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THE Bcibl Eulfter Overslioss TO WEAK OVER YOClt WOOI, HOOTS, aro those now made by tho "Oandrc" Kubber Co., erprciilT for Michigan trade forthc cason oflSS5nd6. EVKBY TAIR WAERASTKD ngainst --omIng prt In clthcr ole or upper guaranteed to give eatisfaction in ercry reiipect. Made for Reputation, giving lbo wiarer more for hls money than he can get ia any othcr makc ofgoods. OfBESTBpOT STOCK, ai-il not oi ordinary overshoe stock. Tho soles made tho Brae aa Rubber Boot Soles luwing a thick ole and then a tap solc npon that. This tap solo is thickent-d in the mlddlc, and is DO! 111. i: TIIICK ON TUK R.4I.I,. This is the great wiaring point. Tlie üonblc Thlck Ball and the Boot Stock upper, give a Bhoe which will poêiiivcly oulut., wj Othtr süoc iu the market even of the e:y best brand. NO HICHt ti PSiCE. Thonsands of dollars ved t. foblBoot wearera thi scason. Dont bo afrni .1 of (hd quulity. THE WARRANT SECURES YOU. Cali for the "Candee Doubt Thick Ball goodt." Warrant stamped on evsry thoe. K. & 1. CUMMINGS &"t'O., Detroit. ":- PHiLADELPH, 3ÍNSER .i , i.f lik'mHnK '1'm.KiT. l'.utïh'r, BldUhmBÍ - ¦ ' ' lWn nuilj u - . ¦ . - D uii'rf " ïtam. aflfe- ir nayc'Tu i,in ! Juf '" """ J" own . I H fp, one rent. -v' """' 'K1"iB 'lU-T3t j3ftff nunitinrftmr in Iht T'.}s 7VV í''"'ví ÜUUrr dav to iiirjcf L ï i "' rtrr Th f y are hundv. ili SSSisfi -'¦¦ .luri!-. '!,(] llKht-ilHWi Sjrunniri. Ijmi ot ollisr com" - i. puin etiarot lum t40 'o $50. Porehaar from uu ui-t! .VIO. Pt-nd tor circular .md ) C. A. WOOD & CO.. - 1 móntela. I 1TJI. TentU ¦%. l-hllnd1, P. MTT'? i'JHAL #S lüliiL VVHISTI,MJ ff I Tue loudtK and molt JÍJ& 3 ¦ luerrinclr li r ' 1 1 tfTtwíSTviJ h htiird l'runi inie 10HHKql ilan'i t . iiiiies. Kxat'. S ' IBI fln " s' tf ijt" ft ï-cauaifcj I ¦ F " brecn'refirc TáW r os crt ruige. ¦BpVi tuR waltr. Brr. r Citry scn ebltj v-j _- trBtfrjt ' aa x tf cvry e L $M T tirnisr Sould lu i mail, (oï '2Á ri-nta io H fttftmp. now, KBBbtS'' Ckhi, Roc!llr. IK AdilrM WW! viril JñKI.I'í) , í'IÍNN'Íl Buckeye Evaporator ÍÍ . 1m 1 !ft ycir - -_ . JSA iirw cliilii1-: " HKfl r i ¦ . :il :! til ' 'SS IBw "¦ ; .- -" xHb Ml by evnpor.i? ? P"B . 'JBfci orntr .1 n - wtBÊKSfiG I i - - - iliPWIHBP tuin all il W5-rrub.aprlght- Ir n.iv-) incoToran! tato in ofinnl to any catnned -. 'o frtmily ciiii ufford to bw witliour the Kvapr aftor havinjr once unpd It. U wilt pur for Itfelf hl tbree days. It U o nlraple any chlld on vork it. Scml for illustraipd círrular líivinir full ilpscriptton. AUEWT W1NTED. A.ldre, UscKiri Etu-oritok, Sas Weit ith Sl.,Ciucinnali,O. MACIClïlAC. the Kost Dtlljhtful SUMMER TOUR Tour Tripa per WeöV: Batwesn DETROIT AND MACKINAC An;l E-. ory Wk Day BatwMu DETROIT AND CLEVELAND Writa for our " Pictüresque Mackinao," Illustrated. ?ontln ïhjll Pirtioulan. Malled Trn. Detroit C!eve!and Steam Nav. Co. C. O. WHITCOMB, Gin Pa agt.. DETROIT, MICH GILBF.RT BLISS, Agent. Mmore mor iy than at anythlngelue by Uk Ing au at-ency for the best selllng hook ont. Beginners micceed grandly. None fiill. Terms free. Haujctt Book Co., Portland, Malne. THIS PAPER sreïsss ¦ niW I firiall KowKLt, A CO Tipwspaper Advertislngf Bureaa (10 8pruoa Strect),whowulvcr. ynsj fnill bu made tor it la Uk ff lUllIV. ."01. ,. 7 B"511 l t-a and ol1 fl LJD I V Tentamen! at Iets thnn #7t. 4_1.3theprlcesof tlieKnn #__ . „ JBVUhü etiitloiuL and euuul 'ÊfDIDI [SB " K"Klih In t} -?At IJ fl ƒ ƒ fly paper, priutitiK atui nccuinitH JK irt auent sent nut &ifREVfSEDËMT'Vrt an ordtr a' rvrrv -ƒ,,„„_,- . Mm '¦all for (uo teeeïr. Karo MjVí0JV.mcb'ince fnr asonts to make t. !¦ money. Spnd $1.00 for outBflw ui. Tkkhr vkhy iniFitM.. B V rit Ucnry Bill Pvb. Co., AyrwiíA, i "nn. 1247-1311 SUBSCRIBE FOK TUS The Ann Arbor Courier.


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