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Benefits Of Newspapers

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Henry Wartl Beecher says : "In n other way can so much, so varicd, so use ful Information lie iraparted, anú unde circustanees so favorable for educa! in the niind of the ohild, as thiongh a judi cious, wellcouducted newspaper. "To live in a Tillare was once to b shnt up and contiacted. Hul now a mal muy be a hertnlt and yet be a oMotopol ite. He uiay live in the forest, walkliij miles to a post-nfflce, havlng a mail bu once a week, and yet lie shall be fbu'nd a familiar with the living world as kfaft boa iest actor in it; for a newspaper is a gpy glass by which he biings the moa distant tliiugg; a mieroscope by which lio leisurely exüinines tlie moat minute; at ear trumpct by which he collects am brings wlthlh his hettrlug all tliat is salí and done all over the earth; a museum full of curiosities; a picture gallery ful of living cuiiositics fioin real lite drawn noton canvas, but with piinter's ink 011 paper. "The newspaper is a great collector, a great traveller, a great lecturer. It is tlic common people's encyclopoedia the lyceum, the college I" The influence of i good newspaper upou the uiinds of a fainily of children cannot fully be estimated; certainly uot comparcd with the coat of the paper itself. It is a universal fact asserted by teachers, and others who have made observations on tuis subject, that children who have access to useful newspnpers at home, ure all better spellers, better readers, and understand what thty read better; they obtain a practical knowledge of geogra)hy and history more readily, make beter grammarians, and write better compollttoni, In short, are more intelligent and earu fasler than children brought up in a family without the enjoyment of such read ing. Children are interested in newspapers, ccaue they read about many things with which they are familiar. Oíten, too, thev will read a paper, because it comes new to them every weck, or every month, when they would not open a book. We candidly believe that a good newspaper is worth a quarter's schooling to every child.


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