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Aun Arbor is happy and proud to extend a most heiirty greeting to the many distinguished men wlio are this week come to particípate in the thirty-fourth meeting of the American Assoeiation for the Advancement of Science. It is by the steady efforts of these, our gnests, that science is not only highly honored, but I -Ui-r - ,JJ --lJ Vm .Ilum I.IIIVIMsities, to the front rank, wlierc. for years the dead languages alone held a place, lts in ïlir v is bsing sliown, iiiusmuch as its present trend is fnnn th( purely theoretical to tlie practical. That makes it of vital use, and for tluit it is now coming to its right place. We, thereforc, extcnd ¦ hospitable wclcome and an carnest Iiope, Ihat the pregent meeting muy be ¦ pleasant and prolilatile one. Tempcrance in the South is f;ir ahead of it in the North. The reason is at once evident. Thcrc they havo local optioo, and keep it out of politics. Here politics has killed every red ribbon club, once so powerful, and brouglit into cootempt wliat ouglitto be a clierisüed and honorcd cause. There they cannot get Uic wholc loaf, so they sensibly take wliat they can get. Here they cannot get it all, so they will not take any. The wild ambition of a few leaders in the North, who had a grudge against the Eepublican party because they coulil no longer use it for personal aggrandisemenr, has stanipeded the whole lierd, and instead of saying: "Anything and everytliing to promote tcniperance," tliey roar: "Anythini; to beat the Kepublicana." After a while they will come to their senscs and see that the Southern metliod is the better one for the promotion of true temperance. But the masses will first have to see that the Northern plan is ashrcwd oneengineered by self seeking poütieiaus who use their dupes as catspaws. Then they will depose the traitors and reason will resume lier sway. The Detroit Post of Frlday last, liad a two column article n relation to the deuiocracy of this county, wbicli gpcaks of a deep-seatcd dissatisfaction existing because of the federal appointments, and preaages a diminutiou of the large democratie majority rivfii in the county last fall. We hope the prediction mny prove correct. That majority w:is too large to becomfortable orpleasaut to republicana, and is proving an unwieldly thirijr for the tleniocrats to liandle. The Colmek is inclinril to prophesy that two years from now will witness at Iea6t two republican occupants in the court house offices. One of the things that made P. T. Barnum famous the world over, was a cafre contamino; several different animáis, all of which dwelt together in peace, and which be termed the "happy family." Jluving worked the wonder for all it was worth, he has now disposed of the same to the democracy, and they have removed the show to the 7th congressional district of Michigan. Tlio change of keepers has proven tlisastrous, howevcr, and the old blooüthirsty habit of the family are rapidly developing. At last! at lustl Courtney has won ;i boat race ! lic liad a eompiinion, thoiigh, to lielp him througli. Tlio worki inay yct be as surprised over Courtney's victories as they were over onc or two tbat the Detroit ball club won a few weeks ainee. There would be a sort of poetic justice In it if Courtney sliould yet defeat Hanlan in a square race. Oh, merciful grandniothcr's bijí toe! 'Sposin', Uncle Sammy Tilden of (Jraniniercy, and Grover sbould fall out! Why, tlie bare tuougJit of such a lliing sends the blood curdünff nnd tinp;ling clear througli one's spine even unto the dark rira underncath the ealosreooi fonnatlon on the upper side of tbc extreme point of the foot ! The commissioners ni]oin ted by Gov Alger, to lócate the Soldiers' Home, have at last made i choice. It took 303 ballots to aecomplish it, however, aud then Grand Kapids was the victor. Well. Grand Rupids isn't to be sneezed at by any mcans, and Iteed's Lake is a boiiiitispot of earth. A new fog hom placed at the mouth of the Detroit rlver is easily heard ten miles off. Wouldn't it be a good idea for Mr. iloadly to hire that horn to run Lis Oliio campaign wlth? He will have to do some loud tootinjf or hi.s gubernatorial ship will run ashore, sure.


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