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Mr. Editor Courier:- Au Item in a late nutnber of the Codiuek attracted niy attention. It was in retottoo to the Bidewalks. Aun Arlior bal a good iniiny walk, gome good one's and ome not so good, and sorae all killin' poor. It's llic poor ones your item referred to. Bome liow orother, tbose who have had charge of the repalring of ride-walks and repalriug of sidewalks and rabullding oí tldewalka Lave alwayi slngled out the owners of plank walks and salted thera with heavy repairs oran entlre new walk. Wliat I wish to eall altention to is the Injoatloe of euch work. I know of teverul picces of tar walk tliat are abominable. There's a short striji on the north sidc oí Au Itreet, cast of Fil'th, over which the air is kept f'airly blue during the day and eveniDg by tbe iulpburoiu worda of thosa oompelled towalk orerthe blamed tblng. And Ihcn thera re some brick tralkl. Kelics of an age lost track of bygeologUt, lor ulio ever hiarcl of the brick age f We are learnedly told about the iron age, bronze age, tlie Btone age. and so on, but the brick age, never. Aa I was saylng, there are a few brick walks that wou ld do bciur in tbe land of the reviged ibeol titan in tbe sbade of Aon Arbor's treei. Whoever tbe gentleman is tbat has charge of tbe ildewalk budneu of tbe city, I would reapectfally request hlm to bettow i portion of bl valaable time opon gome of the miserable tar walks about the city. Malie tbe ownen tar cm iip, alt them for It. Voins reepectfullv.


Ann Arbor Courier
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