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'¦ - LfiK w ï ¦ 1 I e J a b9 It is the only line with Is own track trom CHICAGO TO DENVER, Either by way of Omaha. Pacific Igne., St. Joscph, Atchison or Kansas City. It connerts in Union Depots with tliroiiqhtralns trom NEW VORK. PHILADELPHIA, BOSTON and all Eastern poinls. It is tlic principal line to - SA!) FRANCISCO, PORTLAND CITY Of MEXICO 0 It traverses all ot the six arca! Sla'csot ILLINOIS M I0WA MISSOURI, NEBRASKA. KANSAS. COLORADO N with b'ranch lines to all thcir important cities and K 'Torn CHICAGO. PEORÍA or ST LOUIS, it runs every day in the ycar from one to thrce c cganily N equipped through trains over its own tracks between A Chicago and Denver, .1 Chicago and Omaha, O Chicago and Council Bluffs, ( Chicago and St. Joseph, lChicago and Atchison, Chicago and Kansas City, Chicago and Topeka, 1 Chicago and Cedar Rapids, Chicago and Sioux City, 1 Peoria and Council BlufTs, Peoría and Kansas City, St. Louis and Omaha, St. Louis and St. Paul, Kansas City and Denver, Kansas City and St. Paul, Kansas City and Omaha, For all points In Northwest. West and Stuthwest. ltsequipment is complete and first class In every particular, and at all important points Interlocking Switches ánd Signáis are used, thus Insuring comfFoïnTl"feeu; Rates. General Information etc regarding the Burlinnton Route, cali on anTicktt Agent inihe United States or Canada, or address T. J. POTTER 1st V.P. 4. Gen. Mgr., Chicago. HENRY B STONE, Asst. Gen. Mor., Chicago. PERCEVAL LOWELL, GN. P6S. AoT., Chicago. Estáte of flimnah .u. ni'. TATK OV MICHIGAN, OimntJ o' Wa-híe O I1MW, ¦ ?. t i naton "I the Probarte Coart 101 ih ( ouuty ,, Wabtenaw, bolden ut Ule Hrubale Ornee, mi tn cit il Aini Arbor, on Mm. la, iw.-nty -uvenlh itn al Ju'.y, tn ih yer one th.nind efgnl hnn d éd ad uiiíhiy 4ve. IV, i. WUlhun L Harri man. -linl-'e ..I 1'riihnte. la the mattei ol Uie ette ol Hnonah M. ( i'e, ¦l.-ci'. !-¦¦'!. Bufos Cate, czecntor ol tbe 'n wtll ,ni(l leítamenl n ia 'i rteen ied, omei tato ciurt uiü raurweuta tbnl h !¦ Dow prepared tu render ni fin:il account m U i recuior. Tlii-reiluun ll ""' d, '"'' Siturlaj. the tl I- t-enth dnyol Auifíiít ne, at lOo'clock In loe foreDootí bt u-h"ikmI lor i x.iiniíiiM. aud alliiwttui bu u account and tnat the al aw ol m '1 ilectauíed and all cither perruim laterentad lu tala elt, "¦ r.-uuircd lu aupe ti i1 ¦ oelon ol -aid court, then lo IxAwlden al tbe P obate Offlcr, lo ihc city of Ann Irbor in fanl cuiinty andullo cause. ll any ' ¦¦, whi ih u 'i ceuuní -li puMi oi be .1 owed. nd it i lurther orderod, thal -;í ¦ 1 ,-..¦- mor irive aotlce ni ibe ponoiia Intereíte I In -.ia i-eute. "i Uie pena .-.,, ol .ml aicount. and the hearinu therwir, bj c i c:v "t this t be in ihe .no Arbor Vnurítr, anewpapei nrl te" ind oírCO'a'lnií in said coanty,two une esKlv. week i r - -Min-lu ... 01 hearing (A 1 cnlJ.; W11.1.1AV 1 ÜAKBIUA.N. Jndfeul 1': i M (i. ixiTY. Probate Reslttet WH Balate ol' Oeurge Kiu. QTATBOF MICHIGAN Conntj M Waanten i,n At a ne-sloo f the Probate Oonrt lor th üounty o! Waahtenaw bolden al tbe Probat 1 fflcei 1 ihc city ni Aun Arbor, 'n Taefday, tbe iweutyeiiith day ol Ju'y, in be je:.i one th hundi'i'd and .i-hi fiv.-. .Te-cnt, D. ll.iii unan, -ImlR 1 "¦ ITubate Ir mattei i ' lte ol Gi "¦:- K'ii deceae.-L üi ga . Billey, .. coto ¦ 1 -¦ .. hi-i -.f ai '1 tM ! ni aid íéc?aed, mu coon nd rcprenenU mal !"¦ ll ow preparrd 10 r. mier hls lii.'il uucoonl H such Tbvreapon ll ir .rderod, Ui 11 - thi Iweniy-11 1I1 Ai] "f Angu! uex', ai leu o'cloc ' 'be loreuoon, be --:'n.d roí ¦ ' ¦' ¦"- rtllli "'" 1 h accooni, and thal Uie drvUef, legateeo, nnd bin at la "I lid dece.ised, and all olher pnn d in W aiwrrqnlrsd toappeai ll 1 íelon ul -ji.i tu he holden ai !hi : 'In-e. in the cay of Aun Arbor. in taid couDiT. and aliow CBHK, iTunv íbei' be, wdj he u il ob mnl shoold ¦ alluwed Aiid it s nrthei urdered, that ald exec tor -iv. notlce tn proni Interwted n oatd atete, ol the poüdenci ol ald 1 and iie hcartugthet or, hj raníing copyorthU arder to be pnbnabed In the I a orwapa prlnted mi clrcnlated Lu ala couuty, two lOCCeíBlve previoo to -aid da 01 "-'- WlLUAÍVaiSHáA!., Jadee nf Proat". VM. (i. Dol'Y. Probata Kelatar. 1258 ijm AYER'S "k Agne Cure contaitia an antidoto fer all malarlal dlaordera whioli, po 1 tr aa knows, is used in no other reinedy. ll o uiaiM no Quiítine, nor any mineral nor 1 substance wbaterer, and cou.-i - 1 injurious effect upon tlie oomtitutlon, but lenvea the ystem as beaíiLy ai i i raí Lcíuru tlie uilack. WE WAEKANT AYEE'3 AGÜE CÜKE to cure eyery cas-e of Foto aml Afne, Inlcrmltteut or Chül F. r, 1: nittcut Fevcr, Dnmb Agüe, Blllona Fever, and Liter Complalnt caused by malaria, lucaaeof lai'.uro, fter due trial, dealers urn BUt! m i I. by our circular dated Ju'.y Ut, IS8Ï, U) rcfaad the money. DriJ.C.Ayer&Co.,Lo ¦cü.Mass. Soid by ï.l lnn„g.Ms. DcCLARKE HO riS j Eatablished 1851 I Merrill PatflBrtterl 1 DETSOIT, MICH. Block. lH5iLas T1'e regular oíd established IWTliSSSjlPliysician and Surgeon DH. fíf% ylülCLARKE, at the cid numlti III C mV lllcontinues to treat with his usual U B SM Jíjgreat skill all private, lili tIM llphrnnir,. nervous and special (SsJHK]Idisea8es. DE CLARKE isthe wLS9uldest Advertising Physitian.'as files of Papers show and all oíd Rcsidents know. Age and experience Important. 93" Ner voua Diseaies (with or without dreams,) ot debility and loss of nerve power treated scientifically by new methodt with never faihng succets. Mïirll malees no difference Wüat 'ou have taken ur Who has failed to cure you. "Tonn g men and middle-ajed men and all who suffer should consult the celebrated Dr. Clarke at once. Jfg The terrible poisoni of all bad blood and skin diSeasea of every kind name and nature completely eradlcated. Remembar, that one horrible disease, f neelcaed or improperly treated, ourses the present and coming generations. Diaeaaed discharges cured promptly without hindrance to business. Both sexes consult oonfldentially. ll in trouble, cali or write. Delays are dangerous. "Procraitination il the thief of time." A written warranty of care given in every case undertaken. -Send two stampi for oelebrated worki on ChroniCp Nervous and Delicate Diseases. You have an exhtultive ymptomatology by which to study your own CaB68. Consultation, personlly or by letter, Consult the old Doctor Thousands cured. Offices and parlors private. You see no one but the Doctor. Before confiding your case consult Dr. CLARKE. A friendly letter or cali may save future suffering and shame, and add golden yearstolife. Medicines sent evcrywhere secure from Hours, 8 to 8 ; Sunday, 9 to u. Address letters: F. . CE.ARKIC, M. D-, Merrill Block, Cor. Woodward and JefferaonAvei. DEIAOII, MICH. 7THE BEST Eutter Overshoes TO WEAR OVER YOUK WOOt, BOOTS, ars thoso now made by the "Candee" Rubber Co .. exprcBsly for Michigan trade for the season of 1385 and 6. EVERT PAIR WARRANTED against coming apart In clther aole or upper and gnarantccd to give satUfaction in cvery reppect. Jlado for Reputation, giv'ng the woarer more for bia money than he can get in any othcr mako of goods. Of BEST BOOT STOCK, and not ol ordlnary overshoe Btock. Tho soles made tho Bamo as Kubbcr Boot boles having a thick solo aud then a tap solc upon that. This tap solo ia thickencd in the mlddlc, and is iNH'Hl.i: TÜIC'K ON THE BILL, This Is tho great wearing point. The Doublo Thick Ball and the Boot Stock upper, give a ehoe which will potitlvely ouiwear any olher shoc Iu tho market even of the very best brand. NO HICHER IN PR1CE. Tbousands of dollars saved to Wool Boot wourers this season. Don't bc afraid of the quulit y. THE WARRANT SECURES YOU. Cali for the ''Candee Doublt Thick Ball goods." Warrant tlamped on every tho. Kor sale lo Hu trada by R. & J. CU J l((0, Detroit. '


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