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MOST PERFECrMAU Preparod wtth spociut renard to healtfi. Na Anímenla, Lime or ZPlum, PRICE BAK1N9 POWDER CO.. CHICAGO. ST. LOUIS. fffj SPECIAL JZ IHextracts MOST PERFECT MADE Plllll muí itrontre'f Natural Pnilt FlnTors. VanlTla, Lemon. Omnyv. Almotxi Hos', et., flavor as delicatety aii'1 .iturally as thefniít. Clueco. PriceBakJngPowderCo. st. tocia. Invalids HcteliSurgica! Institute BUPFALO, TTOrganizcil lili a fiill stalT of eighteen Experlcnced and Skilirul Phyician and Siircoons for thr trratment of all Chronic Dlseaaei. OUR FIELD OF SUCCESS. Chronic Nasnl f'atarrb, Throat and I.iiiii; l)im:i. I.lvir and Kidnry I i oasen, Bladder DixeaarN, DiKenNex of Woniou, llloixl Diuaic aud rvoas Affetion, ennd hore or at hume, with or without wt-ing the patiënt. Come and see us, or send ten cents in stampa for our "Invalida' Guido liuiik," which givcs all partieulars. rm- Nervon IibiUly, Inipo. n...... toiicy. Nocturnal Losaex, CATE and all Morbld i ul itions . oiused by Vouilifiil FolIlKPAC? nd Pcruicious SoliUIOLIIJLO. tarj i'r.K Ii are meedUy nnd iiermancntly euix'd by our Specialists. Book, post-paid, 10 cta. in stamps. ______n Ruptnre, or lireaeh, radiI n T ally etired without the knifc, I KlIPTIIRr I without trusses. without pain, liuriunu nll wit,„„lt danfrer. Cures " iiaranlecd. Book eent for ten cents In stamps. PI1,K TïMORS and STRICTIHFS treated undir suaraiiK-c to cure. Book sent for ten centw in ötampp. Atidi-ess World'8 Dispensahv Mkdical. Association, CKi Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y. f____:_ The treatment of many B. __.__- -,_ thowsands of cases of those UISE&SES OF distiim-8 peculiar to numtn. at thv iMva,i8' Hotel and Êm-mM gunrical Institute, faas afford'd cxtMricnce in adaptiny remedies for thelr cuic, aad DR. riICRCIC'S Favorito Presnriptinn is the rcsult of tbis vast experience. It Is a powerful Rcstorativo Tonic aud Nerviue, imparta vior and atreiurth to the systtíin, and cures, as it by magie, Leürorrlióa, or "whites," exceaialve flowiiiK, paiiiful nieiiütruatloii, iin¦ïalural suppressioiiH, prolapsus or lalliim ot ilic iMrai ucak bark, ani . i-i.Mi. retroverHiou, beariiiKilnuii sensalioiis, clironic coiiïftiou, inflammatioii anti iilcerailou of the woniii, iuf lninmntioii, pain and ii mlri-iii ¦. 11 ovarictt, iutcrnal beat, and " lómale weakiiesx." It promntly relieves and cures Nausea and Weaknrss of Stomaeh, IiidlKeat ion. Hloal i iiu, NcrvoUH l'rnl ral ion, aud SleeploBsucsti, iu eltbcr sex. DDIPC C I nn or 6 bottles rnILt o I .UU, for $s.oo. Send ten (X'nts in etamps for Dr. I'ierce's lariri' Treatise ou Diseoaes of Women, Ilustra t cd. World's Dispensary Medical Association, 663 Main Street, BUFFALO, N. Y. g% SICK-HEADACHE, WL yr Dizziiiesa, RonstipaAS- ."minS tlon, liidtKention, 'iiiTT iJT alld Bilious Attacka, 1 Tr MlWT promptly cured by Dr. JÊWWËrr Plcrrf'i l'liaxanl Y Jl ÊË Puricative Pelleta. 25 ¦ ¦ eentó u vial, by Druggiets. MliUNITYfromANNOYANCE alm mÁT KrA éL i f A-aJaVIDTBaUBaaaV i fc 4 l Pat. Oct.SOth, 1833. }f j Hadeoniyofthe flnent nndbestqnal. lty of Glass for withwtaudiuK beat. Every good thing is Ootmterfeited, and consumera are CAÜTIONED against IMITATIONS ol these Chimneys made of VERY POOR QLASS. See tbat the exact label ia on each chimney as above. The Pearl Top ie alwaye clear and bright GlaBS. Muuufactnred OVLT by GEO. A. MACBETH &CO. Pittaburffh lend Oliua Work. FOR SALE BY DEALERS. "' - A i'ï%V'k2; - Si r ?l h f n nífi'1 Presenta, given away. 'I I II - -ml U8 5 cente piigbtei'.aud l l.v mail you wllf Krt ƒ UZjUiUUU ltt,ck"Se of goods ol luw T " Talui', that wlll etart you In work that will at once brine you in mon-y faeter Itiuii anythiDK elne in AiotI"'u. All lioot the f_iKi,mjo iu nrmeota wlth each box. Agente wantod everjtwbtfé, of ¦¦ilier itx, of tilL acn, for all tbe tlmr, ir-.i ' ly, 1" wurk lor 11 at thelr own hornee. Kortuucp inr a!l workern abaolutely 6Ureil. Don't deUy. H. Hallktt & CO., PortAnd, Uaint,


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