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Pastry Without Uiittrr. The American has been guhjeoted ti moie imjiist :i trom torcían wrlterg tlian uhyother ofourdUtinctive product, if we excepl the recent tirade aginst the American nog. Aml we c.annot say Unit ir lias been allogether undeserved, bèciiufe of the villaiiious eoinpound, tliick, hard mul heavy, tbat is too ofien ruade todo otteti made to do diity asa "crust," aud wliicli ly courtesy is called " pastry." Light, tender, flaky, and digerible pi- riu-t Hild all Kinds of nastrv cati bc lUuUa must reiulily ly tlie use or Hoy ui Hikllig Powder without any 'jutter, or witli bnll tlie usual portion, if preferrecl, or with a a sinall quantity of laid or olher shorleninr as desired. Pie-crust thus made it inucli more wholesoine and digestible, besides bting more econoiuieal and easier prepared. In addition to saviii; all tlie bader if desiied, oiie-thlrd the Huur is alao dispensed with, as tlie crust is rol led tliat nincli t li i n ti er, tlie leavening qualities of the Kuyal Baklna Powder welling it to ihe requUlte thickneH. It' drlpplngu or lard be used, the Boyal Bakliig Powder removes any unpleasant taste, rendering the cru-t as sliort, sweet and pleasant as if made from the tinest butter. 'l'bope who know the appetizing qualities of the freiiulne hoinc-made Ameriean pie will rejoiee lliat by the aid of Koyal Uaking Powder in tlie pastry it can be made quite as digestible as it is delicions. Book worms are of no use to fisb with In toe forgotteii treainsof knowledj;e. - St I'.uil llerald. 1OO Doses One Dollar Is inseparably connected with Hood's Sarsaparilla, and it is true of no other medicine. It is an unansweiable arfrument as to slien;th and ecODODiy, while lliDiisands te-tify to its superior bloodpurifylng and etiengtbeiifiigqualHie. A bottle of Hood's S.nsaparilla contains 100 doses and will last a month, while otherg will avcrajre to lat imt nvcr a weck. Henee, for econoiny, Iniy Hood's Sar-aparilla. No matter liow skilfully a man pía}' the gaine of life, there If but one test of bis abilily - 1.1 it I he win' Trjr It Yonrscir. Tlie proof of the pudding is not in chewinij the string, but in baVIDS anoppoitunity lo try tlie artlcle youiself. Ebei bach & Son.tlic Druggtst8, have a free trial botilc óf Dr. Bosanko's Cough Htld Lung Syrup lor each mil i'vcrv ont' who s afflicted with Coufihs. Colds, Aslbma, Consuniplion or any Luiitf atleetion. First daiighter to the love of God is charity t man. Purify your blood, tone up I he systeni, and regúlate the digestive orgaiu by takiog lloid's S.nsiiparilla. Sold by all druggtói The natine of charity :s todraw II tliinfis to ilself, and make tbem partakers of itself. - hactantius. A n Answer Wanteü. Can any one biing us a case of Kldney or Livir Cpmplalut that Electric Bitters will not speedily cur? We say lliey can not, as tbuusands of catea alieady permanently cun-d and who are daily recoin mending Electric. Bitters, will prove. Brlgbt'g üisease, Diabetes, Weak Back.or any urinary complaint ijuickly cured. They purlty the blood, regúlate the bowels, and aO diie(tly mi the discascd p iits. Every bottle gQaranteed. For sale at 00c a bottle by Eberbach & Son. If thou art wise, tbou knowest thine owu ignomnee; and thou art ignorant if thou knowest not thyself. Cuuk foh Ckoup.- Use Dr. Thomas's Eclectric 011. It is the best remedy for all sudden attacks of colds, paln and inflamniiition, and injurie. 'Ihc Original buddhist- spring. - Loildon Funny Folks. IJucklcn's Árnica Sftlye. The Best Salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Sill Hlieiim, Fever Sores, 'i'ettcr, Chapped Hands, Cbilblains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptlont, and positively cures Piles, or no pay retjuired. It is guaran teed to rive perfect satisfactioii, or money refnndiil. Price 2ó cents per box. For Sale by Eberbach & Son. When Baby was êlck, -we gave her C ASTOBIA V hcii ahe waa a ChUd, atae crled fer C ASTORIA W lnn Bhe becune Min, ahe clang to CASTORI A W Ucu uhu had Childivu , aho gave them CAST'A


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