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CREAM POWDER MOST PERFECT MADE Frrpared by n physlcUm wltli ypcrlal regard tohealth. Xo .Vuiuouia, Jjuic or Aluin. f flfc t Gthering G rapes for Making Cream of Tarttf forDRPRICE'SCREAM BAKINÜ POWDER IS SPECIAL ISEXTRACTS MOST PERFECT MADE Purest and stroiiLvst Natural Fniit Fiaron, "anilla, Iemoii, Oninge. Almond, Kose, etc, flavor as delfcately and natuially is theirult. PRICE BAKING POWDER CO., CHICAGO. ST. LOtTIS. CURES ALL HUMORS, from a common Blotch, or Kruptlon, tp the worst Scrofula. Salt-rlicu in, "Fevcr.oro,Scaly or It.muli Skin, in short, all disensos caused by bad blood are concjuered by this powerful, purifying-, and tnviuorutinir medicine. Great at i nu 11eem rapidly beal andar lts ben&n lnflueuoe, EspeciaJly has it maiiiftted itfl pott-ncy in curing Tetler, It ..¦ KaNli, llnil. CartlllilcM, Soro i:rs, S'rofll Ion Snrt'N and s illiiiK-, llip-joint Dlsease, Sivelllntt, .oiir.. or Tliirk Ncck? and Unlaru. d Glnnd. Send ten cunta in etamps for a troatiso, with colored platee, on Skin Discasos, or the same amount fora trcntisc on St'rofulmjR AlTeetionR "THE lll.mili IS THE LUCE. Thoroug-hir olcaiiFi' it by usinir Or. Plerce'a Golaell nlii'.ll lliriivrr.;ii'l (ihiiI digestión, a fair kin, buoyant NpiritH, vital strciiKtli, mid kou ikIiicks of oiisiiuuioii, wUl bv eatublisned. CONSUMPTION, whieh Is SrrofuloiiB Disease of the I.iiiiKn, is pruinptly and ctitainly iirrested and eured by this God-iyiven remedy, if taken before the last stages of the disease are reached. From its wonderiul power over tliiH terribly iatal disease, wben flrst offering tliis now cet ebrated remedy to the pnblio. Dr. Pikhcï thonght Berioualy nf pfllfinar it hi con¦ umptiou Cure," biit abandonodthnt name as too lámltea for 11 medicine which, from itB wonderful eombination of tonie, orstrengthenin(C, alterativa, or blood-cleansliiff. anti-bilious, pectoral, and nutritive properties, is unequaled, not only as a remedy lor consumption of tho lungs, but for all CHRONIC DISEASES OF THE Liver, Blood, and Lungs. rif you feel dull, drowsy, debilitated, havo sallow color of skin, or yellowiBh-brown spots on face or body, frequent beadaobe or dizzineas, bad taste in mouth, internal heat or chills, alternatinii with hot tlasbes, low spirits and Rloomy borebodin(f8, irregular iijiin'titp, and coated tcinuue, you are snircrinff from Iiuligestioii, Uyi]c-pMla,aua Torptd l.i. r, or "' Jn miiiiy ca6es only part of these symptoms are eiperjenced. As a remedy for all sucli eas, Dr, "Plerce's .olilin Medical Discovery bas no equal. ForWoak Iiiiirh. Sptttlng of lllood, Sliortness of Vrcath, Itroni liitis, Severe Coiifchs, Consumptioii, and kindred affeetinng, it is a sovereiirn remedy. Send ten eents in stamps for Dr. l'ieree's book on Consumption. Sold by Druggists, PRIPF tl iin ou 6 BOTTL.ES rnlLt 4)1. UU, fob. $n. o o. World's Dispensary Medical Association, Proprietors, 663 Main St., Bcitalo, N. Y. KfcYCeTs LITTLE oVftve%s pills. ANTI-BILIOIS and CATHARTJC. Sold by Drugglsts. 25 cents a vial. L %$500 REWARD ¦ Nl ís offered by the proprietors VfHuf ui Dr. Sul'O's fnüurli Iteuiedy ¦ 't for a case f eatarrh which they U '¦ l eannot cure. x f If you havo a discharge from mm Ai? Hic 11(184-, offensive or other¦Jf wise, partial lopsof smell. (unte, or hearing, weakeye&duij pain or prewure in bead, you have Catarrh. Thou¦ands of cases termínate in 'insumption. Dr. Sage's Cataiihii RebTedy Öures the worst cases of Catarrh, "Cold in the Head," and Caturrlial Heudacfav. 60 cents.


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