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POWDER Absolutely Pure. Tlilspowdernever varíes. A marvel of purily, blrenttl) and wholesomtnea. More económica 1 t han the ordinary k inijs, nnd oannot !"¦ gold ui uoiuivtiiion witli tlie multitud.' of low t-M, h.rL welK-lii, aluin or phOKphate iMtwiit'i. Soi.l uily iiwiis. Itoyul BaJcliie l'uwdor Co . MM Wall .-t., N. ï. SKINsBLOOD Discasf-s í'rom Pimple to Scrofula Cured by Cuticura. HCN'DRBDS of T.t-ttiT In our pWfet(loD, cop ¦¦- of p hlch iiü'.v hr tod ly return of mml, repeat tiiis story :- I have been a terrible sufferer for frture ftiün rHseJiie of the Skin and' Blood ; have by reí con cl !, nuinnr-; h . best phygiclai p ; 1 11 d Lrt m reliei outll I us-'l the üth nu Remimv, which have curt'd me and left Diyiekia n:id bl ud as pure as a chüd's. (OVEKbl) MTTH SALT UHEl M. Cuticüua Kkmedieh ar' ttit; ííreatwst mediclneB onearth. Had tie jortt en of SaU Klicui in tïïis colntry! M y mnthcr hsn it twi-nty yeare and .ii-'ti froiii it. 1 Dclfcve ruricc'Kv wtmld reed her lile. My arms, bi-east and head w re t'nvt-rt ,i :or ttaree yvnra wiiicli uoüiing relicvid or onrad naf.ll ufi th (AiticuK 1{bboii-ivt, mtarmrilv, nil ('uticur ancl Cuticuh'a Soai1, exieroally . a. .k,o. " W. AÜAMB." 1 cèmnencïd In npi'yoiir ('o icuraTlsmedliw ]at .Tuiy. M bind and f-e and ime paris of mr lidiv ut :üuoft raw. My lumd was covered wlth rfiH? aff# Sores, ud my iiffiTlnK wi fcar(ui. Ihad tnedcr-ryihlng 1 bad heard ol in the Enat and ttesi. My c-ue ü coii-ldtircd a rury bad one. I ' sk'" Humor ar, HSP S. E. W1HPPLE. ECZEMA KROM HEAO TOITET. Chorit-8 EiiTre Hinkle, .T"rey City Helght, N. J.,wrlt: "M. wn a l.d of twulve ywirx, was couiplil-ely cured f a terrible cane of irztma by il, i ;,; (Bi Ukm ï.iKs Kromthetop ol ihond t in !¦! w' owmnKtof icab". K,iry uiimr ruicdy ni.l i hyni. i rn had betn med in vain . , l'Xi ¦Vb.K vorjlCS'U LIKE CLTICURA. The hslf ha nor nfen t'ld of CunonBi Ritkdibs. I hv paid hnndreds or dolUra tor midi cines to core diseaifü ol tlie bliKKi and skin, and nt-rerroanduDytlilnt! ) ut to aqilj Uie ClTTRURi ProSco", Ii. I., CHAS. A. WILLIAMS. OTTICUKA KEHMn. Cancón lKHEDusri""ld BerjwhiTe. Prtce, Cnticura. 50-.; Rti-olvm.:, fl.tö; "P. cente. l'reparcd by 1'urrtii Dn; . anb Chbiicil Co.. iluhtül). U Sendfor'-IIowtociireRkln Dlcase" nri TTT5C I'im.l, S';ln Bli-mishes ai.d Baby UlvwBi, Humor (il .-.1 hy Cuticora Soap. SMEEZE! SNEEZE ! ttNE.IC imtll your head pe ras na!y to fly off ; until yüjr noBC and ej" dl c;lKirL-o exO'five quant. tirs ..f thin, lrrliatlm; watery n lid ; unlil your hcart sche morttll mifl ihront pnrclieé, nd lilood at fover hst. - an Acato C'arrh, and is intontly rolieved bv a Klngle dose, and permaollv rured hy one hottle ,,! SA .l'Kinil.V HAlHiAl.CUI'.KFOKl'ATAKKH. Complete Treatment with Inhaler, $1. "The only iii'j'.l.t" ni"Ciflc wo know o r." tfed. '';¦ hpn we hve found tn a lifetime of M,,l,.rj, ,„.¦_,-, ,.. Or. Wijijin, Boston. "Alter a lODB !-l'll"-:' With Cltrrh Ihe itADICAI. ('OHI hflB K-,: s. W Monrot. LevHtbwg, Pa. I have notfound acaeetbai it did nol lelicve at once."- Andi u l 'e,, Mat: loter lrua aml i'hciulcal o.. Boston. 8ÖW'É YOVH MIEVMATTZf is a questlon to eren torturad victim "f Itheuiuaordlnarj piasters and lluimcotí" pu'.. v.' him. To micb the -4CV (TTICIUKA ANTI PAIN PLASTEK ie KRil an Lant 'd ni'vnr failidt; ourcr 1 IJfl rel f, bair-hiuB rlieumatic, neuralgic IV sciatlc, radden, slmrp and ni-rvon bv magie. New, oriina , -H.W At druuüisis. 16c.: flve for one dol aliad v. POTTBR Dkuo and Mkuicai f3o'Ta Bofttoa W. TREMAIN, GENERAL llTOAXCB (GüNGYI OFFICE, Oïcr Casper Rinsey's Grocery Store COR. IIÜKON AND FOURTUSTS., North British Insurance Co, Of London and Edinburg. irapital, f13,000,000. Gold. netrolt Fi and Marine Insurance Co. Cuori Asscüi $600,000. SpringflcNl lus. Co. of Massachnsftts, Cash Aict...-.. $1,800,000. Howard Im. Compaiiy of New York C'ueb Asssts $1,000,000. Agricultural Ins. Co., Watertown, N.T. ?ï.soo.Qj. r,tbetlly AJi'irtea a rptíy VM.


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