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''Gone, Brave Out," is the tltle of a fine piece of music just rcccived Irotn I'crry & Noble. New Bedford, MhMiichusetts. It is a musical tribute t Gen. Grant, ia tlic form of a song .md chorus. Pi Mi , li) soul. An eloquent pica in beliulf of the "Citzi'n SulilüTv " i.s made by Laurgpce M. Kiinis in the ('uirent tor August 15. Jle puts in :i stioiif; wiy tlieir claims tor honor and support at the hands of the public and leislatuie?, and shows liow society is dependent upon them lor security. Rev. Dr. W a Baward, in The Curicnt lor August 15, in a paper entilled "llmv Shall We Öiug," ives aoine extracU trom a work of i)r. Watts, in wliich sonii' vciv sensible advice is jiiven clioir, no lega peilineiit DOW th:in it was :i centurv ago."' 'Gnmt's Memorinl: wliat shall it be?'' is riicussed in the September number of the North American Keview, by L.iiint Ihomppon, Karl Gerhaidt, O. L. Warner, and 'Wihon McDonald, sculpton: V. H. licard, paiuter; Calvert Vaux and Henry Van Jirunt, architects; and Clarence ('ook, art critic. Tliis symposium is sure to atlraclw de uttention at thistime, when the dcsiic te general to ereet a monument 10 Grant Hint sliall ie woithy of tlie man, theunion, amlAmeiican art. The mme nomber of the RevteV? coutains a i-onsiiler itiou on tilë question, "Slmll our National Banking System be Abolished? ' hy QüQTge S. Bontwell, F. J. Seott, S. Horton, and Edward H. G. Clark. ¦' Ouid i" coiltribotM an essay on " The Teiulencies of Knglish Kiction," andKlizabeth Stuaii l'liclps writeson '-The Great l'hvsical üpportunity." But the mort rcadable arücle in the nuniber is ex-Seri:cuiI-a(-Aniis Frenoh's ¦Keminiseenees of Kiiiiiniis Americans," wliieh is a series ofdelightful anee-dotes about the famous war .-e atore. Jlr. Freuch is wrltíng a book.of ihese riminiscencis. If it equalí ihis t'oreattülment in the RaVtñr, it will be one of tlie famous works of modern literata re. THK HISTORY OLTIIE PACIFIC STATEN Uf NUHTM AMBBICA. l!y HuberlHowe Bancroit,. V. XIV. California,, Ihtills21. San Francisco: A. L. Bancrofi & Co., Publlhhera. TboM who have followed Mr. Bancrofl in tliis umlntaking, and tliere should be graat inany sucli, have learned tO trust both bis learninft and liis Judgment. -Nn nuilior ot tliis oranyotlier period has UndergOne so rigid ¦ discipline, and few have shown BO Mrnng a racultv tor 8,ria.ngiug facts, coupled with 80 trustwoithy a dlícrlmination and sense of proportion. Tlie historian who deals uiih the period; tliat tliis author does oaedg more thau oidlnary eiithusiasin and pcrseviTauce, for a )ess promislng or piore confuaed and Kemüpgly bppelen cónilitfon nèver repelled research or bafBed philosophy. Tliis volume conimence with the openiiif; of the centiu v, and the llrst chapter recordé the ür.-t tun years to 1803. üther ebapters treát of ArxQlaga'ï Hule, lie beIng the flTit pOllticAfam] military governor ot' Xcuva. California, as a separate province of Mexico. 'J'hen follows a descrlptioB ot Inland Kzploratioo; on account ot the Kussian desijfns urjon tliis Irrritory, how Spain protected and Englih and American Intervèntlon carae to the icsciic. Tbere are sevcral chapteis ffivinj; a chroiioloical narrative of local eveiOO ard pioivss from 1H0I to 1810. lt inissi.ins. puililo, IhikIs. institutions and industries tor the sume period Ls also treated in sevcral chapters. The ltevolutionary period and hard tinu-.s trom 1811 to 1817, and of the ini-siou aid and recufi.rccimMiis, 1818 to 1820. The "contriiband trade" of the same period is touchet) upon; aJso thu Hussians in California, and the fund.itluii of Fort Bnss; and íoutiditiií of Buti Kalei, etö. The las) year of Spaninh ruk' was ïsi, and q California was a pi-ovlnoe of the Mexican empire. Sevcral chapters are devoted to tbe local añílate from 1821 to 1830, and a Oillted history ot all the (-hanges, Indian lícvolts, etc., gr%n in minute detail. The elosiujr chapter of the voluntéis upon the in'stitulions and statisticsof the country froin 1821 to 1830. Tliis Inslon is a wonderful production. It is nvaluable lo ]i,r-uics hoth public and private.


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