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LETTING DOWN THE TRICES - .A.T - n. r. simn Big Drive in Ladies Regular Made Hose. Plain Blacks and Solid Colors at 19 ets. a pair, worth 30 ets. Ladies Lisie Hose 85 cent quality now 50 ets. a pair500 Yards Wide Embroideries 40 and 50 cent Quality Cut to 25 ets. a Yard. 48 Single Wool Shawls $2.25 Quality now $1.00 each. 13Piecesmoreof the 25 cení Quality All Wool Black Bunting now 12 1-2 ets6 Pieces Doublé Fold Lace Bunting 12 1-2 ets. worth 25 ets. a Yard. One Case 5 cent Prints now 3 1-2 ets. One Case 10 cent Indigo Blue Prints now 61-2 ets100 Dozen Fancy Border Hdkfs. 3 for 10 ets., worth doublé. 10 Pieces $2.00 Quality Allover-Embrodiery Cut to $1.25 per Yard. 17 Pieces Wide Oriental Laces 35, 45 and 50 cent Quality now 25 ets. a Yard. 25 Doz. Corsets at 29 ets. a pair, worth 50 ets. 32 Pieces white India Linen, Checks, Plaids and Stripes worth 18 and 20 ets, Down to 12 1-2 ets. a Yard. One Case 7 cent Bleached Cotton now 5 ets. a Yard2 Bales 8 cent Quality Fine Broad Sheeting Cut to 6 ets. a Big Cut on JEESEYS at 59 Cts., $1 00, $1.50 and $2 00. .A. GARD. The goods which we advertised in this announcement we guarantee cannot be duplicated in this city at the price at which we offer them. D. F. SCHAIRER. The best medical authorities acknowledge the great value of Ayers C;ith;utic i'ills, nnd frequently prescribe their use with the utmost conliiience, well knovvin that they are the most eil'cctiinl remedy ever devised for diseases canied by derangements of the stomach, liver and bowels. When winds are cold and chili and wet Frank Hank your hous wiU never miss : The plece of ice you always g$t Is largeand shapely just likc tliis: ! Dut when 'tis awful, burning hot. And sultry winds Ihe parched carth kiss, In ctse you are not clear iorgot, you get a little chunk like this : Th ree Peculiar ities Hood's Sarsaparllla, the great blood purlfler and rcgulating medicine, is cnaracterized by Uuee pecullarlties, namely : I c+ ¦ ïne comblnatlon of the various lli remedial agents used. ff% _ Tho proportlon in which tlie roots, éCO m herbs, barks, etc, are mixed. yj The processby whlch the acure OU" medicinal properte3 are secured. The result is a medicine of unusual strengtl and curativo power, wnich cffects cures heretofore unequallcd. These peculi.irlties belong Dxolusively to Uood'3 SarsaparilU, and are c Unknown to Others Hood'a SarsaparUla is prepared wlth the greatest skill and care, by pharmacists of educatlon and long experlence. Ilence it Is a medicine worthy of enttre confldence. If you suffer f rom scrofula, salt rheum, or any disease of the blood, dyspepsia, blliousness, Bick beadache, or kidney and llver complaints, catarrli or rheumatism, do not fail to try Hood's Sarsaparilla "I recommend Hood'9 Sarsaparilla to all rny friends as tho best blood purifier oi earth." W. Gaff, drugglst, üamilton, O. 11 Hood's Sarsaparilla has curcd me of scrofnlous humor, and done me worlds of good otherwise." C. A. Abnold, Arnold, Mc. A book eontalning many additioual statements of cures will bo sent to all who desire. Hood's r Sarsaparilia Bold by all druggists. $1 ; six for $5. Mado only by C. I. IIOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass. IOO Dosos One Dollar. MKLÏPO&T, Vor Oio Voar and an Klegant and litfe-like POET8AIT OF GEN. GBANT, In k hii' wiM'iii-iainoiis arhlevemem all liavo a warm Inii km. will be Ment for !.(. The PICTURE OF GEN. GRANT, I on fine board, Slze 11x14, xnltabl ¦ lor franiintf, and It 1h Haid l' thosc lm li in n lilni Im-i to be ONE OF THE BEST PORTRAITS OF HIM EVER TAKEN. It as taken jiisl provioiiH to tinWaHtiufc ot IiIn laxi HlueHM, and IIiii-i Iiiit. ciiii-i II uu ¦. (he LiTEST AND MOST SATISFACTORY Picture ot tbe smit oldler. ildresH THE POST. DETROIT, MICIIIÜAN.


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