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New York Tribune. The Bald-lleadrd Man's Apontropüe to ihc DyiiiK Fly. Qood-by, O fly, The cause of ruuch profanlty ! Go die, Dammed fly, Thiiu Teaser of homanlty ! TheaniiiMiM eomaa, the umraer dies, Ubon'rl posrarlesi t" inutalize. Hal )i: The cold 'l'akes hold Of tbeeat iiíkIH; I'm glad of It! Ah, me! TliHiiiKii thee A dreadful time I'Vfl luid r It All Iliroiigh tliesniTimeitlme.tliou pest, Now Klve ml poor bald liead a rust. liy, by, shoo fly. A Slraiige (Jiunmuuity. Mountlng inv pony early In tlie morning, aecompanied by twa stout-hearted fellows, ulio, liku mysclf, were bent on peoetratiDg the gloomy unknown, we were soon twenty milis cast of the great stilte of Colorado and in tlie extreme Southwest of Kansas. Ilill, mountain and CMiivons stretcbed all around lis. Hastening onward, wc were soon in h bcaiitiful town, the subject of om -sketch. iaïvd, ii wili De well to give itsTocBiuy. It is southwest ol Kangas. The valley is ¦Oine ten miles wiile at Ibis place, umi the soil is vei-y ferfile. H is ca lied Viorle, and has a population of 1.000. Viorle is t ilisiiiii l towi). It makes its own Utws, passet seiitence of destn, ivgulates all mattere f èqalty and ttietiitei the religión and social Matut. Viorle has no hotel, no pl ice. a stranger. We conld yet nothlng to eat only at private houses. Viorle wondered at us gettinjr there, and stemly diseussed the propriety of ejectmeut. It had been a long time since strangers were In their niid-t. However, after a long parley and due deliberation we ere permitted to reDiain. The town was laid out and Settlement commenced by a company of reltgious bigols In the spring of ÏÖüS, since which lime Select tainilies have been added. In the bezinning it was decreeil that all tilines should bc held in conimon. Houses, however small, should be built of brick, and exoravagance, liueiy, faney work stiould uot be tolerated. The people are plaid, simjile-minded and very conimon. To see good brick buildings with lookholes for windows aud doors hewn out of timber, to see people lie on the grpttnd, for these houses linve uo floor, and repose on skins, and to see uo furniture, not even a dish or stove was not ouly odd, hut iuterestin. Their theory is to buy nottalns and Bell nothlng. AU must go to work very early in the ïnorning and work just so hard and long as tliey C00O86, unies an edict is issued hy the priuleiit for more diligence. Now, the prudent consists of twelve men selected bjr their own body wben vacancies arise. Tlny hold a hfe teuure. ïliey sett'e all disputes, regúlate all industries iod divide the crops. The dutics of their office would seern enormous, but it appears they have üttle to do. Tliere are really no stores, but there are three large buihüns used as &torehouses, where the dill'cicnt jiroducts are nicely kept. In one of these were stored vegetables, oofn and other thhifis. In another were stored woven (abrics and tanned skins and roNes. In the oiher was whi.-ky. The. fronts of the buildings were all door, and iu tlie after pai t of the day it was curious to see the throng of people gatherlud there foi iheir rations. It la strange they are so peaceable, for they are not organized into families and have no nianiaüe. At night thiugs are as quiet as could be, and to walk along the streets you would think you were passing well-rcgulatcd families. Wliere she Found the Necdle. Boston Transcript: "Soine 20 years ago," said the mild-faced stranger, "my wife, while sewing, suddenly missed her needie Sheaaw uothiiiK more of it, and soon forgot all about her loss until last week, when " "Wben she tuddenly telt a prickling sensation in her rifht t'O"t," sujrgested Boodle. ''When the point ot' the needie showed itself between her shoulderhlade," guessed Coodle. "When the needie was seen protruding froni her yoinjtest daughter's lef t foreh'iifier," intimated Doodle. "Jio,'1 said the mild luced Btraoger, "you ure all wrong. She found it in a crack in the floor. II had been there all those years. Singular, wasn't It? '' There was B comrnon desire to welter in the blood of the mild-faced stranger; but with diffloulty Boodle. fJoodle and Doodle restraiued thcm-elvcs. CouNumptiuu Cured. Au old physician, retired from practice, having had placed iu bis hands by an East India missionary the formula oí a simple vegetable reinedy for the speedy and perniain ii I cure of (Jonsuinption, Bronchitis, Catarrh, Asthmaand all throat and Lung Afiectlons, also a positivo and radical cure for Nervous Débil ty and all Nervous Complaints, after having tested its wonderful euratiye powers iu thousands of cases, has felt it his duty to rnake it known to his BufierlUfi fellows. Actuated hy ibis motive and a desire to relieve humau suffer ing, I will senil f'reeoí' chaijie, to all who desire It, this recipe, iu Germán, French or Englisb, witll tull direotionsfor preparing audiihing. Sent hy mailbyaddressing with stamp, namlqs thls paper, W. A. Noyes, 149 Powers Block, Rochester, N. Y. 1270-1322.


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