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WEDNESÜAY, AUGUST 1!, 1885 Auu Arbor Post Oflh-e. Ann Arbor Time. Office Hours : General 7:30 a. m to 8:00 p. m Suadayê, 9:00 to 10:00 u. in. rloalng and Opening; i mails. Mails ClOM - ooino kast. Lork uouch to Dotr 'it 0:1'. 8. m. n-trott & Grand Raplds K. 1'. O 10:80 a. m. leiroit Jt Chicago K. I'. ii .":!¦" p. m. De roit, Turee ittroni & Chicago K. 1'. O. .6:00 p,m. ¦ " " K. P. O S.00 p. in. Ooi nu west. Detroit, Jackson & Niles (1:15 a. m. Delroii dt Chicago R. P.O.. 10:30 a. m. Detroit (rand Kapidu 5:i5 p.m. Detroit Chicago K. P, U 8:00 p. m. OOINO NOI1TH. South Lyon & Toledo R. P. 0 9: 10 a. m. OOImO 80UTH. Lock Pouch to Toledo 7:15 a. m. Soutli Lyon & Toledo K. P. O :).OO p. m. MAILS DISTKIBUTED (Ka-lern.) Detroit Chicago K. P. O._ 1-A . m. Detroit mail 10:00 a m. Deuoli & Chicago lt. P. ü 11.31) a. m. Detroit & Grand Kaplds ti:4U p. ui. (Western.) Detroit & Chicago K. P. u 7:45 a. m. Detroit Jt: (imnd Hapid? 11, Oa.m. Detruil L Chicago R. P. O, 6M p. m. (Northern.] Sonth Lyon Jt Toledo K. P. 0 3:30 p. m. (Southern.) South l.jon & Toledo R. P. 0 11:00 a. m. Lock pouch Trom Toledo 7:45 p.m. Ann Arbor & L-ike mail closea 9:30 a . in., aud Is distn buu-d 6:40 p. m EDWAKD DUFFY, P. M. Dated, Joly 1,1886. FriciiilM of The Courirr, who have buHincBH at the Probate Court, ill pleawe reinet Judxe Harrinian to irnH thelr Printlns to thip olllce.


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