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1 TiriTrm Sd ill cent ftir poKtngí' I 'I I j and ratelM free, a coüy box r n 1 1 n o' íO(d wolch wU1 hep íou I I #1 1 J. to more money rint awjr üian All, of eliber aex, auoceed from Irst hoar. The brod road to fortune opaoi baíore the workew, abñolntely tare. At eac ddreaa, Tbob Co., Auf aaU, Maiaa. IMIT rforwrklnt people. 8cnd 10 cent I li I Upête' nd we wl" mn 5'ou fr" ñ HH I f royal, valoable ampie box of good I tkatwlll pltyon in the way of makJJ lnj more monejr In few dayn thn jrom erer thoght potilble it ny bnsIneM. CapíUl not reqolred. Ton can llTe at lome and work In luaro tme onr, or all tke time. All of both „.in, of all get, grandly uccenfai. SO centa to $6 eaally r arned rrery erenlnt!. Tbat all who want work raay trtt tke bna'um, w make thlsnnparallcleí offer: To 11 who are not well utltled we wlll end $1 to pay for tke tronbl of wrltlug na. Fiill partlcilara, dlrectina, etc., aemt free. Immenií pay abaalntely aar for all who atart at osee. Don t delay. Adrea Btuioi Co.. Portland. Malpe. THOSE WISHING GODD FÜITÜRE tt CAH OET BED ROOM SETS, CARPETS, BEDDING, CROCKERY STOVES, ETC., At rare Barraint. Tke fnrnlture of tfee ST. JAMES, bat recently new, Ís belng ditposed of at prlrate sale. Appl7 at THE COURIER OSee where the Goodi are ibowa betweea lia. m., and 5 p. n. Tfürtted 1,000 A6ENTS, MEN AND W0MEN, for JOHKB.OOUltH'SNiUrelj uw book-Jimpubllihed ¦" LIVING TRUTHS,fndr V PlCTUXia Kouled u aJj John JB. Gough caá paiDt thtun. IC riTa. In pertnano&C fonn, hit beet ikoufhti, hU Diot lUrriuf &noclot, toKtber i wtth Muuüfola zperiMicca tual prMFPiV BOtiftl rrrainlBCnofl. never bnr ¦I vubLUbed. Th leadrnei of bis 4( lt4oK and the ipif- of hit humor ¦M r quite lrrMlcttble. AmaffDlflr'J H cnl Rojal OctaTO Volume, oon1 ¦ as s;'?mSí - - m H WC UfaVT .000orr.ntnn1iI fit ffAHI Inc. lnteilicent onVH ¦¦ TMiiri to ruypij thU book to the Vac of khooMAoa who are waitlnafor 11 No oompetitioa, and lt U no w out NUlnr 1 1 oth - nMtel. HlaUant Editora, CriUes, et. , kít lt their ttoqualliied MUloraeiiiDft aad wlah lt OodjpeM. AfnU, mw nrHkBwMf .&ndatthe mim Urn n-ií. taMfU A -- kxdaiiT toTltory and ttj CommlHsioner' Notice. STATK OF M lt lilQAN.County of The anderslgned haTine been appointed hy the Probate Conrt for aaid County. CommiiBÍoner9 to receire, examine and adjaet all clalms and demande of all pereons agalnvt the eataie of Jacob H. Hirka, late of KAid coontr, dm eaced, hereby notice thatüix montha from date are allowrd, by order of aald Probate Conrt, for credltore to preaent thelr clalmr acainat the eatate of ald deceaed,&nd that they wlll meet at the Probate Office In the city of Ani Arbor, in asid connty. on Tueaday, the 3IHh day of Jannary, and on Monday, the 20th day of April next, at ten o'clock A. M. of each of aaid daya, to receive, examine and adjoat aald claima. Dated, October. 38, 1885. HKNRY D. PLATT, ) BKN.I. BROWN. VComnlai lonen. 1. KVAKT 8M1TH. i


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