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As the Courier has been persisten tl; and dellberately mUrepresented in re speet to what it said about the newcpape notorkty of Aan Arbor's alleged wiek iliuss, we deem it but just to ourselvo to niake a further statement ot" our posi tioii. Iu the lirst place the Coubieu does no believe that there is auy more wickednes in Aun Arbor than there is in any othe city of its si.o - nor as much as ín man; oities. In the next place it does not believe wise to rush iuto print with every bit o minor and gossip that is floating abou the si reets. Firstly, because there is usu ally but very llttle truth in such rumo and gossip, and secondly, because no on is benefited in any way, shape or man in-r by its publication. Such article simply go to feed the innate desire of class of peoplc for the sensatlonal, am lawbreakersare seldom, if ever,convicte by the philippic or eloquence even, of newspaper scribbler, however elegant i diction, volatile or verbose li is productio maybe. The Couiuer has not the faintest de sire to in any manncr cover up anythin that is wrong, pulliate any evil deeds o screen iny evil doers. On the coutrar it believes in the strictest enforcement o: the law. lf there is a gambling house i Anu Arbor it should be wiped out of ex istence, lts owner prosecuted and pun lallcU to Uio full oxtent of the luw Milt the offleers of the law should be held re sponsible for the enforcement of the law But it does not believe that any goo comes from publishing a great string o words about it in the public prints, hik sriving the people of the state a bad iru pression of our city. What would be thought of a iuin wh would proelaim to the public every wron thing uny member of his family mlirj do? For instance, if a parent shoulc hear that one of his own children ha committed an act for which punishmen OOght to be administered, and he shoult rush before the public witli a long an detailed account of the affair, insteac of investigating the rumor, finding ou wbether or not the child had don wrong, and if true administcring suc punishment as might be deserved, there by correcting the evil, what would you think of such a man? Wouldn't yoi despise him ? Wouldn't he be consideret a fooi or an imbecile ? A community which fornis a city i but a family on a larger scale. As ther are laws for the government of the fam ily, so there are laws for the governmen oí a city, and there are people whos duty it is to enforce these laws. And th person who proclaims to the world th evil deeds of any member of the family instead of seeing the wrong rtghted, is a dangerous member of any commiunty seeking its destiuction rather than it building up and ennoblement. "Itisadirty bird thatfoulsitsown nest. A young man named Willtam Carpente ysterday went lnto a gambllng place kep by Ueorge Kowley, and whíle uader tbe Ín fluence ni liquor ubused oue of tbe ininatca As a result be was knoeked down wttb a chalr, bu t ooDtlnued bis o flenst ve talk, wbea he was throwu down utalrs. Weighlngover U00 pounda. the fall lujured hlm terrlbly thouifb probably not fatally.- IJetrolt Even log Newa. Do they have "gambling places" in - - " if ...-Iil,U) p.-rlinna tb Ypsilantian insteail of lectunng tbe peopie of Aun Albor about their wickedness better look "to home" for the exudíition that comes from the nostrils. And this gambling heil must have been open ant in full blast in the day time, also! Has the Ypsilantian been "coverinü up" its evil places, while pointing its iinger at its neighbor?


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