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Advertise Judiciously

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A par ie diré was spreading faat, As thrnugh a western cily pas sed A mercliant, gratping in hls haod A banner with thi legend grand; Advertise Judiciously I His brow was bald; hls eye benrath Flashed Hke a falchion f rom its sheath, And Uke a silver clarión run The accents or that merchant's tongue; Advertise J udiciously I ITIs rivals said that trade was light, The mrttet falling money tight, ' Twould be insane to advertise " But still that keen-eyed mercliant cries; Advertise Judiciously I "Don't waste your cash." an "oíd coon said ; "An awiul panic's iust ahead. Retn-nch t or you'lf be busted wlde." And loud that clarión voice replied; Advertise Judiciously I "O stay 1 " the maiden said, "and rest Thy wtary head upon my breast." One wink lie wunked her with his eye, Tlien onward strode and loud did Cry ; Advertise Judiciously ! HootM were failing that seemed sUnnch The crash carne lik an avalanch, But still the buyers throneed his store, Whíle he aloft the bannt-r oore; Advertise J udiciously. The panic past this raerchant bold Had made about a ton of gold. He gave his business to his son, But this one thing insisted on ; Advertise Judiciously 1 The merchant with his wife, Are leadme now a quiet lifr, With h-ppiniss and riches biest, Their coat of arms on ' blnzoned crest; Advertise Judiciously ! in field of blue, a globe doth roll, While liht doth shine from pole to pole Krom tnrch, upheld bv Titan hand, Ahove, bneath, this legend grand; Advertise J udiciously t


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