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Masonic Temple Dedication

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The Masonic societies are busy miking arranrement3 for the coraiiia; dedicfttlon of their beautiful new temple, wliich it la expected will take place, probably on the 17th of September, by the grind Mdge F. A; A. M. '1'iie foilowlng commlttees havt' boen nppointeil to oversee the aira ii genie ntY, as follows : ('ainmilteé of Arrangement - G. A. Henel licks, Z. Kou tb, J. A. Gales, B. (jruoger, J. M. Cook, W. O. Hollauds. Finance-Z, Roath, E. J. Morton W W. Watts, w. u Hollands. Jiecepfion-Ü. F. Watts J. H. Mlner, W. A. Tolatwrd, W. vv. Nloboli, J. T. JaaotM, C.H Milieu, c. H. stowcll, G A. Hendrlck, L C. Klsdon. T. K. III11, E. B. Abel.J. E. Heul, C. E. Hlscock. T J. Keeoli. C. Rlobarda, W li Smllh, I.. 1). Win. -s, W. 1. Hftrrlmsn, W. Treinaln, W. G. Doly, I. Hiuuly, N. U. 'ulvrinau, L. V. Ooodrlcb, K. J. Mortun. RefrethmenU- L. ('. (Joodrlch, N. D. Gates, R Grauger, W. A. Ilalih, 1). C. Kall A V Hai)K8terfer, A. L). Nicliol, ,1. tl Coofc, W. Merilbew, J. Klals. Deeoralion-1, B. Bent. D. V. Sclmlrer, C. E. Mutschei, R. Vernor, (;.v. Milten W. K Everest, W. V. Watts, W. P. Peil, C. S. Kall. W. B.Sexton. InvliaUon-Q. A. Hendrlcks, J. L, Stone, W. G. Dotv, W. V. Wuiis, W F. Millar C. E. Hlscock.N. ]. (i;ilis, v. C. llullunds. l-rinting-E. J. Morton, Z. Itoatli, K. U.J. Clurk. JAiiic-1). C. Kall, C. E. Mutscliel, L. D. Wlues, W. W. Watts. The Interstate Tefograpb Company flleil articles of incorporiuion with the clerk of Wayne county, rtcently. The object of the incorporación is to build a tele;raph line running east frorn Kalamazoo, tliro' Battle Creeli, Marshall, Albion, Jackson, Aun Arborand Ypsilatiti to Detroit. The line will then extend southwurd fiom Detroit toJToledo and l'isiiiii.i, Oliio. Tlie capital is 150,000. Richard A. Bhlpman, Win. O. Latimer, Levi T. (jriftin, J. C. Verlicitr umi John B. MUaii, oflnioit,are lie incorporator8. The second anntial reunión and encampmcnt of the O. A. R. Association of South Eastern Michigan, wbich includes Washtenuw County, is Bnnounecd to take lace at Devil's Lakc, lenawee Co., on he 20, 27 and 28 of August. Among lic publlthed offloen of the cuinp is the ame of Col. H. á. Dean, Ana Arbor, as ieutemnt colonel - 2nd officcr In com ïand. Cpt. E. W. Boweu, of V)sil:ii]i. s one of the "Aids on Colonel'i Sinil." nionjr the speakers' the Dame Of ('npl. . 1'. A1Iti ippeara Eaeb comrade I xpected to furnlsb blnuelt with a blanke! nd necessary camp eqOtp&Ke. Ilall-fare s announced ou uil railioads.


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