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What Alarmed The Husband

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There was oue marrieU iiinn ot soared the otlicr nit;lil. He sent out a note lo bis wite about 9 u'ulock to s ly tliat licwould not be homo till late. The messeneer boy, whteo lie tlclivcred the note, happened to muntion thal he had icoue to the wrang house and had been ve'y wrutlifully treated by a m:in tor dMaíMAg him. The wife read tlie note, which was on a scrap of ):iper. Slic thotiglii a minute. "l'U give you four bits f ymi'll take thig note back ;ind teil ttmt story without saying you caine heie. Don't say it was the wrong number." The boy found the husbnnd. 'Well, why do yon brlnr thls b.ick?" "They woull'nt take il, eir. A man came fo tlie door and told jne to j(o to the deTil." "All right. Get out." The busbánd turnea üp iiuite early. Ele looked at bis wife. " 1 sent you a note, but the boy must :iavc taken it t the Wrong limnr." "I suppose 80," saM the wlfe, innocently; "I lmveu"lgot it." And tbat man was tlylhg to flml out wlwihiT anvbodv liail mllral. lint he waa


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