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"Does backing hflïfül p:iy?" asks ¦ sporting paper. A baeking liurse muy nol oay any inoro than a borse ttoat wout back, but lie is preterred in the shafts; luit peVh.ips we haye not enughtthe correct drift of the question. Tliis IUea of Goingr West to Colorado or New Mexico, for pure iiir to relieve (Jonsumptiou, is all i mistake. Any reasonable mui) would use l)r, liosanko's Cough and Lung By'riip1 for Consumpt ion in all lts fust Btttges. Il bh Yêt fails, to BÜra relief in all r:-i ol ('oughs. C'oUK Bronchitis, Pain in the Cheet and all affection tbat are consjdered prinjnrv to Consumption. Priee, 50 cents and $1.00. Sold by Eberbach ifc Son. Spurgeon tells an aluusinj; story of the old lady who started np wlica her grand8OII Was about to takt) her umhrclla. oxclaiuiing; "Xn, you (lont. l've linl tliut umbrella fot tu i-nU-thn c years, and U's never been wet yet; and you aiii't gpag to begin now." These are Solid F iets. The best blood puriücr and systeni rer ulator ever placed wltliin the reacli of suflering hnmanity, truly is Klcctric Bitters. Inactivity of theLivt-r, lüliousness, Jaundice, Constipation, Weak Kidnoys, nr any disease of the uriuary oiganisor w boe ver requires an aopetitzer, tonic oc mild stiinulant, will ahvays find Eleotiic Bitter Ilic best and only certaln cure known. Tlicv act surcly and quickly, cvcry bolt Ie L'naranteed togiveontire satlifacttoii ot nfiihey refunded. Sold at lifty cents a. bottle by Eberbach & Son. Owl is the name of an East Boston young man. When he roes to sec lila trirl he has an object In view - to wit to woo. -Boston Couiier. Try It Yourself. The proof of the pudding s not In chew.Ing the gtrlng. bnt In ha vips anapportiinity to try the article yoursclf. Eberbacm & Son, the Druggists, have IVt'( trinl bottle of Dr. Bosanko"s Conuh od Luotf; Syrup lor each and rvny uuc wlio .sulflicted with Coughs, Colds, Atlnn:i, Coiisuinption or any Ltlng allcotinn. ffhy is it dangerous to bi1 out in si'iiniV BéoROM the pra?s has bladcs. tbi' flo##Ys pistilo, the leavea eboot nod Ibe I n 1 1 rushes out. - Yonkers Statesuian. A Reinarkahle INcape. Mis. Mary A. Dailc-v, Dl TtinkhaiinK -k, Pa. was alllicted for six years with Ajttkna and Uronchitis, durinj; wlilch time the 5est physicians could give no relief. 1 1 ¦ i ife was despaired ot, until Iñ last Oetwbef ihe procured a bottle of Dr. Kin's New Discovery, when iminediate relief was t - 1 1 , and by continuinji ils use lora slioil Urne she was completely cured. gftlnlng in rlesli )0 lbs. in a few months. Free trial bot tl es of thlacertain cure of all Tliroat and Lun liseases at Eberbach ; Sou's drug store. Large bottles $1.00. " Don't you tbink you have a good nanunn, to spread sucti nice large sllces of brend-and-jani for you fm íftid an old ady to n little boy wlio was enjnying liis ea. "Yes," was the rcply ; "bui slir vould be still better if shetl ltrn spread on the jam myself." The Terrible Drain Which scrofula bas upon the systcin must ie arrested, an'd the blood must be pm-iled, or scrious conioqneiicis will ensile. purifvintr and vltaliiiií effeob, lood's Sarsnpurilla bas liet-n foiuul Mlpfi ior to any other piciaiaiion. It expelí very trace of mpurity from the blood, ,nd bestows npw lift and viejor upon evry function of the body, eoabllug it tontirely overeóme dliease. It was a mÍ8chievous Boatotl srí wlio, n the marriage service repeated the clprryman'ssolemn line: Proiaisinir U lve, lonor, and obey,1' in (bis novel torm : Promisliifr to love, honor, and bè i-':iy." Ie wanted to sniile but didn't dure f n'cilier did he dará to intist that she say It ight. Cnre Tor Piles. The flrst symptom of Pilos s An Intense telling ii t night aftergettiii" warm. This n picasant seiifütion is iinincilintcl v reieved by an appücatioii of Dr. BoSftoko'i Mie Remedy. Pjleg in all fornjs, lujh, alt Klicum and Ringworm eau bé perlaiiently curcd by the use of this grc-it ¦ineily. l'rire 50 cents. ManulucH;i. ,1 V the Dr. Bo.Ninko Medicine ('oiiipany, 'iqua, O. Sold by Eberbach & Bon 1202-1253.


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