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On The Mountain

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We were (Inving down the winding mountain road. The sunsliine was golden and the air was direct from the Uilead balm-works. "One uever wcaries of the mountainy," said the professor; "nor of ttie sea. Chanffeless, yet ever changiDg; alwaye the same, yet ever varying in mood and oxpression, in dimple of sunli;ht and shadow, In calm and in storm; we love tbem witli a sort of worship; we never weary of them, and we would lovingly linirer In their shadows forever." Nlne miles furtlier on the stage went to iriedeemable smash, the lUiftering sun c-( -oitcd llie party baek to the hotel, and when they struck the ïeverith mile up the jrade, the professor stood still a mumint to say willi uncovered head: "If I had known what kind of rockpatch tliis barren, foncloomcd, abandoned mountain country was, 1 would have gone to the great Sahara lor the 8uinmer. I would rather live 10,000 years in the middle of a dest-rt alkali prarie í),000,000 miles wide, without even a cactus on the wholi! reservation, tlian to own this whole mnuntuin range and have to live on the prettiest hit of it three days a year. Of all the (nteranj blihts that warp and wrlnkïe the fair face oí nature wltli a waily excrescence of lightninfi-scathed locksand lire-swept jilne barrena, there is no de.-olaüon thissideof cliennaequal to a moiuitain ruiii;e."' And then he boiled clear over because we laughed at liim, and he went awiiy behind a big granite bouldcr and kept tM recordlbg angel so busy for the next 19 minutes that there wasn't a sinftle entry


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