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Sherman's Opinion Of Grant

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Gen Slicnmui having been uüttá wliy lie and Sheridan ulways aeknowledged the leadership of Grant, replied: "i5ecause, wheii I could map out a dozen plans for a campaign, uvery une nf whirli Slieridan would swear he could light oot to victory, neither he nor J could tell which of the plans was the best oue ; but Grimt, who simply gat and liste lied and smoked while we luid been talking over tlie mapg, would at the end of our talkiux tell us which was the best, plan, andin a dozen words tlie reiuon for decisión, and ihi'ii it would be all so clear to us that he was rijílit, that Sheiidan mnl 1 would look at each olher and wonder why we hadn't seeu the advanlajie ol it ourselves. I tell you Grant is uot upprceiated yel. The military critics of Europe are too ignorant of Ainerican MOgraph; to appreciato the coudilion of lus cainpaims. I have seeu Grant plan c.inipaigns foröO.OOO troopsalonjj a front line, "2,500 miles in lengtli, and seml tlicin luaicliingiotheirobjectivepoiuts, ilnonli sectlons where the surveyor's cliain M neverdrawn, and where the commissariat necessities alone would have broken down nny transportation systcni in Europe; and three luoutlis later I have seen those arinies standing where he sanl they should be and what he planued accomplished; mul I give it as mv opmion tbat Gen. Grant is the grealcst oom mander ot' modern linies, and wilh lilm only three others eau stand - XapoK'on, Wellington and Moltke."


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