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The following is a brief synopsis of Mie s proceedings of tho booiü uC supervisors since or last report: r Wednesday, Oct. 21st.- Aftcr allowing . a grist of claims, the committee on print. ing reported two bids for printing proceedings of the board, one from the Ann r Arbor Couribe and the other frora the , Ann Arbor Register. The Coubieu bet ing the lowest was awarded the contract. The county clerk was allowed $35 for . furni8hing copy of the proceedings for l the printer. t The committee on depositing fnnds re i ported and the same was tabled. The compensation of county drain i cominissioner was lixcd at $3 per day in; cludinjjf mileage. The Committee on Criminal claims i were instructed to examine the docket of the late Justice McMahon. The report of the Supenntendents of the Poor was received, read and referred tV II1C ÏIV1 WtauBv,wt This report showed $9,181.20 received f ro m all sources, and the sum of $8,695.67 expended, leaving a balance of $485.33 on hand. The amounte received were contributed by the various cities and 'ownships as foüows: Ann Arbor City $498 38 Ann Arbor Town 26 97 Augusta _ 216 77 Bridgewater „. „ n 76 Dexter „ 14 07 Freedom 10 80 Lima „ 70 30 Lodl _ 210 60 Manchester _ 140 40 Northfleld _ 3 15 Saline „ „ „ 908 02 Superior _ 61 2 Sharon 70 20 8clo_ __ 88 72 Sylvan 25K 11 Webster, „„ 69 68 York „ 70 Ï0 YpsllantlTown _ 78 85 Ypsllantl City _ 6 64 The average nuraber of paupers malntained during the year 185, female 67, total, 225; average number 28; under 16 years of age, 28; idiotí, fi; blind 2; mute, 3. Natlvlty of paupers: American „ _ 106 Irisb. „ „_ „ 62 ( Jen ii ji ii „ _,. 42 Kngllsh 16 i li adían ... 16 Negroes 15 Scotch 7 1 1 aliüti . Swede, Dane mul Hollander each 1 Estimates for cuirent year to be raised as taxés, $6,000. Thursday - The County Treasurer directed ,to pny, out of the contingpn fund, persons whose duty it is to mak reporta to the County Superintendents o; the Poor. The fixing of the price for the board of prisoners was reterred to Supervisors Case, Kres8, Gilbert, Gregory, Wheeler. On mot ion of Supervisor Graves, Wm. April was re-elected County Superintendent of the Poor. The proposition to change the clock to Standard time was lost by a vote of 8 to 16. The committee appointed therefor reported in favor of the county clerk advertising for bids from the banks of Ann Arbor, they to deposit proper bonds to be approved by the board. The action of the late chairman of the board and the eounty clerk was also approved in bonding the county In the sum of $5,000 to secure the use of the "Unknown heir'' fund. The committee on rejected taxes reported amounts to be assessed to the districU. The jail committee was allowed $3 per day for time actually speHt. The County treasurer was instructed to report to the board the amount of fine monev paid in since the last meeting of the board. The county orders in the office of the county clerk over six years old were ordeied destroyed. The county treasurer was directed to report to the board at the adjourned session the amount of money in the treasiiry at the end of each week from Oct. 1, '84, to Oct. 1, '85. Friday - The county treasurer reported amount of fine money paid in by justices of the peace as follows: Edward Clark, Ann Arbor. $ I 00 M. II. Ureunan, " " 17 00 Jaa. McMahon, M 7 qO E. K. Frueauff, " " " 51 94 8. H. Perklns, Manchester... .'.....'..7. 3 00 Geo. C. Page, Sclo _ 500 A. D. Jackson, York 5 00 Johu J. RobUoa, County Clerk 2S 00 Wm. Walsh,8herltt .„ „ L 00 The committee reported the cost of boarding the prisoners during ex-8heriff Wallace'a time during 1884, to be $3.891.42. The County Drain Coramissioner reported lii work during the yar.


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