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fiiHTumiif, JEWELEUSAND OPTICIANS, IMPORTERS OF DIAMONDS, WATCHE8, CLOCKS BRONZE8, MARBLE 8TATÜARY, ART POTTERY, OPERA GLASSES. FANS, BRIU-A-BRAC, ETC. JOBBERS AND RETAILERS OF ELGIN AND W ALTHAM WATCHE8 STERLING SII.VEKWARE, AMEKICAX CLOCKS, TRIPLE PLATED SILVERWARK, FINE CUT GLASS. ETC., ETC., UMBREI.LAS. 140 WOODWARO AVE.. DETROIT OPERA HOUSE BLOCfe, DETROIT, - - MICHIGAN. SOLÉ STATE AQENIS FOR PATEK.B PHILIPPE CO'S CELKBRATED WATCHES. I RINGS EVIL Was the name formeriy givcn to Scrofula because of a on Ihut itcoulü bo rured l y a king's touch. The world ij wwr noiv, aiid knows tuut SCROFULA can only be cured by a thcrougli purifií-ation of the blood. If this la nesrlected, the disease perpetuatis lts taint through ¦' peneration after peneration. Aiiioii' (ts oarJier symptomatic developments ari i Eczema, Cutaneous Kruptioua, ïtw mors, lioils, Carbuncles, ErysipelaSi Purulent Heers, Nervous and i'iiysical Collapse, etc. Jf aOowrd to tiuue, Klioumatlstn, Serofiilous (.':'. ¦ tarrh, Kiduey ;nd Livcr Difleai 6 . Tubercular Consuniptiun, and vaijlcua other dangerous or íata! tuiUadieí, ara produeeil by it. Ayer 's SarsapariHa htkeonbpoferful cmri o' bluoil-purifying medicine. ] 'i-oo ÍB cjtuul an alterative that it fa-ad:catca trom the srstem Hcreditary Sciofula, and kimln-ci pui-vtia of t-UHi.r-iH.u-i uiM'a.-t.i and mereüry. At th urne time It rnricbes and vitalizis the blood. restoring liealtliful actfoB to the vital organa ¦ rejaveuatiuü Ihcuutiru BysUUO, Thisgreat Regenerative Medicine Is compopd of tlie fromiine Bondvrti Sarióparilla, wlth Telioto Doek, Sttlr lingia. the ludirles of PoUstiUtn and Inm, Mid other ingredients of ei-eal )oteiu'V, earffully nnd S( icntiticnlly poirpouudcd. lts fonniila is genprallv 'fcnown to tlie meUical profsssi, uod the b Ehysieians const.intly prescribo Aylií"AiiSAPAiüLLA as an Absolute Curo For all diseaaes caused hy the vitiation of tho blood. It is concentrated to the high est practicable degree, far bevond any other preparatioa for vhich liko effccU are claimed, aud is therefore tho clienpent, as well as the best blood purifyins raediciue, in the worlj. Ayer's SarsapariHa, PRKPAKED DY Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass. [Analytical Chuñista.] Sold by all Dniggists: Price $1; Six boules for $5. nPONSTIPATIONf There 1b bo medium throngh which disease so often attacka the eystem u by Constipation, and there is no other UI flesh ia heir to,more apt to be neglected, from the fact material inconvenience may not be inmediataly feit bon Irregular action of the bowels. When there is not regnlar action, the retention of decayed and effete matter, with lts poisonoua gases, soon poisons the whole system by being absorbed luto it, causing piles, flstula, headache, impnre blood and many other Berions affections. BURDOCK BLOOD BITTERS will lmmediately relieve, and one bottle positively care or relieve any case of Constipation. r"Wu troubled for a year with torpid liver and indigestión, and after trying everything imaginable, nsed BURDOCK BLOOD BITTERS. The orst bottle revived me and the second cnredme entirely."- J.S.Williamson. Bochester. N. X. C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! No. 4 South Main St., Ann Arbor. The oldeat ageney in the city. Establlshcil over a quarter of a century no. Repreientl Dg the (olluwlug fliBt-cliiiiS eoinpanies, wit over 60,000,000 Capital and Asacta. HOME INS. CO., of New York. CONTINENTAL INS. CO., of New York. NIÁGARA INS. CO., of New York. GIRARD INS. CO., of Phliadelrhla. ORIËNT IN8. CO., of Hartford. COMMERCIAL UNION, of Lomion. LIVERPOOL, LONDON and GLOBE. WASHINGTON FIRE ind MARINE, of Boston. Rates Low as tlie Lowest, Losses Libcrally Adjusted and promptly l'uid. C. II. MILLEN. P. P. P. P'S Popular Pullman Pataco Partiea. ! WU. le.ve9. 5f.CK5!-nna H.. I ü V CMoLSii1. MÏieiiScUrt St. Chlco. 1 SüBSCRIBEroTthTcOüRIEB.


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