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A Safeguard. Tlic fatal nipidi'.y with wblcb slieht ' Colds üiid Coughs frequently deveíop luto tlio gravcst inaladios of the throat and lungs, la a considiration whlch should impol everv prudent perron to keep at hand. ns a nouitebold remedy, a bottle oí AVi:i:s ( iiKiiiíV PECTORAL. ICófhinpr clse gives Michiminrdiate relief nnd woil.s m ura i curo in all affeotlona of tliis cl;iss. Tbat eminent plivniclan. Prof. F. Bweetzer, of the Maiue Medical School. Brunswick, Me., Hay: - "Mcilr:l flciciu-e Ii.ih producod no other nocí mi ezpvotoiant iq (,'ooti u Avbk'i Cbirht iVrTORAl.. Il ii Invaluuble for dlcae oí tht tliruat and luiifjs." The name nplnion is c xprcssod by th v ü-l.iiown r. L. J. Addison, of Chicago, 111., who s;iys:- "I have ncvrr fminl, ín tliirty-flve yean of rominuoun Nludy itnd practice oí medicine, Any {iivpamtion ofD Kroat vulueus AYKB'aCBSBBT 'ECTOllAL, for tl'l-ahlUMt uf (liBuoaeS of th throat and lünB. It riot only breaks up colda nd cure m-vere eotihn, but is moro effectiT ttiun aavthtng -Io Id rtUertng even the most fc-rion bi .: tH'hiiil and puluicmary uITccüudj. AYER'S Cherry Pectoral, fa nt a ínv. il,u!n:tnt for popular confldence, but a medicine which la to-dajr arttnX 'li: HvcH of tho third generatlon who hav.' come inlo beiug Bince lt wai fint ollVriil (o tlu; public. I There is not i housvhold ín whlch thla lnvftlúable remedy has once been lntrodnccl where IM uso ha.4 ever been abandoiiod, and tlnre is not a person who lias tot triven it % proper trial tot aiiy lluuat or long diseuae susceptible oí cure, who ha not been maas wdl by i. i AYÍ:i:-S flIKKRY TECTOKAL has, in humbürless Instances. cured obstínate Oasee of elironlc Itrunchitis, LarynKltU, and even acuta I'ucuinouia, anu haa Basad many patlenti In the earlier tages of l'iiliuonary C'onsuniption. lt Is k medii.'iiw t lint only requirea to be taken In sraáll upses, is ]ileasant to the taste, and ia nccilril in every houM where thero aro chililnn, as tbere is nothing so tood as ayi:i;s HKKiiY PECTORAL fortmt. i ment of Croup an.l AVhooplng Cough. These nre all ilain farts, which can be voriticel by ainliuily, umi should be re-' j meuibi-Tcd by (jverybody, --j3i Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, PREPARF.D DY Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, MM.) Sold by all Druggists. THE AniRBORSAVINGSBAKK, ANN AKBOR, MICHIGAN, Transacts General Banking Business. CAPITAL, $50,000. Orïanized nndcr the General Banking hwo tms state, the stockholdors are lndivldually llab for aa addltlonal atnoimt equal to the stock held b thi-in. therehy creating a Gnarantee Fund for th brm fit of Dcpositors of $100,000.00. Three per cent. interest Is allowed on al! SaTinff Deposita of one dollar and upward, accordlng I thernles of the Bank and Interext compoundec seml-annnally. Koney to Loan on nnincumberec reul otate and utht-r good securlty. DIRECTORS : riIRISTIAN MACK, Wm. I). UARRIMAN W. V. WINt:s. DANIEL 11W0OCK, WILLIAM DKDBEL, WIU.AKU B. SMITU DAVID RINSEY. ÜFFICERS: C. MACK, Pres. W. W. WINES, Vlce-Prcg 0. E. HISCOCK. Cashler. THOSE WISHINÖ" GOOD FÜRIITÜRE CHEAP, CAN (1KT- BED ROOM SETS, CARPETS, BEDDINC, CROCKERY, STOVES, ETC, At rare Bargains. The furniture of the 8T. JAMES, but recently new, Is being disposed of at private sale. Apply at THE COURIER Office where the Ooods are shown. íf) n n (r(in o" awy Uil I Send us 5 cent postale, anc l. I hy ?n TOU wl Bt r , UlJUiUUU I'ackaKe of Eoods of larue ' ralue, that wlll start you 11 work Ihal will at once brine jou in money fastei than anythiDR ele iu America. All mboot the ÏJHO.IKIO In presente wlthench box. Agenta wtntec evetywhere, of elther sex, of all ages, for all the time, or paro timo only, to work for ng at thelr own home. Fortunes lor al! workers abaolntelT Bsured. Don't delay. U. Uallkct & C., Por and, Haine, ATlTlTfTTl s"nil "lx centa for pontage. UU I II nd receive frec.a cosily box M I ¦ P. of -'"od" whicl1 1" help yo 1 llJ.IJ.Lli ' morcmoney rit{hi awiy than anythlnK eise In IbU world. All, or olther eex, cucceed from flret honr. The broad road to fortune open belore the workcn, atifolutely sure. At once addrena, Thui 4 Co Augusta, Malne. MICHIGAN FEMALE SEMINARY, KAL.AIIAZOO, Mll II. On Mount Holyoke plun. Locatlon dellghl ful. Board aud Tultlon. tl"5 per Hchool year I ïTic l.ibrary, Cablnet Telcscope and Muolcal Instruments. Fall term bettln Sept. Hth 1885. For catalogues addiess Principal. WE WANT 1000 MORE HOOK AOENTS FOK THE PERSONAL HlSTORY OF SimhI for üjitcial Term to Agent, or secure ageucy at once by Hendlug 5j ets In stampa for outfit. Addrtss lOltSHI I M. II K I , Clnclnnatl.O.B


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