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In another column will be found the report of the doings of the Citizens' Lengue for the past year. We believe in the League, and tb at its work is a good one. We re in f uit sympatby witli its efforts to make Ihls community a better and purer one. But it is a question wbetbei any benefit will come from paradina in the public print?, to be scattered broadcast over this state, some of the assertions tberein made. It gives au inipression abroad tliat the facts in the case do not justify, and worka an injury toour city unjustly. Tlie good points and good tilines of Ann Arbor are carefully excluded from one's mind wheu reading such a report, and the bad things are made to appear worse than they really are. One other thingmightbe mentioned in tliis connection. The executive cotnmittee are in error in stütinjf that the attenti ui ot tlie present council has been called to violations of laws by petitions from themselves or any one else. Not a petition of the kind bas been presented to tliis council, and consequently has not been "insukingly received" as stated, and that part of the report is an injustice to the members of the council. When a body of this kind sanctions a document like the one published, It should be careful and teil the truth. Still further many peopleof Ann Arbor will read the last paragraph of the report with manygrains of allowance - but people outside the city will probably swallow the wholething. In the bright little city of Caro, they have recently recovered from a diphtheria soare. There were several cases amon{ children, two proving fatal. And now they have traced the dlsease to a well in the school grounde, the water from whlch was used to supply the schools. The inalysis sliowed the water to be in a villaiuous liquid. The soil of Caro, llke the soil of Atn Arbor, is porus, and IrapuriIties soon leach through into the wells and poison the water. This ghould be a waruing to other places than Caro. The Snpreme Court of Michigan has recently decided that the city of Albion raust pay a judginent of nearly 13,500 as damagei because of an accident caused by a defective side walk.'' 80 says an item golng the rounds of the press. This is a warning that other places should hen!. Other cities are liable it' they have defective walks, and it wonld be well for cities and villages to look well to their ways.


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