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Real Estate Transfers

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Andrew M. Gallis to Elma W. Savage, York f 700 Sarah Cooper to Fanny McMahon, Ann Arbor.... 1000 Hm mon Clark to John Jackson, Manchester 200 Peter J. Cook to Daniel M. Burch, Sharon 600 L. E. Holden to John Hleber, Chelsea, 300 Catharine Haab to Emanuel Ilaab, Freedom 1,191.53 Lewts Haab, by Adm'r to Eraanuel Hab, Freedom 6,560 Nicholas Van Klper to Jennett Presley, Webster 2,700 H. T. Morton to Fred Baker, Ann Arbor 150 Chas. A. Holllster to Wra. A. 4 C. W. W. Cnamberlaln, Ann Arbor 1,200 Wra. H. Parker to J. D. Baldwin, Ann Arbor 1,208 Christian Frank to Jeremiah Collins, Ann Arbor '. 1,650 Thos. H. B. Macomber to G. W. Weed, Salem ¦ 2,400 Purdy H. Green to Clara Foster, Ypsilantl 800 John K. Ellsworth to Jas. Hutoblnson, Augusta 1,400 Wm. C. Sutherland to Datus Enslgn, salera 1,50 Eunlce A. Pearsall to C. S. C. A. Coleni.-ui, Ypsilulill 900 Hudson T. Morton to alono T Gardner, Plttsfield 800 WUllam F. Basa to J. Wm. Buss, Sclo.. 8,600 Doretha Frey to Her. Hardlnghouse, Ann Arbor 1,382 John Frey by ex'r to H. Hardinghouse, Ann Arbor 6,000 John Frey by guardián and helrs to H. Hardinghouse, Ann Arbor 620 J. S. i ii M to A. May bee, Augusta 2,000 James N. Wallace to Elvira Clough, YpBllantl 1,000 Sarah A. Barry to Charles A. Barry, Ann Arbor 5,500 Ella M. Hlcks De Tar to Chas.V. Hlcks, Lodl 2,000 F. II. Sweetland to Alleton Sweetland, Hylvan 9.545 Mury E. Batwell to Dora Richmond, Ypsllanti ftjO