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The following report of the work ol the Citizen's League has been preparec by the executive committeer At the time of organizlug the Citlsens League of Auu Arbor it was ttie hopa and wisli of lis merubers tliat ils work mlglit con êtst8lmply In as.-lstlng tho city officials lo enforce Ihe laws as they stand on the Matute book, especlally wllli refereuce to the lllegal sale of llqaor and the malutenauce ol gambllng deus and houseg of proHtltutlon. At different times, by respecltal petltlons, theexecuUueCominlltee luw called the attentlon of the common council to the vlolatlonofspeciflcjslate laws and city ordluance. Ia every case these petltlona met wlth an lnsultlug receptiou and It boou üecame evident that whatevi'r waa done by the Ciltzens' League must be done indepently and at 118 own expense. The aiuouut recelved frora annual dues was smail bul enough to warrant the eommenceiuent of regular wotk. Accordlngly act Ion was bcgunagatnst Mary Scuaeö'er, ol theölhward lor selling whisky without u U. K üceuse and her trial in Detroit would have resulted in couvictlon had not the case been wlthdiawu on conditlon ol lier leaving Aun Arbor. (Ju'nplalnt was also made agalnsi her In a Justlce court here which resulted in her belng convlcted and senlenctd to pay a line of iSO.uO and 29 IX costs and be lmprisoued In case she dld not leave the city at oncewith herfamlly Hlie pald the ftne and cosis and left the city forthwitü. In January complalnts were made agalnst Oscar Oarrison and Fannie Oarrisou for keeping a bawdy house. Mrs. Oarrison deposlted $50 with the Justice to secure her recognizance and theu left the city. Before leaving she asslgned said sum toheratlorney, to whom, upou tlie adviee of tlie pKWecuting attorney, it was pald less tliecosts atad $10 tu the League. Another warrant was lsnued bul she hasrernained away ever since Her busband left the city before the warrant could be served. In KebruarycomplalnU were made agalnst Charles Allen and Sala Allen for keeping a bawdy house. Upon the advlce of the proseentiug attorney and the cominlUeeuf thaOltlzens League defendants were discharged on oondllion ol leaving the city. They left imniciliHtely. In June complalnt was made agalnst Peter Long for keeplng saloon opi-n on sunday, Juue 21. The evldcnce against the delendant was very com lusive, and lie was seuienced to pay a fine of 25.00 and $14.48 costs and be liuprlsoned in the countyjall ten days, and lu default of payment of tlne and costs to be further imjirihuned not exceeding ÏOdaysln all. The case was appealed to the circuit courl. Une can inixglne the surprise of membersof the League wheu they found out a few days ago that the cuse had been left off the docket by tlie prosecutlng attorney. lujuly complalnt. was made agalnst Au?;ust lierz for keeping saloon opeu on July 4, 885. He was convicted and the aame 8entence passed as In the prevlous case. Thls alsowas appealed butltappearsoD the docket. Anotber complaint was made agalnst Mr. Herz for selllug liquor to minors. The oomFlaliiant falleü to appear on; the. day of trial t Is currently reponed that a fund was ratsed to asslst the complaluant In belug aay. In July complaint was made agalust John Hoeplch for selling liqtior to mlnorn. The complalnant asked lo have the case dlsmlssed because It appeartd that tlie defendaut ftcted under coerción on the part of nis eranlnvflr A large amoant of "Dead work" han been doue by various members of the Lt'ague. but Míese are the only cañe Ín wliicli mucli Inui been accompllnhed. The most nerluii8 einbarrassmeut lias been occaxloued by the lack of sulflclent meauH, 1 mi I vidual mcmbers of the executive commlltee umklng frequent (loiiiitloMs when the treasury wat erapty. I Hiere any netd of work? We are surry to answer, "Yes, very inuch. " Hoosfl of prostitutlon Btill cxi-t, unmolested ly the i-lty untliorltlcs. Haloons are oponed vla slde dooror back door on Hundaysand allí r huur at night. Studentoaud minora have noillltlculty In gettlng llquor or flnding gambllng places. One student luforms the oommlttes that he was lnvlted to two gmnbliiiK places before he had been In the city two days. The prospect of co-operation wlth the city authorltlesappears smaller now than wlien the League was orgaulzed. The common councll seems deterinlned on lmposlng no res train tupon thesale of Intoxlcatlog llquor, noactlon belng taken wlien thelr attentlon Is publlcly called to the notorious vlolatlon of state laws and city ordlnauces by saloon keepers whose namen are glven. The public prints gave the name of the proprletor and the locatlon of oue of our flve gambllng dena tome weeks ago, and stil! It flourlsbed. II' thls state of thlngg Is to continue, lf our city otllclalH are bent on glvlng free relgn to saloons, gambllnif dens and taoubes of prostltutlon, It bebooves all good people wno have the welfare of Ann Arlor at ueart to unlte as one in an In toe most vlgorous warfareagalnst all vlolatore of law. For thiswarfare both men and means are needed It Is hoped tüat both wlll oou b (orthoomtDK.


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