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A Slick Robbery

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A few weeks ugo a couple ot' strangers caine to town and rented a portion oí Lh old tannery owned by J. Ileinzman in which to manulacture Jioops. They (jiiictly pursued their business for a timp, occüsionally borrowing Mr. Heinzuian's wagon to go out in tho couutry with. Last Sattmlay they asked for the wagon again sayiiig tliey wanted to get soine stock Sinulay, f rom a farmer. They were giantud the request, and took the wagon. Dortng Saturday night some time they went to Mr. Heinztnan's store house, took the centers out of all the rolls of leather he had, leaving the outsidc hide tied up so tliat oiily on close inspection could the robbery be uetected. and starled awajr witl) the plunder. The steal was not detected until Sunday afternoon, and then on the impicloa of a man with whom one of the uien boarded, and who was '"out" ou board. As sooa as the goous were found to he missing, offloers were put in seareb. The men were traced to lliree miles belo' Ypsilanti, wheie all Irtirk iv3 lost, and lip to thie üuto TlK8day n ui., lió trace has been found. Jt has been ascertained that the men were from Springwells fonnerly, and it is probable that they belonjf to a resillar gang of thieves. Át any rate they did a lick job, and one that novices could not have put up. The value of the goods stolen is from $300 to $400.


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