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" The best on earth " eau truly be said ofGriugs' Ölycfirtne Salve - i speedy core fbrcuts, bruiges, scalds, burns, sores, piles, letter and all skin eruptlons. Try this vvonuer heuler. 25 cents. Guaranteed. Au F.nici-prisiiiu', Reliable House. Eberbach & S n can aiways be relied upon, not only to carry in stock the best f everything, but to secure the Agency for aucb articles as bave well-known merils .nul are popular with the people, thereby siisiainuifr the reputatioii of belng alwaya enterprising, and ever reliable. Having secnred the Ajrency for tbecelebrated Dr. Kiiifi's Xnv Discovcry for Consumptlon, will göll ton a positiveguarantee. It will suiely cure any and every affection of Tliroat, I.uiifr-!, and Cbest, and to slioiv our coiitidome, we invite you to cali and get a Trial Bottle Free. At the time of the western flonds a huok igeut tried to sell aCincinnati Irishman a copy of " Hiawatha." Pat looked at the tille and then :it the canvasser. " Eligher watlier, is it ? " says he ; "the wat lier in these diggin's is quoite high enoujfb . me b'y, far iny dacent nion. Öo be offwifl yez. After Dipbtheria. Plphtheiia is a terrible disease, requiring tlie greatesi medical skill to effect a complete cure. Even when its power is brokeu, it clings to the patiënt with great persistuncy, and often leiives the system poisoneil and broitrated, Just here Hood's Sargaparlfla does a vast aniount of gpod, expelling impuiities f rom tbe blood, glvlnjü it ricbtiess and vitnlity, while it renovates and gtrengtheiis tbe system, Betsey", an old colored cook, was moiinii!; around the kitchen mie day, wben her mitress iiskcd ber if she was ill. " No, inii'iim, not 'ziuitly," said Bttsey; but ile tn' i-, I ilon't fiel iimbition 'nouh to git outer my own wny." - Harper's Bazar. Though numerous causes may opérate to turn the halr gray, all that is needed to restore tbe natural color is Hall's Vegetiibte Sicillian Hair Renewer. For more Iban tucnty years its sales have been enormous, but we have yet to learn of its lir-t failure. An Answer Wanfed. Can any one bring us a case of KIdney or Iiver Coinplaint that Electric Bitters will not ipeedily ouref We say they can not, as tbou.sauds of cases already peruianenlly cnrfd and who are daily recom in ¦' ml 1 11 V" Electric Bitters, will prove. Biight's Disease, Diabetes, Weak Back.or any urinary complaiiit quiekly cured. They purily the blood, regúlate the bowil, and act directly on the diseased purts. Every bottle guaranteed. For sale at 50c a bottle by Eberbach & Sou. A Brooklyn young m.m was readiiiff " 11 imilet " to hissweetheart theother day umi caini' to the passage, " Or if thou wilt Deedl marry, marry a fooi." "Is tbat a propoul) dear?" she asked. "Yes, darling," he replied: and they settled the matter there and then. Itucklen's Árnica Sal re. Tbc Best Salve in the world for Ciits, Bruises, Sores, Heers, Salt Hheum, Fever Sores, Tctter, Chupped Hands, Chilblains, Corng, and all Skin Eruptions, and positively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or inoney refunded. Priee 25 cents per box. For Sale by Eberbach & Son. ¦ale'i Honey tbe great Cough cure, Wc.,soo.á tl Glenn'i Sulphur Soap he!i k beantlOes, Ma. GermanCorn Remover ki 11 Cornt k Banlons Hitl's Halr ind Whliktr Dy- Black and Brown, 10c Plke's Tool hache Drapa care In 1 Mlnuu.lto Dmb'i Kiiiiuajiu Filia wf a mr vu% m.


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