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Thursday afternoon Frederick Sorg, one of Ana Arbor's oklest and most cstcemcd üermau resident?, died at his home in the first waru, after mi illuess of many montlis, his disease resulting from the poisonlng of his blood by the lead in the paint, he following that t.rade. The deceased was a native of Stutten t, Wurtemburg, (ermaiiy, was born in 1827, and carne to tliis country when 21 years of age, settliníf in Ann Arbor. He hud nothiug bilt his hands to makt) lut v:,v In tlie workl witli, and these, gulded by a li'vi 1 heail, mude for liim a positloa UDOng liis fellow citizens tliat was enviahlc. He lias been in the pninting business in Ann Arbor for liimscif since 1858, of late years his son Albert, having au interest witli him. Mr. Sorg has ulwiiys been a consistent republican, and during the years 1871-2 was a meraber of the common council of the flrst ward. He was a member of Fratemity lodge, F. & A. M. ; Washtenaw chaptor, It. A. M.; Ann Arbor Coniinandury K. T., and also of Waslitenaw lodge, I. O. O. F., and Sunday his funeral services were held Sunday, under the auspices of the Masouic organization. Mr. Sorg also held tliejofflce of tnx-tollector (an important office under the old gystein) for the years 18GO-7O. It is also suid of him that the first year or so that lie was bere, there was so little painting to do that he einployfid part of his time in other work, uncl at oae tinit: carried the liod for the constriiction of astone house in Pittsfield. A million dollars is talked by Kew Yorkers as belng the minimum amount which thoy will use In their memorial monument to Qen. Grant. According to the extravagance shown in building the Bartholdi pedestal, twice that sum will be needed to erect any sort of a monument. The Detroit Free Press mustbe terribly hurt by thenewand pushing management of the Detroit Post, when it seeks to injure it by delibera tely lying about itsowner and endeavoring to créate an impression that the old stockholders still control It and are looking about for a new "manager." The trouble is the Post is making inroads lnto the Free Fress' fields for the lirst time In ita exlstence. Thcre was a private skating party at the rlnk lust mght. At the A. M. E. church last Smulay a special collection brought $9.00. The walls of the new engine house are up already. Quick work that. The item in reference to E. W. Morgan's being the oldest ineinber of the bar 11 the state, which appeared orlginally in the Courieu several week's ago, ia now being quoted by gome of our excliangcs and credited to a Jackson paper. "Keel "Henion attempted to altend the picnic at Whitmore Lake, Saturday, but keptdriving and dri ving to find some place to hitch his horse until he llnally reached Howell before being successful; and didn't get back untll Monday moruing. Harrison Soule, E. B. Abel and II. W. Hnyes, went to Buftalo Monday, and r:turned on the special train frora Bufl'alo Tuesday evening. They weredisappointed somewhat in the number taking advantage of the facilities furr.ished by the M. C. R. R. Co. Carda have been issued bearing the names of Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Hall, the bride being one of Ann Arbor's wellknown young ,ladies, Miss Carrie I. Wilmot. The l'rofessor and his bride wlll have the good wishes of many friends in Ann Arbor. The Detroit Schutzenbund had a schutzenfest recently, and among the takers of prizes are a couple of Ann Arborites. H. Armbruster took the firstprize, with a record of 68 out of 75 points, prize $50 in gold. J. Meyer, of Ann Arbor, made 47 points and got $5. A new map of the city showing the location of each hydrant, gate and foot of pipe connected with the water works has been prepared by Prof. C. E.Greene, and is now on file in the office of the City Recorder, and open to the inspection of the public. Cali and see it if you have any curiosity about the matter. Dr. T. P. Wilsoii has sent a letter to the secretary of the school board of this city, resigning his position in that body because of continued ill lieultli and consequent inability to attend to the business of the board. Consequently it will be necessary to elect a fourth member of the board at the coming school meeting, Monday, Sept. 7th. The letters A. A. A. 8. have been forined out of Edison Electric lights with which to decórate the south entrance to the court house to-niorrow evening, and it is thought that it will present a beautiful nppearance. It va3 designcd and made by C. B. Davison, of Uils ofllce, who is also Sup't of the Ann Arbor Edison Electric Light Co. A meeting of the board of i-egents was held Monday evening, with full board present except Kegents Duflleld and Joy. As the business was all done in executivc session, the reporters were not llnah witli news. Dr. W. A. Campbell was elected secretary vice Dr. Hendrick resignad, and the resignatlon of Prof. C. K. Wead, as professor of Physics, was acepted. The thieves who stole the leatlier from J. Heinzman, na account of which was given last week, kept their whereabouts very quiet. A man by the name of Frederlck Wax was arrested at Mt. Cleincns Saturdav, while nttempting to dispose of soine leather, and Sheriff Walsli has hiin in custody now, together with n. man named Frank Wendland, chargcd with being a accomplice of Wax. The Bancroft Adveitiser has nu additional new8 itom on the Toledo, Aun Arbor & North Michigan H. R., in ts last issue, as follows: "It seenis to be well settled that the railroad will go to Howell and Byron, but as to whether it will go to Durand or directly to Owosso is yet an open question. lt now looks as If the road will be built directly from Ann Arbor to Howell and that the Grand Trunk branch to South Lyon will be abandoned. If one portfon of the Grand Trunk line is givcn up perhaps it 3 the lntention of the Toledo, Aun Arbor & North Michigan to build and own its own air line from Ann Arbor to Owosso." The county board of school uxaminers, conslsting of Geo. S. Wheeler, of Salem, Michael J. Lehman, of Chelsea, and E. C. Warner, of Ypsilanti, met at the court house Tuesday, and elected M. J. Lehman, secretary- iu other words, the active member of the board. The fall series of Toachen' Exmainaiions wei e arranged as follows: At Ann Arbor, in the court house, Sept Ist. At Ypsilanti, In the Union School building, Sept. 11. At Manchester, in the Union School building, Sept. 18. At Ann Arbor, in the court house, Oct. 30. At Dexter, in the Union school building, Xov. Gth. The usual iiiftructions have been issued. These words from the Michigan School Moderator are wise ones. The University folks should stand upon tlieir dignity and cast off the slurs and covert Inslnuations frotn the source referred to, as a hen sheds rain. I5ut to the Moderator's quotation: "The University Ohronicle and the Agricultuml College Speculuin liave been conducting u war of words in regard to the appropriation made by the legislature tor tlieir respective institutioiis. Soine bad blood is displayud and some uiiplrasant tnitlis are told. There U no reason tor nny spirit of jealousy bctween these two state institutions, and the nianifestation looks a trifle undignified to the average outsider. Both institutioiw are models of their kind, both rellect great credit on the state, and each lias a distiuct tield of work in which to labor. Both will fare better if tliis spirit of jealousy ia kept in abeyance. Of course, it will be urged, the feellng is only maiiifested in papers published bystudents; yet they are straws which serve to indícate In whut direction the wind blows." It is less than two years sirce the democratie party of Ohio, by its representativos on the supreme bench of the state, declared the Scott law, then in force, unconstitutional, hoping that the decisión ïniglit save the state to tliein. The demagogie act diiln't beu the wislied for fruit. The party was badly beaten ns it ought to have been. Now tliat same party incori)oratea ia its platform its belief ín a "high Iiceti8e law." Snch political somreaults are remarkable, to say the least. L. Noble has received hls line of Fall Hats, full and complete, nobby and nice, tasty and Durable, all kinds to fit uil heads anj suit all tastes. Drop in and see tlicin.