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Tongue For Breakfast

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'Wliere's your new clotheg? " asked the writcr of a well-known politiclau yesterday. He looked sheepish and asked, "Why ?" "Why, when you left me yestouliv you said that you could jret wliat you termed a ban; up snit tor $20, :iml .vu started ofl' to pu reliase it. Kail to connect? " "Yes, bya large majority and several district uiiquestionably ours. If you'll promise not to give my name l'll teil you all about it." The promise wassigned, sealed and delivered. "Yesterday morning my wife gave me $20 to buy tlie snit I was U-llinjc you about, and wlien I left you I Btarted í 1 co purcliase it. 1 {rot as f ar as the City bank wlien I saw soinetliiT) sliiny In tlie gutter. I picked It up. It was a $20 gold piece. I was so happy timt I shoved it in my sboe and went and spent the otlier $20 with the boy. detenniniiiK to purchasc the clothes with my 20. The resille was that I went home loaded." "'Whcrs's you clothes?' asked my wife this inorninjf. I told her it was all riht. That I'd met some of the boys and gone to the club." " 'But wliere's your inoney ? ' she asked. "Itold her that I'd chaned it fora twenty-dollar gold piece, and that she'd flnd it In my shoe. "8he was somcwliat mollitied by tliis untll she flshed up a his{hly polished, big red cent that I'd mistaken tor u $20 gold piece. "Then I had tonjrue for breakfast, and I let her have the whole house to herself. l'm ffoing to stay out all niilit. nd if you'll publish it to-morrow that I was sunstruck to-day l'll b in the office when she comes dow'n. Slie'll faint, take me home in a carnaje and eveivthiiijf will


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