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Mark 1 wain uaswritten for thefoith. coming December Century "The Privati U.story of a Campaign that Falled"-a account of bis ovvn personal experience as a yonthful I "rebel" in the eirly dav oí the war. This "war article" is illu= trated witli tuaps diwra by the autlior and tome striking pictures by Kenible Ihere is sakl to be nenrly as much trag edy m , coiiieüy In the ,ketch, which basa special yalue as showing the fiuctuatious of opinión at the breaking out of the war, aud the entirely amateur character oí mum of the eariy c.mpaigni. ULO? " f -8t".ady Krowin-? in,erest . all tlmt peitainsjto au authentic blstoryof the great rebellion-the most thritlfrtg and tiioody drama of the century A war so gigantic, enduring for four long yeaw o eostly in bloo.l and treanuref and reaclnnit almost every household in the land, must loug remain a topic of the reatest mtcrt. Twcnty ycars have el!iped, yet tlu-rc remaing tho greateat clesiro, among both oíd and young to ZT! rrbWl the h-y óf the greate,t cWl war ever known. The li PJ' 1 Xu }iebe"'o"." recently pubJif.hed by G. VV. Caiiaton fc Co New York, revéala much of the ecret añd ioside workin-8 of both sideS never told betore. The world will ever reDie and ciown with admiration the heroic deed. ot man! The statement of every participant in the gnM "compre"!6 "? tn UDti' hiy idonfi (li8';ositli011 fo' aecorating and tron 7. 'ü, me has t:lken ch a ATOttg hold ot the peo,.le of this country ivelytóthe sabject caonoc fail to suc-c(l, especial ly where tbe articles and letigu in the uiHgzine meet the requireoents and tastes of aimost every person. l'liis may account tor the remarkable mceeaa of The Decor.itor and Furnislier, which comes to u monihly, fllled with tbe vcry best liints vonc-eruing the home. The November nuinber has the beginring of a BCTiea on füruishing of city tiouses, flnely illiistrated ; mme Japanese iteucils; au Hrticle on Siinitary House Purnishing, with illuslrution of" a cellar, which is to be followeii with all the rooms in the house; n account of the recent ynclit i-ices, with pictnres of II rtae cups; sketches at Simtü Kensingtnn Muaenm; and a Tariety o( other mar er. 3 nd35tinrs for a s.mplecopy. Pub i slied at 31) and 32 Easl 14th Street. Xew Yurk City.


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