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"Afholplioros is lioing my wlfe u preai deal ofgobd, luorp good tlian nny Otter medicine she hus ever taken," is the testimonial U tliis grcut remedy tor rii-( i iiijitim and neuralgia jriven by J. B. Helinck, of Berrien öprinjrs, Mich. ExtouNlre Art (aller). Next to the lüble, no lio k 11 more useful tlian Webrter'i The Unabriilgcd is an exteutict art-gullery contuininj; over tiirce thoiwand engraylniti, reprosciitiiiji almost every aniiiüil, inserí, repule, impleivHiiit, plnnt8, etc, which we know anything about. It is a vust librar}', riving informution on almoct every iin-ntlonable subject. It indeed bas been well reniarked that it is the most riMiutrkable compendium of human knoidedye in our l.mpuuge. Tlie value of its Illustuateu Ukfinitionr, the picture tn Webster ander the 12 words, lifif, JioiU'i-, OattU, Columti, l-ie, Hom, Moldingt, Phrenology, Hirdu,,' Skipt, (pagel 11W and 121U) stram Engine, Timben, define ;tl3 word and leniis far bctter tban can be delined in word. If people troublad with coldi, woold take Ayrt Cherry Pectoral bcfore going to cliurch or plaoesof entertainment, they would a void coughing, greatl y to tlie comfort of büth stakers und henreis. 'ulio speakers and singers lid tliat the rectoral wonderfully increasetl tbo power and flexlbllltv of Uie Tolc.


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