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A Safsguard. The f. 'I nyUíty vviüi whlch slight Coleta utui ('uuglüi írequeutly develop luto tita „rnvest íuiiladii.1 of the throat and lung -. ii a coDniíli-ration whlch should lni]M'l ivirv riiili'iif peMoa ta keep at hutid, Hst :í ltcuWiokl rrinedv, u boltlo oí AVI U'S CHBBBY PECTORAL. Notliinií ebe jílvra such ininiedlate relief and wurk.t Dure a cure in all aflectiona o f tilín cías. Tliat eminent phvslclan. I'rof. F. Sweetser, of tlie Malne Medical School, Bnnií-wic k. Me, iay: - "Medical (k-ípti.t lim produced no other anodyne 'xpecUiraut o good as Ater'i ('buít I 'ut toral. Kin tiivaluablu for dueaaei of tha throat and Inner." Th ame opinión 1 i-iprmM bT th wp-l,nowTi Dr. L. J. Addison, o( Chicago, III., who hy5 :- "I have nrver foued, iri thlhT-fir ytarf of cntlnuouB diíjHy and practice oí medicine, any jiriparallou I r groat alue ai Anil'lCnuT rscTORÁL, for triauntnt of diteaaei uf tha tbroat and Iiiuistb. It tiot orily breaki up ooldi and eñrM w-vt-rf cuugba, but la more effeetir than A-iythinf r in retlrvin Tn th moit aerial. ...nvhlai ar.J iutniiml flectlum." AYER'S Cherry Pectoral I not a iipt olalmant for popular eonfldence, but a inetlicine whlch U txlay aviuK the liveo of the thtrd (reneratlou who have come luto belng aince lt waa flrst offert'd to the public. lien i not a housebold In whlch thli lnvaluublc nrnedy has once been latroducod wliore lt use has ever been abuniloned, ud there la not a peraon who hiu ever glven lt u proper trial for any throat or lung dUease susceptible of cure, who ha not beeu niada Wrll bv it. AYfcll'S CHERRY TECTORAL ha, Ín Dumbcrlen intances, cured obstínate ii'.i'K.o f ehfoulo Bronchitis, ljiry ngltU, and cvín ucute Pneumonía, ana Lu ¦uved ninny patleuM in the earlier stages of l'iilinoiiary ('unminiption. It U a medicine thut only requireí to be taken In small dose, is pleaxant to the taste, and U need'd in every house whcre there ar childrrn, in Ihere Is nothing o pod as ment of Croup and Whooping Cough. These are all plaln facts, which can b verifled by anybodv, and ahould o remeiubereU bv cTnjWdjr, Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, rilEPAKKD DY Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mae. Sold by all Druggiats. THE ANN ABBOR SAVIHGS BANK, ASN AKBOR, MICHIGAN, Transaots Qenoml Banking Business. CAPITAL, $SO,OOO. OrganUed aadtsr tka encraj Basklni Law of thli State, the atoekholaon are IndlvidaallT Hable for au addltlonal amouut ef nal to the stock beid bj tbem, thereky creatinf a Gmarute Fund lot the benett of Desltora f $100,000.00. Tkrse per cent. lntareat tl allowcd on all Sari nf n Depoêita of one dollar and npwarda, acrordlne to the ruien of the Bank and Interest eomponnded ml-annaally. Itonej to Loaa on anlncambered real eaute and ather cood ncarltj. DIRECTORS : ('HKIHTIAN MACK, Wil. I). IIAHKIMAN. ' W. W. WINEH, DAN1KL UIHCOCE, I WILUAM DKDBKL, WILLAKU B. ÖM1TH. DAVID RINSEY. 0FPICER8: C. MACK, Tn. W. W. WINÍ8, Vlce-Pres. C. K. HIBCOCK.Oaahter. H. UPTU H. JSJ ! $mn mrniii. Tara. Tak Kw Tl Ml MM ft tfrei iyri ui tniv .- piam jUUt a rr mMU, Mlala( Ibknuélnn. fJ4,lli.d„ fcrt. tartMifrial. ImUm auuo hc Cliral. Um4 U m UMOTr IIiiVimIi. EtÁHS mrtmiL ntvtê CO, (m UK a ArUr. Do. Office, Hamilton BlocV, Ann Arbor.


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