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C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! No. 4 Soutli Main St., Ann Arbor. Tlie oldest agency In the cltj-, Establlshed over a quarter ol a century ogo. Keprcsentlng the following flisl-class eoinpanies, with over $60,000,000 Capital and Ascts. HOME INS. CO., of New York. CONTINENTAL IMS. CO., of New York. NIÁGARA IN3. CO., of New York. QIRAKD INS. CO., of Phlladelphia. i IR] ENT INS. CO., of Hartford. COMMERCIAL UNION, of London. LIVERPOOL, LONDON and QLOBK. WASHINGTON PIBES and MARINE, of i ;¦ .-i. .11. Halos Lonr is tlio Lowest, Losses Liberall} AdjusUd and promptly l'aid. C. H. MILLEN. AlilíÜ IN 1ÏEFERENCE TO Printing and Binding. The Chcnpest place in the County lo procure Priutiiig1 of any descriplion, from a Yisitin? Card to a Mainmotli Poster, or a 1,000 paire book, is tbe : ni mi i uuur for instance: 100 Full Sheet Posters, $2.50 1,000 1-16 Sheets, ¦ $125 1,000 1-32 Sheets, - $1.00 Bill, Letter and Piote Heads, or auy other Printing1 de.slred at proportionateiy Low Prlces. BOOK BINDING. Magazines, tlie size of Harper's and Scrlbuer's in Good Library Binding, at 50 CENTS PER VOLUME. Other Styles of Binding at Trices Eqiially LOW. DON'T FORGET! If jou have anyiliing in either line you want done to cali and get Flg-ures at the COURIER OFFICE. TTTIT flfurworklDB people. 8end 10 cents II II I li-tao, and we wil] mail you free a I P, I r royal, valuahle sample boi of goods I I I I I tliat will imt jou in the way ol making more money in a few days than yon ever thought nosKible at any budnesB. Capi tl not required. You can live at home and work In iare urne only, or all the time. All of botta si-íes, of all ages, grandly succeaefnl. 60 cente to 5 easily earned everv evening. That all who want wrrk may trtt the business, we make thisunparallcled offer: To all who are not weli natiiflcd we wlll eend 1 to pay for the trouble of wrttiug us Full partlculars, directione, etc, sent free. Immense pny aheolutely snre lor all ho start at once, uon't delay. Address Stinson & Co., Purtland, Maine


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