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Will Ilcnderson is snuftlng the prairie Imrcs of lowa. A. L. Noble has been a littlc ofl", pliysicully, tliis week. tllu Erama Luimden liasreturnedfrom lier Charlotte trip. Burt Cotydoa of Fergus Falls, Miim., s a guett of A. W. Ames. The Waterman boys liavereturned from a btllinÖM trip to Virginia. Miss Emily Camp, of Lansing, is visit Ing Mr. and Mr. Jolm Wahr. .Miss IJiidie Hliss is in camp at Portage Lake, witli a party of Detroit people. It is a conundrum wliy Oeo. Millen and Harry Clark go to Coneord so often. lirs. George Johnson and daughter of Lodi are ipending the week at Detroit. Ei nest Pen y and Mrs. Gay's son on División it., are recuperating at Petoskey. Geo. Mot eau, of the Comuna Journal, was a visitor in the city Wednesday last. MbaeaEdlth and Fauny CooleyofLansiiig, have been spending a fewdays In the city. E. J. Morton and II. E. Gklley will start to-morrow or Filday for a Mackinac trip. Mrs. Dillon, daughter and sou, of W. Baron st., ezpect to leave to-day for Petoakey. J. Emmel Roblaon of Detroit is spending a two week's vac;itiou at liis home in this city. Mttsaa Nina and Jen n Ie DavUon are ipwnrilng B cüuple of weeks wlth relatives i ii Toledo. Miss Alhe Curtis of E. Washington st., Bpendlng a couple of weeks with frieñdg ín Detroit J. P. VVastell and wlfe, of Clinton, are visltlng J. A. Polhemus and other fi;ends i the city. Mrs. Maria Amella Kokers of Scio was Ibe jiucst Saturduy of Mes. lióse and Ella Ciuninings. Birdie Best liad a party of about 35 to celébrate her twelltli birtbday last Friday evening Prof. David Taylor, who bas been prin cipal of tbe schools at Oxford the past tvvo jears, is at home. Mrs. John Burg and son left Monday for an extended visit at the City of the Straits and up the Lukes. Miss liar; Manu cxpccts to leave Satunlav, for Mitckinao in conipany with her brother Charles, of Detroit. O M. Martin has gone east to visit fnrml.s with hU wif In OrangeCo., N. Y., and also n-lations it Ithaca, X. Y. Mr. and .Mis. Aretua Duim and their Mexloan proteges, are rMtlny at Colunilui-, ()., with Mrs. Dunn's daugliter. Willie Stol!, while upon a ladder In the St;ubler building Thursday last, bad an arm cruslied by a plank falling upon him. Miss Mattle Drury of London, Canada, cousin of Dr. O. C. Jenkins, is still visitIng her aunt, Mrs. Jenkius of this place. F. E. Friis of Saline, was in the city yefterday, and reporta new wheat coming in, and the beny quite as good as last year. It is a noteworthy and very significant fuct Unit the busIneM men who prosper best are tliose who advertise most judic:ious]y. Jas. J. Qnany, the gentleman ly liead ch-rk in Goodyear' drug store, left yesterday lor a weck's stay at bis old home in Ontario. Berberí thinks when lie roes to Detruit Hg&ia on an excursión he will know on whlch end ot Jeflerson ave. tlie depot is located. Mr. and Mis. J. H. Kiekels have accompanled tbelr danghter and her lmsband, Dr. J. S. Johnson, to tbelr home in Wis., by way of the lakes. Mi Mamle Bowenime of North Lansinr, who has been stopping in Ann Arbor for tome time, returned to her home last wednesday eveoing. A. S. Kimberly, sulesinan of Ilie Campbell printing preat works, member of the New Haven, Conn., bicycle club, was a caller al the Coukieh office yesterday. A. S. Hall, "76, Ph. D. 78, Professor of chemistry and physic-i in 8t. Johii's College, Annapolig, Md., is spendlng the summer vacation wlth his parents at Saline. Hein. John. J. Robison md wlfe leave Ilie city Saturday for Detroit, taking a hout ilie sanie evening for Dnlutli. They expectto be gone one moiith visiting in Dakota, etc. Mis. MHls Gelston bas returned from an extended visit in New EngUnd, with her two daujihters, Anna and Carrle. Miss Anna is still a teacher at Wellesley college, and Mi.-s Carrle for the year past has Leen a pupil of the same. A party oonsUting ot Hobt. A. Itayer, Eumeno Lohr, Osear Schniid and sister Emui.i, Oli:i s. Mana and sister Mary, ol tliis city, leave Sutimlay for a week's stay ;it Mackinac. Matsn Hayer and Lohr will continue around the lakes to Chichito. Miss Zíl(1( Kit odes, of Ann Arbor is visitiiig frlendi in this city. She will leave for Po'mt Lookout tomorrow i ti companr wtth MIm Delia Weloli, wliere they will enjoy tlie cool breezes of tliat ((¦¦lifílitful r. sort for a couple of weeks. - B;iy City l'iess, .Iuly 30. Gottlob Btasbler, a carpenter living on S. Main st., (lied )at Wednesday, aged 41 yean. The memorial services, to be beid at the M E. cliurch next 8;iturday afternooD will be of interest to our cltizens. Richard Kearnf has commenced the erection of a new frame dwelling house on N. Main st., on the vacant lot north of James Clark's boaie. Tlie Washtenaw Journal is authority lor the statement that Eugene Manu will leave for California before lonr, and that Ed. Blom, of Bridge water, 11 take the place of prescription clerk in the drug store of Mann Bros. Prof. W" H. Pett, who at present occuples the chuir of mi" ralogy eoonomlO geology, and niininu engineering al the itste unlverKlty. is betng Hrongly lmporiunrd to aceep: the prcsiiii'iicy of toe new school of mine toon tobe organizad at Hougtiton.- Negaunee Iron Herild. Prof. Pettee tel Is us that if the above is true he is not aware of it. lie has liad no offer of the kind or any corres[lonilciice. At the meeting In the OOort house Friday evening to malea arrangementi for a m, r'.al Hrvlce, there were perhaps 50 people in attendance. At the corner of the street, where h traveling fakir was bawklng a groase eradieator there were at least 200 people, listenlng to the banjo playlng. Comment unneoeüary, The hone attached to the market wagon of Meutli, a Detroit st. butcher, shyed into the water jiipes trench ou Hurón 8t., cor. División, this nioruing. As the trench it that place is about six feet deep it Is a a little womlerful that the rlg was rescued in comparatively good shape. Monday eventng ¦ oow itnmbled into the trench oppoMtfl the city hall, and there was a lively commotion for a time in rescuing her trom a premature grave.