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WEDKESDAY, AUGUST 20, 1885. Anu Arbor Post Office. Ann Arbor Time. Office Hours : General 7:30 i. m to 8:00 ji. m Bundys 9:00 to 10:00 a. m. loulna and Oprniuj; of mails. Mails Close - ooinq KAST. Lock pouch to 0:15 a. m. Detroit Grand Haplda K. P. 0 10:) a. m. IMroit & Chicago R. f'. 0 5:15 p. m. De ruit, Three Uren & Chicago K. 1'. O. .ti:UO p,m. " " K. P. U 8.00 p. m. GO1NU WKST. Detroit, Jackson & Nilee _ 9:15 a. m. Detroit & Chicara K. r.O._ 10:3U a. m. li.üoit Cimud Kapid 5:15 p.m. Uetroit Chicago 1. P, O 8:00 p. m. GOINQ NOKTH South Lyon & Toledo R. P. 0 9:40 a. m. 'O1MJ SOUTH. Lock Pouch to Toledo 7:15 a. m. Soulii Lyon & Tuledo K. P. O _ 3:00 p. in. MAILS DISTKIBUTED (Eautern.) Detroit & Chicago K. P. O._ 7:45 a. m. Detroit mail 10:00 a. m. Detroil Chicago K. P. ü 11:% a. m, Detroit & Orand Kaptd 6:4U p, m. (Wesu-m.) Detroit & C'hioigo K. 1'. U 7:45 a. ra. Detroit (raiii Kaplds 11,0 a. m. Detroit & Chicago R. P. O, U:40 u. m. (Northern.] South Lyon & Toledo K. P. 0 3:30 p. m. (Southern.) South Lyon & Toledo R. P. O._.„__ 11:00 a. m. Lock pouch from Toledo 7:45 p.m. Ann Arbor Whltmore Lake mail closei 9:30 . ui., and la distributed 6:40 p. m. EDWAKD DUFFY, P. M. Dated, July 1, 1S85. KricnrtM of The Conrter, who have busluoHH at the Probate Court, will phaite reqaest Judce Harriman to i-mi their Prlntlnx to thls offlee.


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