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How Many Fggs Will A Hen Lay

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Frora Farm and Garden. Wooften reuil of hcnstlrat lay 200 eggs a year, but su;li ittttomeott dn atora barm ilian good, by Induclng Uie haexperleuccd to beueve sucli to be a tact. Any out Wbo famiUr at uil wit h poultiv knows tliat durinfi tlie fa 11 all heiW tindergo the piocess of niolting, gheddlllg of i lic feathers. Tliis requlrea usualiy uhotit ihree months, or 100 daya. As the re are only 305 days in a year, we have 9ftö days lelt alter deductlug Ihe Bolting periöd II a hens liiy reuulnr an egg every other dav, Slifi wil) lay 138 i'!,rr; bul Stnj! will probably lusc thrcc mimtlis in hatching out her broods, aml even if she is nonsitter she will tuku a restinf peiiod. Als mokiug is a heavy drain on the systini but few hens layiug ünriny; tliat pioeeas, thou;li there are exceptious, and u lioie the nuniber of ejigs exueed one every tu o days it will be fotind tliat a correspomiiug reduction occuis during some period of the year. Whlle we admit tliat certaiu hulividual hens have been kuowd to lay as iiiany as 150 or even 1?. ei;.-, in h year, such cases are rait; and it one has a flock of 20 hens, Of mure, he ehould be satlstied if there is au average of 100 cgi.s a year tor the whole flock, or ratlier Dluu dozen. Four dozen outol Ihe niue slionld realize 30 cents per dozen, ih ree ilozen should briug abolit '20 6ënt8 per dozen and two dozen should rtalize 15 cents per dozen, or an average of bout 31 cenf. Ut course this caleulatiou niay be wron but it will convey au idea of what may' be expeceted.


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