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M. O. Graves took a trip to Detroit tbls a. 111. Miss May Whedou has returned from her trip up north. IJen. F. MartĂ­n, oL Bay City, ig visitin3 liis brother Oliver M. A. L. Noble was at ltockaway Beacli, Wbn last heard from. Eugene S. Upson leaves to-day for a week's vacation in Oliio. Aftar liis long siekness Justice Clark Uas commenced business again. L. Walworthand wifeof Jerome.Mich., are guests of Geo. VV. Cropsey. Will Worden has gone to Detroit to enter the liiboratory of F. Stearns. Mrs. Hadley and daughter Lizzie, are speuding a few days at Whitraore. Walter Hicks and son returned Saturday from their hoptonic trip to Boston. Osear Schruid returned from a trip to Mackinac and the " Soo," Saturday. Ed. J. Morton and sister returned Saturday from a trip around the.lakes. Fred Carr, of Dundee, spent a portion of last week in the city with friendg. That beam on W. W. Beaman's face is caused by the advent of a male heir Monday. Chas. Gibson and family are camping out on the banks of Vhitmore Lake this week. Edom M. Bruce and wife, of Lenox, N. Y., were guests of Martin Clark last week. Prof. Hamilton is expected this week from Bucyrus, Ohio, for a stay of a few days. E. M. Southard and family scarted yesterday for a week's encampment at the Lake. Rey. Mills Gehton with liis family, of Pontiac, are vlsiting his father on Washington st. B. Frank Bower, of the Detroit Post staff, paiJ his mother a brief visit Monday p. m. Kuil Schlenker, of Toledo.who has been visitiiig at Philip Lohr's left for home yesterday. Rev Dr. Hnbbiird of Brooklyn, N. T., conducted uervices Sunday at the Episcopal church. Miss Belle Lewis gave a skating party at tho riak last evening, to nbout 50 invited guests. Dr. Moore of the Memorial church in Chicago preaclied at the Baptist church lust Sunday. Willis Boughton, of the firm of Boughtou & Payne, returned from his weBtern tiip yesterday. M aster Lewie C. Pond went to Detioit this morning to spend a few days with relatives there. Misses Kittie and Ora Hatch are vlsiting relatives and frlends in Detroit, for a couple of weeks. Chas. Spoor, who has been under the weather for the past week or ten days is improving glowly. Mrs. Fred Hutzel lelt Saturday for Chicago to make her daughter, Mrs Smith, a four week's visit. iMissEmma Hayley didn'tenjoy hertwo week's vacatio i very much, being ill neurly all the time. It is reported that Mr. Orin B. Cady will spend next year in Germany taking further studies in music. Miss Onie Williams, of Milan, returns home Friday, af ter a six wcek's visit with relatives In Ann Arbor. Fred Bishop has been elected treasurer oftlie M. E. Siniday school in place of Will Worden, resigned. Miss Tersa Smith, of Ann Arbor town, Uas been visiting lu Marshall and Battlo Creek the past two weeks. E. li. Lewis and family, and Nel. Booth and family departed yesterday morning for an encampment at the lake. Mrs. Frank Glazier and Miss Mina Geddes, of Chelsea, have been visiting at Chas. W. Waner's the past week. Jas. J. Quairy returned from Ontario, Mouday evening, looking as if they had treated him well during his absence. Edwin F. Mack, of Detroit, is expected to-morrow evening to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. Mack, for a few days. Prof. Maes, of Columbus, Ohio, arrived in town last evening, and Is the guest of Christian Mack for a couple of weeks. Miss Ella Bell is visiting Mrs. E. Wanty in Grand Rapids, this week, and will visit her sister at Battle Creek, before returnDg. Jas. R. Bach and John Wahr have each reuted apartments in the l'uity block, and will remove thereto with their families the coming week. D. F. Schairer doesn't look any crosser, in fact he really looks happy over it. That 12 Ib. boy that carne to his place Saturday last, is referred to. Dr. Kapp's people and friends of Ann Arbor, with acquaintances of this place will tent at Silver Lake this week. - South Lyon Excelsior, Aug. 13. Prof. Einmanue! Schmldt and two daughters, of Columbus, Ohlo, are expected in the city thi week for a two week's visit. with reiatives. Mrs. Josephine W. Boudinot bas disposed of her household goods, rentcd her dwelling corner of State and E. Ann sts., and u 11 remove to Detroit to reside. Miss Beek and Miss Eva Rice, of Akron, Ohio, on their way home from northern Michigan, stopped over Sunday with the lattei's sister, Mrs. .las. M. Stafford. C. B. Davison spent Sunday in Toledo, returning Monday mom ing accoinpanied by bis daughrers Nina and Jennie, who had buen visiting friends there for a time. John O. Heed, gradĂșate of '85, was in the city yesterday, returning from a trip in Indiana. He has a position as principal in the Saginaw schools for the coming year. Mrs. Uoodiug, who has been in the millinery business here for the past year and a half, leaVes soon for Ann Arbor, where &Ue experts to make her home hereafter. - St. Louis Leader. Mrs Geo. A. Sheley, of Detroit, drove over to Ann Arbor last Thursday to visit her sister, Mrs. P. Bach, drlving back again Saturday. The ride proved to be a llttle too long to be pleasant. Mayor K app says it is a dangerous thing to send one's family off camping. Mrs. K. and family have been at Silver Lake for a nurnber of days, and find it so pleasant that they will remain for a time. Mrs. F. A. Root, of Seattle, Washington Ter., visiting her father, Benj. Brown,on State st., for the summer, returned from a week's stay In Detroit yesterday, In corapany with her sister, Miss Matilda S. Brown. Secretary Doty has called the animal school meeting for this district, to be held at the city hall, on Monday, Sept. 7th, 1885. Three trustees are to be elected in place of Wm. D. Harriman, Philip Bach aml Alonzo M. Doty, whose terma of office expire. The polls wlll be open at 10 o'clock a. m , nd close at 3 o'elock p. m. It lsaiiiumnwd tliat Judge Harriman declines to allow hls name to be placed upon the ticket again.