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I-HE LINE 8ELECTBD Br THE U. S. OOV'T TO CARRY THE AST MAIL. ÍS El It it the only line vvith lts own track trom CHICAGO TO DENVER, Either by way of Omaha, Pacific June, St. Joeph, Atcliison or Kansas City. It connectsln Union Depots wlth throujh tralnsirom NEW YORK, PHILADELPHIA, BOSTON and all Eastern polnts. It is the principal line to SAN FRANCISCO, PORTLAND A. CITY OF MEXICO It traverses all ol the slx qreal States of ILLINOIS, ( IOWA, MISSOURI. NEBRASKA. KANSAS. COLORADO , wlth branch lincs to all their Important cities and towns i From CHICAGO. PEORÍA or ST LOUIS. It run , every day In the ycar from one to three elegantly equipped through trains over lts own tracks between ' Chicago and Donver, , Chicago and Omaha, Chicago and Councll Bluffs, Chicago and St. Joseph, Chicago and Atchison, Chicago and Kansas City, Chicago and Topeka, Chicago and Cedar Raplds, Chicago and Sioux City, Peoría and Council Bluffs, Peoría and Kansas City, St. Louis and Omaha, St. Louis and St. Paul, Kansas City and Oenver, Kansas City and St. Paul, Kansas City and Omaha, For all points in Northwest, Wast and Southwest. Itsequlpment Is complete and first class In eery particular, and at all important polnts Interlocking Switches and Signáis are used, thus Insuring comfort and safety. For Ticket, Rates, General Information, etc, regarding the Burlington Route, cali on any Ticket Agent Inlhe United States or Canada, or address T. J. POTTER UT V.P. & Gen. Mor., Cmicaqo. HENRY B. STONE, AS9T. Gen. Mor., Chicaqo. PERCEVAL L0W6LL, Gi. PaM. Aar., Chicaoo. Estáte of Jacob 11. Hicks. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw. At ¦ -esBionof the ProlmteCourt fortheConntvof Washtenaw, holden ut ibe Probate Office, in the city of Anu Arbor, ou Frlday, tbe S5th day of Sep'ember ir trie .var, one thousand elght hundred and elgl.ty-nve. Preeent. W illiam D Harriman, Judgeof Probate. .,.„,, In the matter of the estáte of Jacob II. Hicks. ¦ l. Ou reading und tlling tbe petition, duly verified, of Charle- V. Hicks, praylng tbat administraron of Baíd estáte may be grauud lo Cumstoc.k F. Hili, omome other euitahle person. Thereupon it is ordered, ihat Monday, the 26ii day of October neit, at ten b'clCK ir, the foreuood, be astigned for the hearing of safd petition and tliat üie heirs at law of sald daceased, aud all other persons tnterested In said estáte, are requirod to appear at a Beision of said court, then to be holden at the Probate Ofllce, in tbe city of Ann Arbor, and show cause, lf auy there be, why the prayer of ihe petitioner should uot be grant ed. And it is further ordered. ihat said petitiouer give notice to thepeisons lnterested ín said estáte, of the pendency of Baid petition, and tbe hearing tbereof, by caaaing a coiy of this order to be pubtlshed in Th Ann Arbor Courier, a newspaper printed and circulated in said county. three eoccesitve veeks previous tosaid day ol hearing. (Atnie copy.) WILLIAM D. HARRIMAN, Jndgc of Probate. WM. Ci. DOTY. ProhatK Keuister. 12BU-126B Kstate of Jolin Mitchell. TATE OF MICHIGAN, County or Wanhtenaw' At 'a sesslon of the Probate Court for the County ol Waahtenaw, holden at tbe l'rolmt ¦ Oftice. in ibe City of Ann Arbor, on Wednesday, the 30t.h day of September, in the vnr onc thounnnd eli?ht hundred aod eighty flve. Present.Willtam D.Uarrlman, Jndge ol Probate. ' I In the matter ol the eotateof John Mitchell, dect-ated. 90rgeH, Mitchell and rjallle A. Crane, the Bdininist'itorB with the will anuer.ed of said estáte, come ftito court and npresent thut tbey are now prepared to reuter tbuir flaal account au such adminlstratore. ., Thereupou it is ordered, that Tuesdr.y, the 7ih day of October next, al ten o'clock lp the forenoon be assigned tor exatnining and allowing euch account, and tliai tlie deviaee, legaieee, and h'ir at law ol pmd deceased, and all other persons interested in said ei-tate, are reqnired to ap pearat a lesaiop ol said court, then to be holden ut tho Probate Office, In the city of Ann Arbor, in sald county, and show cause, lí aaj there be, why the said account lionld col be bllowed. And it Ie further orderert. that naid dmtnistrator give notice to the penn lntroled In -aid eBtate ol the pendency or sMld account, and the hearing thereol, by cauxiiig copy of ih! order to be pul)lished in tni-Aun Arb.ir7onr,ancwpapei printed a:id circulatln' tn said county, three BuccessiYe - ¦¦!,¦ Mrr "J mu tnirt Atv ot h,-nri hl'. (Atrtiecopyü) Wll.i.lM I;. Il AliHl MAN, Jndu'e of I'robate. WM Q. DOTY, Probate ReL-ister. Kstate of Abiurail L. Majuanl. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Connty of Washte naw, hb. At a secslon of the Probate Conrt Tor the County ol Washtenaw. holden t the Probate Ofllce, in the city of Ann Arbor, on Tuesday, the twenty ninth dy ol September, in the year one thouxand eight hundred and eiyhty flve. Present. Wllliam U. Harriman, .) ndge "I Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Ablgail L. Maynard, incompetent. On readlng and ttiiiif; theDtlii..n, diiiy verifl d, of Francla-K. Luns'.ng, cuar dian, praj ing that he in ly be licensed to seil certain real eMata belonüinK to said Incompetent. Therenpon It is ordered, thut Thursctay. the 29lh day of Oeiober nejt, at ten o'clock In the forenoon, he aspigned fnr the hearing of said ptttion, and that tlie next of kin of aid incompetent and all other persouB interesttd in said estáte, are required to üppi-nrat a sesnion of öaid court, ttu'ii tu be nolden at tbe Probate Ofllce, in the city of Ann Arbor, in said county and show cause, il any there be, whj the prayer of ilie petitioner should i ot be granted And it ís further ordered, that sald petiiloner give nolice to tbe personi intrreBted in said estáte, of the Dendency of said petition. and the hearui( thereol', by cansina a copy of this order to be pnblished in the Ann Arbor üouritr, a newspaper printed and circulatlng In said county, three buccessive weeka praviana to said day of hearing. WILLIAM D. IIAKR1MAN. (A truc copy.) Judce of Probate. WM. O. DOTY, Probate ReiTister. 1286-1289 JïoticA to Credllors. STATEOFMICHIÜAN,CountyofWahtenaw,ss. Notice is bereby givcn, thatby an order of the Probate Court for the County of Washtenaw, made on the twellth day of Octotter, A. D. 1886, six month" from that date were allowed forcrt'dltore to pretent tbeir claims against the estáte of Walter Et. Kendall.late of said county, deceased, aud that all creditors of said deceased are required to present their claims to piiid Probate Court, M the Probate Offlre, in the city of Ann Arhor.for eianiiuation an( allowance. on or bet.ire the lth day of April next, and that such claims will be beard belore said court. on Tnesday, the 12th day of .lanuary, aad ou Mundny, the 12ih day ol" April next, at ten o'clock In the forenoon of eacb pi eaid days. Dated, Ann Arhor, October 12, A. D. 1885. WILLIAM D. HAHR1MAN, 1268-1271 Judirc ol Probate. Estáte of Daniel Crippon. (Notice for Partition of Real Estáte.) O TATK OF MICHIGAN.Connty oi Washten :¦¦, At a BCBslon of the Probate ('onrt for the County of Waehtenaw. holden at the Probate Ofllce, ir the city of Ann Arbor, on Wednesday, the Hih day of the year one tbousand eight bundred and eihty-flve. Present, William D. Harriman, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Daniel Crippen deceased. On readihg und ttllng the petlilon,dnly verifled of John W. Crlppeo, prayiui; that partition Ol the re:ll fstate ot sa:H may be made nmoi.g the heirs ut law of -H'il dereised, and that coinmissjoners beappointed lor tliat purpose. Thereupon it is ordered, Pflday, tlie sixth day of November neit, at ten o'clock in the loretitjon, lie aBftlfflied for the liearing ol said petition, and that toe helrs at law of said deceased, and all other persons mu r sied in said estaie, are required toapptar at a session ofald court,tlien to be nolden at the Probate otVice. in tlie city oi Ann Arbor, In said coumy, and show cause, if any then) be, why tlie prayer of the petitioner should uoi be Krantfd. And it is lurthor ordered, that said petitfoner give notice to the persons intcrested lu ald estute, of the pendency ot said petition, and the hearing tbenof, by rausiug a copy ol this order to be publtshed in the Ann Arbor Vourier, a newspaper printed and circulated lu said couuty, three tuiccesslve weeks previons to said day ol hearing. (Atrae copy.) WILLIAM D. HAKRIMAN, Judge of Probate. WM. Q. DOTY. Probate Reeister. 126S-1271 Estáte of Margaret C. Kinu. QTATKOK MICHIttAN.Couniyol Washlenaw.eB. At a sesslon of the Probate Court for the Conntjr of Wastttenaw, holden at the Probate ofllce in the city of Ann Arbor. on Wednesday, the twentythird day of September in tlie year one ihnusand eight hundred and t-iuhty live. Present, William D. Ilarrimnn, ,)udl;eof Probate. In the matter "I tiie oi Margaret C. King decefised. On reading aud fllfn trie petition, duly veriücd, ol Benjamin J. l'ourad prayiug ihat he may be llceused to sell the Real Kstate hereol s.'ini daoeaaed dkd sei d. Taereupou it Is ordered. that Thuraday, the twenty-Beiotid d ly of ocioher next, at ten o'clock la tlie forenoou, be aatlffied wr the hearing ol said petilion, and ihat the heirs at Itw of said de ifased.and.HllotherpiTmnsinterested in sald estale are required to appearat useHsiun of said eo uit, then to be holden at the Probate office, n ilieclty of Ann Arbor, and show cause il nny tliere be, why the prayer of thu petitioner should uot ba granted. And it is lurther ordered, that HM petittoner give notice to the persons interested in said esUtie, of the pendeney of said petition, and the hearing thereof, by causlng a copy of ibis order to ie published in the Ann Arbor Courier,a nevsiaper printed and circulating in said county, three successive weeks pnvious to said dav of hearm;;. (A true copy.) WILLIAM D. HARRÍMAN, Jndge ol Probate. WM. Q. DOTY Probate Register. 1265-1268 Obtained in the Unilod States and ForeigaCountriei. GEO.H.I.OTHHIIP, I 7 O Uri.wulU Ut., Uutruil. HiiU,


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