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TEST YOUR BAKIM POWDER TO-DAY! r n tan n r.i u baolntaly por COIíTAIN AMMOIWI-A.. THE TEST: PUu a. can top down un a tumi hitcl then til. .1 I -ni. -II. A rlii-NIlM wlll HUÍ ba I lMi. u int-i-iice of ammonla. DOES NOT CONTAD! AMMONIA. its uunnuM ui never buks pmm Ir) rt mlllion hontaa Por ti 'íunrter of a century It nal 4 tha conmim. n" rtlUMa taat, THE TESTJ)F_THE OVEM. PBICE BAKJNG POWDER CO., MAKKRS OF Uit riluü !5 ijjlüuldl iJdVUIlll ijAtldllöj ' i -ni;, i i. wmI MlrUmi mu) imturr I flnvor bnottn.uid p7. Prlca't Lupuün Yeast Gemt Ir !.n:[. II. ilth) Bread, Th Baat Dry H.p , l In tha World. FOR SA!.E BY CROCERS. .ICACO. - ST. LOUIS. f SPECIAL Hextracts MOST PERFECT MADE Parest and stroiiL'fst Natural Fruit Flavors. Vanllla, Lemon, Orange, Almond, Rose, etc., üavor as dellcately and naturally as the íruit. PRICE BAK1NG POWDER CO., CHICAGO. ST. LOUIS. Invalids'HoteliSurgical Instituto BtTFFALO, OST. TTOreanizrd vrith a IHII sinir nf elghtcen I p. i iiin .ti and SKilirnl Ptajtlcians and Surgrons for lile treatment of all hr.iuir Uisease. OUR FIELD OF SUCCESS. Cbronic 'atarrh, Tliroal and l.imu llir:iv., Livor and Kiilnr Iliirasri, Kladder UioeaKes, Kist ums of W oiii.ii, Blood Diseases md NcrvOtts Alto, lions, outed taere or at home, with or without peeing the patiënt. Come and see us, or srnd tin -t-nis in stamns for our ''Invalida' Cuide Book," which g:ivos all particulars. ¦ibb. N.rvon Ilt'liilily, ImpoÍririiniTr tone)', Norturiial Loasen, UELIGATE niidull 'l,.t i.i.i ConditiouH . cauaed by Vomliful t'ollilFAF He and Poriiiciou SollUlOLnjLO. ,arJr rractice8 ar0 srxt-dily ¦"" and pcrmanontly cuixhJ Dy our SlK'clalists. Bouk, post-paid, 10 ets. in stamps. I KHPTUHF I witnout trusses, without puin. I iiuriunt. .,„,, wtthout danK(.r. cures "" Guaraiitced. Book sent for ten cents in síamps. PILI! TI I1OKS and STHICTIKES treated under tuaranteo to cure. Book sent for ten cents in stamps. Addrcss World's Dispensary Medical Association, 663 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y. _____ The treatment of man y nmrinrn nr thouBands of cases of those UISE&SES OF diseases peculiar to WflMFN WOMEN IfUWtH. at t),e Hotel and l Siirjrical Institutc, has afforded larffo eiperieneu in uduptiiiK remedies íor their cure, and DR. PIERCE'S Favorite Prescripiion is the result of this vast experience. It Ís a powcrful Rextorati ve Tonlc and Nervine, imparta viyor and strength to the system, and cures, as if by niairic, l--uorrlua, or "whilex,'' riceiuilvi) flowiiiK, painfiil un ii.i i -uní ion, NuppreHHioii, prolapsus or lallinu of, ruk back, aiiteverxioii, retrovproiou, luarinuloWll HCIlNUt ÍO1IH, OllrOlltf COllfCOMtiou, ¦ ii 1 1 ...ii. ..i, ion and ulrcratloii of the hiiiiiIi, i ni I a ni mal ion, pain and iiniltriii ss in ovarios, un mal icai. and "I.' nía I ¦' weakness." It promntly reUeveB and cures Nausea and weakiicss o f stoma, h, Indiif' - - tiou, Itlti n nu. Nervous Proxtration, and Slceplessiicss, in cittacr sex. DDIPC C I HO o 5 rnlLt 4 I .UU. for $5.00. Send ten cents in stamps for Dr. Pierce's lare Treatise on Discases of Womeu, illustrated. World's Dispensary Medical Association, 663 Main Street, BUFFALO, N.Y. g&k SICK-HEADACHE, Ma. BilioiiR Ileadarlie, U "w.. Dizzilicss, Constipa$f .'Skk tion, Indigestión, -A v- ' yjSí. "1 Bllious Attacks, "V xS&LBZff" promptly cured by Ir. ¦WKtírr' Pierce's Pleasant 'Jfík Qf Purgative Pellets. 25 cents a vial, by Druggists. Food for Keflection. Some time lince, the sr-ien tifie beada of t lic irreal univeríitleí of the country took u) tin Bnbjecl "t baklng powden, subjecti nu cvitv brand on the American market to a chemical iiquisltion ttiat notlnnfr known to tlie adulterator's rt could hssilily escape. A feature of Ilieir tindings, a feature that luis food for reflection in it, is that, wirii one exception, Ir. Prieel (known on the market as Dr. I'riee's Cream B ikinjr Powder), the eatiie list was found to be adulterated. Au enterpn'sing Frenchmnn lias nvented a revolver whlch though so small as to be conveniently carried In tl ie vest pocket, can be lired ten times without reloadlng, and wlth ereater e:ise and eertalnty than those of tlieold pattern The wbole lerjjrth of tlie weapon is four Inchei which cao be redneed to two and ïiveeiliis byjunscrewlng the barrel. All governments are, to acertain exlent a treaty wttn the deril For laws notexecuted are ofno value, and as good not ia-me :is not enl'oiced. A Weak Back, witb a weary acliing laaienen over the hipa is a sin of diseased kidni'vs. Use the best kidney cnrative, which is Burdock Blood Bitters. Wliateveris the nibject of f'aith slioiild not be snbmitted to reaaon, and mach loss bend to it. 'An Enterprltlng, lieiinble Huuse. Ebeihnch iV Son can aiwBTi be relied upon, notooly tocarry in stock the best of everythinff, bul t o secure the Agcncy tor such articles s bave well-know n niciits mul re popular wkh the people, tliereby ¦ustalnlng the reputatioo of belng tlwayi enterpriilng, and ever reliable. Havtng iecured the Ajiency fór theoelebrated. Dr. King's New Diecovery for Cansumption, will sell iton a poíltlvefruaraptee. Hwill turely enn any and every aft'ectiüii of Throat, Lungs, and Chett, and to show our Onfldence, we invite j'ou to cali and get u l'rial Bottle Fres. fainily cry-sis - a girl baby.- CliicagO Sun.


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