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Miss Lillio Hutcliins, of Detroit, has been visitiní at L. J. Stileg'. Heventh au naai farmers' picnic at Whitinore L:ike, Satunlay. Everybody come. Fine speakinir, iine muslc and fine dinner if you like. Lakc house harvest hop last Friday evening. Seventy-four couples. Harvest party at the Ulifton Aug. 28th. Northfield vs. Northville, base-ball, Satimlüv. Frank Kane, of Detroit, is visitinf at the Lake. Usual Sunilay excursión from Jackson, last Sundny. A large number of Ann Arborians wei at tho Lake Sund-iy last. It costs 25 cents to buy r bushei of aew potatoes at Bay Cit}-, while a round 6C cents is needed tor the same purpose in Ann Arbor. An exchange suys : "An easy way to kill plantain, dandelion and other weeds in a lawnis to place a littlesulphuric acid with a stick on the crown of each plnnt, carrying the acid in an open moiithed bottle -witli h long handle so as not to teuch it with lingera or clothes." M. C. Slieelian lias rented tbc old Sutherland property, on E. Catharine Btreet, opposite the old Baptist cburch, and removed thereto. Mrs. Slattery, Mrs. Sheehan's molher 9 living with thetn alao iintil tlicir hurned dwelling can be rebuilt or repHlred. E. B. Hall says tliat so far this season he has dellvered 500 tons of coal to the I'niverslty; 150 tons to the public school; 100 tons to the court house; 35 tons to the opera house, and is still haulinc. He Iliinks piices will not vary much froin the present rates for a few weeks. The estimated yield of wheat the state over has been raised from an average of 17 bushels per acre to 19 bushels per acre - an extraordinary yield. The yield of oats is estimated to average 31 bushels per acre, Md barley 25 bushels per acre liotli o.( ellent. About 2 per cent. of last yenr's wlient is thought to be In the hands of the farmen jet. A ncw type writer has beeu inrented by A. B. Wood, of this city, whlch it is claimed is a vast Improvement over other machines now in tlie market, from the tact that ït cnn be operated with one liiiirer f deslred, and be put upon the iiHiket lor r lest figure th;:n other makep. A company luis been organized at Detroit of wliich Mr. Wood is the principal' Rtookbolder to enter upon the manufacture of these new type writers. The extraordinary yields of wheat u luchare Mag rcported, from 30 to 46 bushels per acre, leads one into mnthematics a trille. The prlce paid for Xo. 1 wheat is !)0 ceutB per bushe!. A yield of 30 bitshels to the acre at DO cents, brings the farmer $27.00 per acre. Which is better than has been reali.ed for a lon time. How miich better, cnn be judged ly the taOt that a yield of 20 bushels per iCW at $1.2." per bushel only realizes $¦25.00 per acre to the farmer. Tlius it will he seen that our farmers ought to fee! pretty wcll satisrit-d with their wheat Orop, at least.


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