman breathes show hini up. Tliere's scores would ive the price of i circus ticket to see bun. 1 lie uaily papers of last 1 hursdny evening lias this important dispatch: Fargo, Dak., July 29.- A party of Dakato and Montana capitalista will goto Washuig Ion bood wllh a new scheme lor a división of the terrltory Tliey propose to form all Dakola east of the Missouri river lnto one state; that part west of tne rlver ud the t-astern part of Montana (the cattle grazing belt) luto another, whlle the western part of Montana (the ml ii in r reglón) will be the third, and the Blnck hllls wlll be attached to Wyoming. They are confldent of success, as they have ampie money backing. The heralding of the scheme in the above inanner; the blowmg of thcir trumpecs in snch a bra.en niaiincr, witli the still further announcenicnt that tliere is plenty of money to back ir, onght to be a sure ani] certaln v;iy to kill t. But as thc-ie men are probubly ghrewd ones, and know the politica] complexión of the men they are to lobby witli, probably know uhut they are doinr. The (bllowlng trom Tie Detroit Evening Journal, is too gooil to let sink into oblivion, by a fallare to reproduce in our home papers : In the Htate universlty at Ann Arhor ií a pleasanl gentleman froni Krauco. He Is an Instructor In Ihe prevention and cure of lus natlve tongue, and is creditcd wlth belng . xceeolngly clever In that particular dlrecilon When hucIi leave the dad hulsof Frunce aud int'iii to run arouud in Michigan, where the hitls don't use vius lor everydMy wear however, they grow bewlldered. When Prof' II-uni'iiiM 11 1 - 1 Inndi'il ln-hadlilsM A. with hlm IowheownsaP ,L. Hei very proud oflt The ik-w honor was couferred by nonie raatarn ooIJtse In pari ponnt fora Preaoh gruinmiir which tne profectoi had whlttled out between shrugs. The niminnr had enJoyed a pretty larue snle belore the author was awaru tbat auybody hadshipped hlm the new pairof stllts. After he had cllmlx-d np on the lntter and taken n good long look at hlmself, he immediately gutout a secoudedlliou of the grammar. ihen lie called hls large class up to the trough. " Hoys " he sald solemnly, -when you purchase my new grammar I want you all to secure the last edltloo It li iiiiH-i) more oomplete than the other." After tbe aoysMapaü ihey mude a careful compar sou .-I" the two i-'iiion of the ¦rsmioar. rii.y ere Identical In cv.ry feature ve one. The lalest was erabelllshed with ¦Th. I." In bold type aaer the name of the autbor on the tltle-page.


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