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The wimls come back from thelr paths on the sea, Tbe eagle files home to hls nest. And the child returns to lts mother's knee, And hope to the sorrowlnfc breast ; The summer returns wlth blossomlnÉ cheer, "The clouds return after the rain ; But the oíd umbrella I loaned last year Will never come back agaln. - Lynn Union. School board meets to night for organUation, The 2d Michigan regt holds its re-union in Battle Creek, Oct. 16. A live snake, diminutive but beautifully marked, is one of tbe attractlong on Eberbach's counter. It was Cbiistlan not Michael AVeinman who was arrested for being drunk and dlsorderly, as stated last week. Agent Hayes of the M. C'. depot, bas broken ground lor a fine residence on N. Iagalls street, uext to Coruwell's. August Frederick Wurster, a grand-son of August Hutzel, died Thursday last, nged 17 years, and was buried Sunday. Eberbach's cberaical apparatus and clKinicals ordered for the University Ji.ive arrived from Germany, all in good condition. CiianningSinitb will bereafter be found in Goodyear's drug store, taking the place of Eugene Upson, who entered the pharmacy dcpartmeot. The new stone walk in front of Joe. T. Jacob's building oocupied by Fall & Hendrick, is a vast improvement. Would that other8 woüld do likewise. The opening of the Ladies' Library Association has been postponed from Tuesday to Wednesday evening (to-night)i because of the Knight Templars reception. John Braun, of the 3d ward, died Friday last, aged about 59 years, and was buried Suixliiy. He was a member of the Germán Workingmen's Assoeiation. Postmaster Duffy would confer a favor upon the public by purchasing one or two of Davison's patent smoke consumere and placing them in the post-offlce lobby evenings. Treasurer Tozer will pay the premiums awarded at the county fair, at the office of the Agriculture Society In the basement of the court house, on Saturday, Oct. 17th aud 24th. A little four-year oíd child of Mr. Quíley, of the 5th ward, got hold of a bottlo containing belladonna, last SaturUay, and it took Dr. George several hours to save the youngster's life. " M. J. Lehman, of Chelsea filed a declaration yesterday against t-lie Agricultural Society of Watertown, N. Y., in favor of Patrick Murphy, of Lyndon, for $625 nsurance money. George Ellsworth, who carne to the coimty house froni Sylvan townghlp Ín 1881, died Friday, aged 80 yeara. He was a briglit, intelligent old gentleman, reduced by unfortunate circumstances. Let it be recorded, the Ypsilanti Commercial and the Ypsilanti Sentinel agree on one thing! Standard time! Both agree that it is an abomination in tlie sigut of the people. Qreat guns and littlefishes! The recent froets destroyed all outdoor flowers, so the ladies were obliged to resort to the florists for natural flowers with which to decórate themselves for the party last evening. Some good comes out of everything, you see. Wines & Worden " kicked " on the "Treville one hook kids, at $1.35," as announced in their "ad" last week, and to please them it has been changed to teten hook, and this "' ad " thrown in free-gratis. Qenerous - on our part, and theirs too. The students in the Univereity belonging to the Episcopal church will meet at St. Andrew's church Friday evening for the purpose of forming a society to be known as the Hobart Guild. Bishops Harris and Gillespie will be present upoa tlie occasion. Wm. Burke has sued the city for damages to his property at the comer of División and Jeffereon streets, in the sum of $000. The damages resulted from the fact that the lot owned by Mr. Burke is lower than the streel and in the spring water from the etreet overflowed it. Eider Davis keeps adding continually to tlie old relies reminding one of the. early days of the county. Besides the ti iail in which the mail used to be carried from the lower town to the upper t"wn, preserved and presented by E. W. Horran, there is to be noticed a couple oj hullets taken from a log on the battlefieltl of Atlanta, about 15 feet from where Gen. Geo. P. McPherson was shot, secured by Deputy Clerk Jas. A. Robison, and presented by hlm to the society. Among other thlngg noted was two excellent portraits, oue of E. W. Morgan and another of Mrs. Luey W. K. Morgan. The bitter bj a picture of a remarkably bright woman, and though nearly 90 years of age, she is as keen in intellect as ever, and gives her vast Interests her personal supervisión. She is said to be the wealthitst person Ín Washtenaw county. There was also a hundred dollar confedérate bilí, remarkably well preserved, presented by E. B. Gidley. , The Presbyterian Synod of Michigan is being held in Detroit this week. Mrs. J. W.Nichols has nearly completed her elegant mansión on N. Ingalls street. The Ann Arbor City Bottling Works are the latest ones to put in a telephone. Goodyear took in over $400 one day last week. How is that for a one-horse drug store ? Prof. Stowell is uiaking extensivu rapairs upon his dwtlling house, No. 65 8. State et. There will be a meeting ot' the Jackson associatiou of Congregational ministers, in this city Oct. 20 and 21. C. C. Warner Sundayed in his hiuidsome new house on Ann st., and feels quite happy over the fact. The average American should be happy this lal], for pumpkins are big and juicy and sugar and Huur cheap. Stoves and coal, coa)1 stoves, and stoves that are not coal stoves, and cual without stoves, are all in their glory uow-a-days, If you want to be in the fashion you should have constructed a stepladder, cover the same with plush and use it tor a corner ornameut in your parlor. The long needed sidewalk, on Madison treet, In front of the vacant lots of Mrs. Fohey is being constructed, much to the pleasure of many residents thereabouts. Mra. Martha Vaughan, wife of the late Leonard Vaughan, of the 6th ward, died Tuesday a. m., aged 79 years. Funeral services to-morrow afternoon, at 3 o'clock. To-night, at tho old Baptist church, there will bu held a temperance meeting, to be addressed by Rev. Geo. P. Dullield, of Detroit, Chas. M. Jones, of Charlotte, and H. O. Wills, of Detroit. Mr. Clark, of this city, late of Montana, han secured the rigut to sell a patent toe and Meel cork for horseshoes. It is so constructed that owners of horses can use thera without the aid of a blacksmith. The Steere swamp farm is very productive this season. Sixteen acres of oniuns have yielded 12,000 bushels. The erop is in excellent condition, and the owners will prohably realize the snug little sum of $6,000. Miss Bridget Quinlan, daughter of Jas. Quinlan of this city, and Edward C. Conklin of Jackson, were married this morning at St. Thomas' church at 9 o'clock, and leave this evening for Jackson, their future home. A "Meadow Lark " was the occasion of a pleasant social time Satanüty afternoon at "Cherry Valo," the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Codington. Refreshments were served by Hangsterfer, on the Ypsilanti road, uiider a tent on the lawn. Ye local is indebted to Martin Clark for an ear of the celebrated southern corn bruught from the Exposition ut New Orleans, which from sevon kerneis he raised 17 ears. These ears are in good roastlng condition uow. The frosts probablv proyented any from getting ripe. It i a white corn and used down south to make flour out of. The eider mili of II. K. White, a mile or two east of the city, on the river road, burned Monday night. The flre njutt have been the work of an incendiary. There was dtstroyed 100 bushels of apples, about 40 eider casks, and all the machinery, making a total of about $400, with no insurance. The Aan Arbor ('oübikk publlshes everythlng tl can lliul in tiie snape of temperauce literatureprovideü tt win nol liurl llquor Interest or the repuullcan parly. Tliat knul of bluiit thuuder 18 very popular witti the republican organ JusL now.- Sentinel. Jiotili! Better temperauce literature than that given in the Courier cannot be fouiiil. But because we don't propose to dance attendance on fanaticd, itdoesn't seem to pleaie the demócrata, at all, at all. Monday evening there Was organized in tliis city a lodge of the White Cross, No. 20, with a membership of 150, H. O. Wills of Detroit, being the organizer. The offleers are as follows : President- Robert Wlnslow. Vice President- ui ra ra Wiek. Secretary- Kniest Carter. Treasurer- Fred Ksalluger. Marshal- Vet. Arraatroug. Serjjeaut- Barney Morrison,. The bad boys last Sunday night at the Salvation barracks amused theinselves by tcrowiug beans at the speakers, when lady Captain Bridgeman remarked that they should not be wasting beans that way- better give them to the poor. Monday morning a delivery wagon drove up to the barracks and the driver presented the Salvationists with a peck of excellent beans. The superintendents of the poor settled with the county treasurer on the 5th inst., and found a haudsome balance to the credit of the poor fund, with all debta paid. The forthcoming report of the 6uperintendents will show that the average number kept at the county house for the past year was 80, two more than the year previous. The cost of keeping will be a trille more per capita than last year, when it was $1.25. The crops on the farui have been extra good this year. It ia quite evident from the following communication, handed in by the venerable Eüjah W. Morgan, that he does not favor the new time, but still clings to the old. He should remeraber that old things pass away, and all things become new. But here is what he says: 'Officials dressed In a llttle brler authority play such funiastic trlcks before high Ueaven as make angels weep." "They grow wlser than thelr Maker was, And better know the " lime, They make a "Standard time" which cannot agree with either "Sun" or "Star time" over two seconds in any day and night at any point oueaith; and is here 28 minutes too slow. In digging the trenches for the water works on the south side of the St. James building, on W. Huron street, timbers were unearthed at a depth of about four feet whlch once were a portion of the llrst hotel ever erected in Ann Arbor, our friend, Eider Davis tells us as far back as 1827. The depth at which they were found represent the extent the street has been fllled in, about four feet, and the reason for the timbers being in the street, is accounted for by the fad that the street was formerly but four rods wide, and when It was widened to live rods the timbers were left in the street. The G. A. R. post of this city, decided to hold ite annual cainp-fire at the opera house on Tuesday evening, Oct. 20th, the proceeds to be devoted to the relief fund, a very worthy object. The exercises will consist of an address, music, tableaux, etc. One of the tableaux will be a representation of the struggle over the colors of the 4th Michigan intantry at the baltic of Gettysburg, in which the brave Col. Jeffords, of Dexter. loBt his life. At this ciimp-fire the post will be presented by a few of the citizens of Ann Arbor with an elegant and beautiful Record Book. You will certainly wish to be present that evening.