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Wc gol that rain. Eev. R. B. Pope wil] oeoupy bis own pulpit ïifxt Sabbath. E. K. Frueauff la to move liis office to rooms over Krausc's store. New bard maple iloors are being latd in Uk 8d ward school house. Il took thlrteeo special policemen to ward off the bnrglars in the first ward last WCl k. It is wildly rumored thal n prominent belle of tlie 3d ward il making elabórate prepara tloD8 Tur a trip (o t he state of matrimony ghortly. Burglan attempted to break iuto tbe house of Levi D. v nes Monday nlgla doiing the storm, bat were caught at it and di ven nway. The school census will be taken this year byJameaM. WIIcox , ï:sq.. rtao wil] commence work apon the same in tboul tu i weeks. . r;il residente of X. lnalls st are "klcklng becnuse the water pipes have been taken off tluit street. And can't be blamed mucb, elther. A valuable cow belonging to Louis Vo. gli', who livcs about two mileswest of the -ity, in Sein, was drowned by gettirg into the lake on his faun rcecntly. The coast survey are having a vir lald from the observator; t" the library buihiing in be used daring tlie coming meeting t the American Bcienoe Aasociation. By jiidicious adrertteing, E. A. Phillips at lile 'I'. A: A A. depot, says he has ncreased his sales of tickets to Petoskey and retors far bey'ond all previous sales. The masonic excursión oleared $99.95 uli lodge, Fraternlty and the Chapter, and a generoua soul chipped in the rxtr.i ten cents, making au even $100 Hal] s-toneg as large as walnnta feil in portions of Lodi durlng the storm of Saturday. was kroken in sume of the bonses, and considerable daina;e is reported. Last Saturday foreneon ligbtntng killed a temn of horaes belonglng to John Efoll, "I Lodl. As these were the only horses Mr, X'ill owned, the is a serious one tor liim. Conely B. Covert, of Superior, a young man highly respected by neighbors, died on the 29th uit., of hip disease. He was 22 years 11 niouths oíd. Funeral services held Fiiday. On ,luly itli, 1863, Gen Grant marebed intn Vicksluirjr, and among Iliose who - uii ii ii i in was Joe T. Jacobs, if this city. Wc ronder how many other old smI.iílts there are in the connty who can siy the Barnet Picnic-erg to the o amber of 047 from Pontiao and vicinity. did the city last Friday, hik! all leemed wU pleased with the place and wbal they saw here. Among thedlatingulglifd gaeU watthe Hon. C. Baldwin. E. S. & X. F. Prudden of Chelsea, are drlrlng a pipe ucil at Cornwells' new workt, halt' a inile west of this city, and now, AogUlt 8d, are at the depth of 125 feet, reached the bed rock without Onding water. Thcv are now uing the drills and expect to iï ii cl water Boon. The l).irn df Oirin D. Lamphere, of the townahlp of Webster, was struck by llghtnlng dnrlng tlie storm of Saturday Udconsamed with itsentirecontentsconsistinj; of Ihi; cntlre wheat and bJ erop of the farm. Loss, $1,200, with $800 inlurance on the building in the Wubtenaw Mutual. Llttle Willle Jameaon, who is a compositor nliis huhcr's prhiiinfi office at Columbui Jnnctlon, lowa, wrltet his mother, rhoisunder treatment In this city, (hst lie lias put in type ,000 ems In eiglit con¦ecutWe uours. Have weany young typo In t li i city who can show such a record? Ifso, let hini lalM dis riglit liaud. Dr. Darllng iliiving in lrom i cimntry vUii late Monday night found u horse and carr lage standing in the road abontfour miles soutli of the city, drirerlMt, and the line badly tangled up. He gotout, li i tciiecl the liorse to u telephond pole and reportad the same to the pólice, üffleers Heudenon and Camplon wout out, and npon invesligation found tliat the property belonged to fellow wlm became to Intoxlcated be coaldn't tide, even, and tombled out Haring $130 In hit pocket !"¦ lobered ap enough to gel bil horae ]ut out in b llvery Btable and was paJntlng liis nose red with ilie remnanta of tlie money, when last beard from. Frank AJlunendlDgef u-lis us that new wbeat baa oomtnenced coming n, and a nloer erop wu Dewi grown In the county, Be wys tbat last year's erop wal thoughl tó be u good :is could be grown, bul Ifthere la any diffarence tobe noticcd thh yeart berry la the best. The y leid '!-" l turprislng everybody. Scveral liave reportad i: busbela to the acre u tlieir average, nd the welgfat .s from (;¦ ''i poundi per btiihel. These report! '"¦ aniTenal, aud t la belleved that the y'eld il overrun the Mtimatea largely. prlce behig patd for oew wheat is ;i" centoj ..1.1 wheat briugs 93 cents for N ¦" i. Taking all thlnga together Waahtenaw connty 11 hold up lier hand -i theatate for la quru.tiiy, qoallty ndyleM of wheat, and ihc state will enlu'm'.'r e" agalnrt aU olher 8tates iH tlie Dog-on-ed curious weather for dog days. It takes ten tous of paint to spread over the liiiversity butKUiijgs. The " Bridge of tíize:" tliat new onc in the 6th wan!, on Packard st. For abusin" his wife J. Hoffstettcr has been put ander $300 bonds to keep the peace. The indebtnessof E. II. Hudson sbeinr comprotulsed and paid at 88)$ cents on tlie dollar. Mrs. Phelps is erecting r large frame dwelling house on S. Ing-ills st., that w UI be an ornament to the city when completed. A news depot is about to be established In the store ou State st. vacated by the co nperative store. P. Uichardson makes the vonture. The new instructor in history in the high school, taking the place vacatol by Oeo. W. Kiiiglu, will be Lewis A. Khoades. W. C. Carsons on E. University Ave., is erecting one of the quaintest and at the same time attractive residences to be founcl in the city. Ruv. F. E. Britten, of Fairbaalt, Minn., who is spendinghis vacation at his old home in the city, will address the temperance meeting next Suudiy afternoon. A. C. Bliss has th contract for the new sidewalk around Hanover square, iind laya he intends to put it down "right away quick," and have it satifactory, too. Mra. Plymptoa has been translerred froiu the 4th to the lsc ward school, and Miss I.ouise Taylor, who has been teaching at Dexter, will lili Mrs. Plympton's place. 'J'lios. J. Keech has n happy unile oveí tlie l'act that he has secured for Jas. Tol bert the contract for furabhing the lumber used in biiilüing St. Thomas' school building. The Milán Journal rnau promised na faithlully a few weeks ago that he woulJn't tuke items out of our columns again and credit them to the Register, but he failed to keep his word ia the lust issue. The item published iu the Democrat ol last week iu rclation to two policeineu heinr louiid asleep in front of Stimson's store, luis been swiillowed by the man who told the editor of it. It was not true. Mrs. M:ry Boardman, of Peoria, III., formerly of this city, and a sister of Michael Clark, of llio 4th trard, died July 28ih, and her remalni were brouglit to tliis cily auil interrcd in St. Thomas, ceinetry. We know or one or two peoplc in our city who go on the loUowlug plan and we gh.ry in theirgrit: "If tliy neighbor's hens offend thee pluck them out. It is better to have a chicleen pie thau a ruiued garden." ¦i nterday mornkig Chas. McN'amee, of Lexagtoa,Ky„ whüeeagñgeú Incanlklng the water pipes at the corner oí Malo and Huron sts., was huiied andel nbout two tons of' dlrt. A breathing hole was lelt around kit liead, and he was gOtteD out with but apparent slight injuries. i ue cnelsea tterala has agam ehanjicd hand. Thos. Holmes is the tutest purcbaser, and he makes bis bow with the issue of July 30lh. Tlu-re is no reuoi lo the world wliy the Herakl may not lie one of the bet paying newipaper plants n the couaty, and we hope Mr. Holmes wiH find the load that leads to wealth and (ame. The ftctloa of Aid. Martin as chairman of the sidewalk committee at the last council meeting is conimendable. Ín lliis conneclion we would cali attention to a communlcation on tldeiralki in another lolmni) that strikes us as being peculi.irlv approprinte Tliere are many tar walkt in tlie city that are in veiy bád shape. If an artist could llave caulit the exprawion upon Delds Fall's countenance Monday, when a man 7ft. 2in., in heiglit, stepped hito the store and asked for a readj'-made suit for himself, and reprodaced faid expression on canvas, he would have a lubjeet for a picture that would makfl him tamou the world over. On Friilay last Mrs. Lucy Oltmler, wifc of i car inspector of the M. 0. R. R. endcd her liíe by taking morphine' Tliere has been no cause assigned for tlie terrible deed, except that the deceased was subject to the caprices of a violent temper. An investigation was held by Chief Fall, and an inquest decided unnecessary. ir tnc aümimstration would gct up a f urprise party for Mat D. Blosser, the able íiinl Uve editor of the Enterprise at Manchester, and send hlm a commission for the postofilce at that place, said adininistratlon would do a worthy deed, and at the same time piense the rank nd file as vi;ll is the mng-wumps of the party. This is a suggestion ineielv. The chainnen of the township boards of school inspectora met at the court house yesterday, and re-elected E. C. Warner as a member of the board of county school examinen. The deliberations were presided over by DelosTowusend, of Saline, tliu county clerk being the secraetry. On the Mth inst. the county board of examiners will meet and eleet a secretary. Saturday morninjr Miss Celia Huutington, sister of Mrs. Prof. E. Onley, died at the residence of the latter, on Sute st., af'ter a llngerlng IlloeiS, and from trouble of the heait. On Momlay the remains were taken to Perrysburg, Ohio, for intcrment Deceased had been a teacher in the public schools of Toledo, Ohio, for many ycars, and was about SHyearsuf ae it her death. Poor old Sam Wursler was in the city last week. He is now 80 years old. In early lite lie was a promMog young lawyer, but disappointment in a love matter made a wreek ofliim. For half acentuiy he has been a hOIBGlett, houseless wanderer, filthy, ratrüed, and steeped in the loweat dregs of disslpation. Fourteen yeart &gO be gave up whisky, for saicl lic. " it is whisky 110 more, but rank poUoa." The fire department was called out on Wednesday p. m. last by a tire in the leanto used as a suminer kltcben, in the house OÍ Mrs. E. Xorton, on S. Fourth st. The Manies were extinuished before the entine took water, but the damage to household goods by being removed í'roni the house was considerable. Mrs. Norton says she nevcr knew she had to many friends as 8he had that day to help her move out her goods. Stephen Mills who is one of Ann Arbor's most successful horticulturists saya that the correspondent in last week's Courier who wrote about the price of ¦mal] fruits in Ann Arbor, didn't know what he was talktng about. Mr. Mills tells us that he sold a grcat many bushels in Ann Arbor for niuch less than lie could bave ot for them at Detroit, and furthermore says that there is not a place i : i the state wbeN fruit nf all kinds is as okeap as it is In Ann Arbor. He thiuks that correspondent better post up before writing any more for the paper.